In this section, we will start covering game guides for the various mobile games. Please let us know if you would like to cover any games that you like! Please share them with your friends and leave comments if you have any additional thoughts or insights.

Latest Additions

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight Hero Biometric Elite and Rift Farming Guide
Marvel Future Fight Hero Leadership and Passive Skill List
Marvel Future Fight ISO-8 Guide
Marvel Future Fight Striker Guide

Dragon Blaze
Dragon Blaze Walkthrough
Dragon Blaze How to Input Coupon / Promotion Code
Dragon Blaze Title Guide
Dragon Blaze Rubies Guide
Dragon Blaze Ally Enhancement and Combine Guide
Dragon Blaze Stats Guide
Dragon Blaze Priest Guide
Priest Skill Reference Table
Dragon Blaze Mage Guide
Dragon Blaze Rogue Guide
Dragon Blaze Labryinth Higher Score Guide
Dragon Blaze Raid Guide
Dragon Blaze Guild Battle Guide
Dragon Blaze Ally Drop Guide

Words on Tour Complete Hidden Phrase Guide
Blood Brothers 2 Complete Beginner’s Walkthough Guide
Ultimate Tap Titans Walkthrough Guide
Flyff All Stars Complete Beginner’s Walkthrough Guide

Radiation Island
Tesla Tower Codes Complete Guide

Crusaders Quest
Crusaders Quest Complete Beginner Walkthrough Guide
Crusader Quest Complete Skill List

Puzzle Forge 2
Ultimate Puzzle Forge 2 Master Walkthrough Guide
Puzzle Forge 2 Legendary Weapon Guide

Madden NFL Mobile
Game Changer List
Madden NFL Mobile Veteran Player List

SimCity BuildIt
Winning SimCity BuildIt Walkthrough Strategy Guide
SimCity BuildIt Achievement List
Best Optimal SimCity BuildIt Service Analysis
Complete SimCity BuildIt Buy / Sell Trading Guide
SimCity BuildIt Crafting Recipe List

Marvel: Contest of Champions
Winning Strategy Guide | Marvel: Contest of Champions
Hero List | Marvel: Contest of Champions
Level Up Rewards | Marvel: Contest of Champions
Complete Stage Guide
Synergy Guide | Marvel: Contest of Champions
Level Up and Ranking Up
Best ISO Farming Guide for Marvel: Contest of Champions

MyVegas Mobile Blackjack Strategy Guide
Complete Walkthrough Strategy for Five Nights at Freddy’s
How to Win at Auction Wars: Storage King
MyVegas Mobile Winning Strategy Guide
Make It Rain: The Love of Money Making Money Guide
How to Win 2048 The Optimal Strategy Guide
Alchemy Classic Recipe Search Cheat Sheet

Tiny Realm Race Comparison Guide
Storage: Auction Legends Strategy and Review
Magimon Adventures Strategy and Tips

Complete Spiderman Unlimited Spider-Man List

Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions Hero List

Outcast Odyssey
Outcast Odyssey Skill Guide

Knights & Dragons
Knights & Dragons Drops & Resources Guide
Knights & Dragons Armor Combination Guide
Knights & Dragons Armor Enhancement Walkthrough

The Blockheads
The Blockheads Complete Crafting and Resource Guide
The Blockheads Achievement List

Honorbound Research Information
Hero Capture Reference Table
How to Level Up and Get Resources in Honorbound
Honorbound Gear Guide
Honorbound Heroes Abilities Guide

Monster Breeding Games

My Singing Monsters
My Singing Monsters Complete Breeding Guide

Dragon Story
Dragon Story Complete Dragon Breeding Guide
Dragon Story Trading and Spell Crafting Guide

Dragons World
Dragons World Dragon Breeding Guide
Dragons World Perk Guide

Dragon Friends
Dragon Friends Breeding and Star Rating Look Up Guide
How to Make Coin Money in Dragon Friends

Basic Gizmonauts Beginner’s Player Guide
Best Gizmonauts Complete Robot Breeding Guide
Understanding Snax in Gizmonauts
Complete Gizmonauts Battle Arena Guide
Gizmonauts Ultimate Comparison & Gizmo Reference

Monster Story
Monster Story Complete Monster Breeding Guide

Tiny Monsters
Tiny Monsters Complete Monster Breeding Guide

Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude Complete Fish Breeding Guide

More Monster Breeding Games
Pet Story Complete Breeding Guide
Dragon Skies Complete Dragon Breeding Guide
Tiny Castle Complete Breed Summoning Guide

Role Play Games (RPG)

Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier Complete Brave Burst Leveling Guide
Brave Frontier Complete Zel Money Guide
Brave Frontier Best How to Spark Guide
Quick Brave Frontier Quest Drops and Monster Look Up Table
Brave Frontier Best Leveling Fusion and Evolution Guide
Short Guide to Brave Frontier Status Effects
Gamelytic Brave Frontier Fusion EXP Level Calculator
Brave Frontier Complete Team Composition Guide
Complete Metal Parade and Jewel Parade Guide for Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier Basic Mechanic Guide
Brave Frontier Complete Item Farming Guide

Dragon Coins
Best Dragon Coins Fusion and Evolution Walkthrough
Dragon Coins Complete Skill Guide
SR+ Dragon Road Guide for Dragon Coins
Dragon Coins Best Battle and Mission Strategy

Defender of Texel (DOT) Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Strategy Guide
Middle Manager of Justice Strategy Guide
Pocket Fishdom Complete Breeding Guide

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary
Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Achievement List

Heroes and Castles
Heroes and Castles Paladin Guide
Heroes and Castle Knight Guide
Heroes and Castles Engineer Guide
Heroes and Castles Ranger Guide
Heroes and Castles Evil Side Guide
Heroes and Castles Mage Guide
Heroes and Castles Endless and Coop Strategy

Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Souls
Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul Battle Guide
Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul Deck Building Walkthrough

Zenonia 5
Zenonia 5 Events – PvP, Abyss, and Raid Guide
Zenonia 5 Complete Boss Walkthrough
Zenonia 5 Berserker Guide
Zenonia 5 Paladin Guide
Zenonia 5 Mechanic Guide
Zenonia 5 Wizard Guide
Zenonia 5 End Game Hell Mode Guide
Zenonia 5 Player Guide

Other Games

ARC Squadron
Avengers Initiative Basic Gameplay
Contract Killer 2
Girls Like Robots
Knights of Pen & Paper
Kumo Lumo
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Punch Quest
Royal Revolt! Complete Strategy Guide
Super Monsters Ate My Condo! Complete Guide

True Skate

War of Nations
What are Renegade Post Defenses | War of Nations


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