Ultimate Tap Titans Walkthrough Guide

If you are addicted to Tap Titans like we are, you probably have some questions on the most efficient way to advance, we will go over some common questions that you may have.

Update Note: Updated 12-30 to expand on tap damage, prestige order, artifacts list.

Tap or Not to Tap
When you are first starting the game, you will need to tap your way so your hero can deal some decent damage first. It should be noted that you do not need to tap on the gold to pick them up.

However, after you start a new game, unless you plan on clicking for 2~3 hours in a roll. you should invest heavily on your hero companions. The bottom line is that, if you will focus on tapping away for a set period of time, you should dedicate a good 75% of it to upgrade your heroes. Your heroes farm for necessary gold while you are off line.

Our general process is to upgrade the main character when we start playing after some good time of being afk. Then play for a little bit, and use the gold generated to invest on the heroes.

Tapping should only be invested in only if you have at least prestige more than once, with decent artifacts that improve your tap damage. With your first play through, the tap damage will seem really small. However, with subsequent prestige with tap damage enhanced artifacts, you can typically advance much faster “manually”.

In general, tap damage level itself is the biggest between levels 1~400. It phases out by the various skill boosts coming from your heroes by around level 400. And by level 600, you will find that the boost from your heroes far outweigh the tap damage levels.

Your Hero’s Automatic Farming Efficiency
When it comes to passive income, the only number that should matter is your Hero team’s DPS rating. The higher DPS that your heroes clock, the more gold that they can generate over time. Focus on the heroes’ skills that focus on boosting its own damage, as they count the most into your team’s DPS. We will compile a list of good Tap Titans heroes that you should focus on first.

Before you go off AFK, you should always beat the highest level bosses that your team can handle. Having your team sitting on a higher level can generate more Gold over time.

Combining Hero’s Skills
Your companions skills can be divided into several categories, some increase tap damage only, some buff the overall damage of your entire team, some boost your critical damage. Your goal is to find and focus on the companion skills that add to one another.

In general, an effective hero can more or less deal more than 80% of the damage coming from your team.

Focus on hero skills that grant additional damage % to itself, then upgrade heroes will skill that boost “ALL” damage. Lastly, upgrade skills that convert your DPS into tap damage.

Boss Fights Strategies
Hero Team DPS Consideration:
Generally speaking, your hero team’s DPS should be roughly 20% of the enemy HP, for you to be able to defeat the boss of the stage easily. Always check the boss first to see if you can beat it, if by the first 5 second you are only making on dent on the boss’ health, quit the boss fight right away.

It is always better to farm your heroes and get their DPS up higher, than to try to barely squeeze your way through the boss fight.

Use and Stack Your Hero Skills:
Your Tap Titan’s main hero active skills can be stacked. It means that by using all of the skill at the same time. Some of the skills have long cool down time, however, be patient and wait for all of the skills to become available is key to kill the bosses easily.

Make sure to cast Heavenly strike after Critical strike and berserker rage, so that your single attack can deal insane damage after the two boosts.

Wait for Treasure Chests Boosts:
The angel treasure chests offer additional damage boost such as shadow clone and hero attack speed. Wait for those moment to enter into boss fights. With the additional damage boost, you will have a higher chance of successfully killing the Tap Titans boss.

Always Advance to The Next Stage
Sometimes it may be tempting not to advance, because you find killing mobs faster is more enjoyable. However, it generally almost always better to kill the boss. By moving on, you can generate more gold faster to level up your team of heroes.

How to Get Gold Faster
Although there are various skills and artifacts that boost your gold, DPS is really the way to go to help you grind for gold faster. Only get Gold artifacts when you do not have any other better choices.

In addition, there are a few other methods to help you get more gold:

1. Use “Make It Rain”
You can purchase instant gold using the diamond that you have. The amount of gold rewarded is based on the stages that you are on. So it may be better to hold off on using the perk at earlier stages.

2. Angel’s Flying treasure chest
You can get instant gold by carefully observing the flying angels. Always grab those flying treasure chests if possible, you can even win some free diamonds too!

3. Chesterson farming
Chesternut is the treasure chest looking monster that rewards you with tons of gold. If you are at a stage where it takes a while to kill normal mobs, this method may work. Enter boss fights and exit right away to see if treasure chests spawn, if it does, kill it for some nice gold gain.

4. Hand of Midas
Hand of Midas is an active skill from your hero. Cast it as often as you can once you unlock it. It generates some free gold for you with every tab while active. The only down fall is that the cooldown for hand of midas is quite high.

5. OPin video ads for “Ultimate Hands of Midas”.
Once in a while the flying angel chests spawn optional video ads that reward you with “ultimate hands of midas”. It is generally a stronger version of hand of midas.

6. Hero Skills and Artifact boosts
Certain hero skills as well as artifacts bonuses grant you additional % to gold.

How to Prevent Your Heroes from Dying
The only place where your heroes may die is from boss fights. Bosses have chances of killing members on your hero team randomly. In general, the longer the boss fight lasts, the higher chance of it able to kill one of your hero. We have provided a few tips on how to prevent your heroes from dying.

1. Use Guardian Shield
Guardian shield is the sure way to protect your heroes. You can buy it with 100 diamonds for up to 24 hour protection.

2. Kill Boss Faster
Since bosses chance of killing your hero is increased as time goes by, it is best if you can kill the Tap Titan bosses as fast as you can. If you observe that you cannot kill the boss, exit out the fight right away.

3. Special Events
From time to time, the developers will gift “users” by stopping deaths from bosses. Take advantage of those times to attempt to fight as many boss as you can.

4. Artifacts
Certain artifacts grant you the ability to lower chances of death by boss.

Prestige Progression
When your character hero reaches level 600, you have the option to do “prestige” or rebirth. Doing so will reward you additional relics at the cost of starting over. The amount of Tap Titan relic that you receive is based on several factors: Main hero level, hero team levels, and stages that you are on. You want to prestige only when your entire team is alive, as it grants you additional relics.

With your first prestige, you should prestige at level 100. This is because you get a better amount of relics, as well as getting one from the level 100 boss. You will find that your second progression goes through relatively much faster than the first.

Depending on the artifacts that you obtain, you can push for level 120~160, or until you hit another wall that you feel. Always prestige whenever you feel that your game has slowed down.

If you get the artifacts that you do not like early on, it may be worthwhile to salvage it for another draw. In addition, the amount of relics required to level each relic is different from one another.

Artifacts Information and Listing
Artifacts are unlocked after level 80. With every boss of 10 levels killed, you will earn “relic” which can be used to purchase or upgrade artifacts.

The type of artifacts that you can get is purely random. So your best shot is to try multiple times to get the artifacts with the abilities that you want.

Artifact List
Drunken Hammer:
20% Tap damage, 30% all damage.
20% Tap, 15% All on Level

Parchment of Importance
10% Critical Strike Duration, 70% All Damage
10% Duration, 35% All damage on level.

Axe of Resolution
10% Berserker Rage Duration, 70% All damage
10% Duration, 35% All damage on level.

Hunter’s Ointment
-5% War Cry Cooldown, +70% All damage
-5% War Cry cooldown, +35% all damage on level up

Worldly Illuminator:
300% All damage

Amulet of the Valrunes:
+10% Monster Gold, +50% All Damage
10% Monster Gold, +25% all damage on level

Death Seeker
2% Critical Chance, 30% All Damage
2% Critical Chance, 15% All Damage on level

Saintly Shield
-5% Heavenly Strike Cooldown, +70% all damage
-5% Heavenly strike cooldown, +35% all damage on level.

New Artifact Purchase Relics:
Depending on the number of existing artifacts that you have, you need more relics to purchase additional ones.

1: 1
2: 3
3: 7
4: 13
5: 22
6: 36
7: 57