Ultimate Dictator: Outbreak / Revolt Walkthrough Guide

Dictator: Outbreak is straight forward and simple. You have three factions and each faction will come to you for you to make decisions. Each of these decisions made will affect the likeness or support rating all three factions. In this complete walkthrough guide, we will teach you the exact steps on how to max your money, and win in the game of Dictator: Outbreak.

If you play with the right strategy and moves, the revolution will never come for you game, and you stay as the dictator in Outbreak / Revolt forever. (Or until your phone runs out of battery).

You will earn money when you get more than 10 black x’s. You lose the game when you have less than 0 black X or when you have 10 gold X’s.

It should be noted that Revolt features more factions, but the strategy will generally be the same. We will go through the exact steps and solutions to help you master the game. With the answers and rules to beat the game, you can cheat your way to ultimate Dictatorship fast.

Dictator Outbreak and Revolt Answer Solutions
To really maximize the strategy listed and written here, you will have to follow the answers listed at : http://dictatorguide.com/. This awesome site has all the answers to all the decisions that you have to make.

Step 1: Starting Out

In the beginning of the stage, your goal is to please one of the faction as soon as you can. For example, we will pick to please “people” in the beginning. Your goal is to listen to both Oligarch and Police faction. Generally pick “no” to their answers so that “People” like you more.

However, for exact yes or not. Check the Dictator: Outbreak Answer Listing mentioned earlier in this guide.

Your goal is to bring it to at least 2~3 golden crosses before your turn ends. You will need at least 5 golden star to stay alive for unlimited basic loop in dictator series game.

Step 2: Jail or Pay Off

You should never ever use the violent selection against any of the factions. The reason is that you will lose 50 per turn on the jailed faction, and you cannot answer “no” to those jailed faction. By jailing the faction early game or even consistently, you will bound to lose eventually by choosing a bad selection, or losing your money.

Pay off the angry factions with your money, it is much easier than the violent option provided.

Step 3: Double Faction Strategy

After you survive the initial money crunch, your next step is to bring two factions to golden cross level. Again, use the answer site to almost always pick the decision that grant you a net positive. For example…Saying no to Oligarch gives you 1 negative, while granting two +1’s to both police and people. Those are the options that you want to choose and those options will win you the game.

If you choose not to use the Dictator solution guide website, simply choose “no” and hope for the best.

Step 4: Capping Golden Crosses

This step is important in the walkthrough strategy guide for Dictator: Outbreak and Revolt. Your country will still have a revolution if you keep a faction too happy.

To pull this off, you generally want to cap the happiness at 17 crosses. To avoid a wrong decision that pull you over the top. When we have a faction at 17 crosses, we generally go with that category, pick “NO” to drop it a little. Or pick another faction to select yes. Make sure you consult with the solutions listing to get the exact outcome of the decisions.

You never want to end up with 2 red crosses on the golden side, you will get instant revolution where you lose the game instantly. And that can happen if you choose a decision that give you more than +1.

Lastly, all you can do after mastering these steps and moves is to be consistent. Your goal is to keep everyone happy, but not too happy. Fill up your bank and money reserve, and stay as a dictator for the rest of your people’s lives.

Ultimate Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Walkthrough Guide

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire can be an awesome game that test both your hand eye coordination, timing and dexterity. In this guide, we will go over useful strategies and tips to help you improve your score and kill more enemies.

Utilize all of these game breaking techniques to help you improve your wizard spell casting ability.

Practice Shapes
The number 1 tip to master the game Magic Tough: Wizard for Hire is to practice your shape tracing – to perfection. Countless runs are lost simply because you mess up that harder to get shapes at the end. When you get to level 40. Practice multiple times to figure out the easiest way for you to trace the shape, you will have to find a direction or format that you are familiar with.

Hand Moving Technique
To be able to survive past level 40, you need to find ways to shave off shape tracing time, one key feature is that you need to minimize the time gap in between your traces. This means that you need to practice tracing the patterns both ways. As soon as you finish the previous trace, your fingertip should be back on the screen starting the next.

The key is to find that “flow” of traces. This is especially important if you want to do one hand play against enemies with multiple balloons once you are past level 40+.

Make Smaller Traces
Speed is key to survival in the game, to swipe and create shapes faster. You will have to both move faster and create smaller shapes. Test your swipes to see how small you can make while being recognized by the game. The faster you pull off those spell trace, the more enemies that you can destroy.

Playing with Two Hands
This should be your final tip to improve your game play. Two hands can be tough, since your left hand can sometimes mess up with your right hand – literally. If you do not time your traces well or able to work with both hands, one can slow down another. However, once you are used to utilize both hands and master them, you will be able to hit level 60+ without any issue.

You should only start playing with two hands when you have fully mastered your dominant hand in terms of flow, trace timing, and trace size.

Playing with Two People
One way that we figured to generate much higher score is by using a tablet, and playing with two people. My partner and I were able to get past level 100+ together. Remember to coordinate with your partner to figure out who kills what, in general, both you and your teammate should aim for the harder to get shape, this way if one of you mess up you will not lose the game.

Obtain Matching Combos
To farm a fair amount of gold during early game. Wait for the time when you have more than 2 enemies with the same symbol. You will earn double the gold by matching those off in one strike. It is kill two birds with 1 stone (or swipe) This strategy can be a little harder to pull off near the end of the stage. But they can help you with your gold farming big time.

Ignore Treasure Chests in the End
You lose the game when the enemies land in your castle. You do not lose by not collecting the treasure chests. So when things are tough, ignore those treasure chests unless your goal is to farm gold. By surviving a few most monsters after 30~40 drops, you should be able to make more gold than trying for treasure and die.

Skill / Spell Upgrades
Skills are enabled after you unlock them using gold coins that you have farmed. They come in different balloons. The upgrade that we find the most useful during early game is the fire wall, fire wall protects you from at least 1 enemy drop.

500 Gold Coins: Time Warp – Slow down time.
2000 Gold Coins: Lightning Strike – Zap all the enemies on screen.
4000 Gold Coins: Fire Wall – Create a wall of fire at the base of your castle. This can protect you from at least 1 enemy drop. It can kill multiple enemies if they drop within short period of each other.
8000 Gold Coins: Cannon Ball
10000 Gold Coins: Frog Jump
12000 Gold Coins: Drop
15000 Gold Coins: N
20000 Gold Coins: Dragon
2000 Gold Coins: Background Gunbrick
10000 Gold Coins: Background Beanstalk

With all of these tips, you should be able to push your Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire game play to a higher level with much higher score. Enjoy, have fun and practice!

Ultimate Tap Heroes Walkthrough Guide

Tap Heroes is another RPG game that let you tap your way through the different levels. If you are new to the game, you may find this guide useful in helping you getting started.

First of, the paid version gives you a starting familiar pet with ads removed. Which you can get if you purchase the familiar pet in the free version. So your best shot is to give the game a try before you pay money into it.

Basic Gameplay Strategy
The best way to play the game is to let it “idle”, after you have obtained the mage. Always make sure that your mage has enough healing power to cover the damage done by the enemies. In addition, you will need to spec your warrior to have enough HP to take a couple hits before dying.

Tap Power: As the game is built at the time of writing this guide, tapping can increase your grinding speed by heaps. However, it is not helpful in terms of being able to “idle grind”. Thus, only spend gold on healing power so that you can survive through the boss battles.

Optimal Stats Spec in Tap Heroes
In Tap Heroes, you will have access to three different kinds of heroes fairly early in the game. You should always upgrade your warrior’s attack, rogue next, and mage just enough so that you can leave your mobile device for idle grinding.

Warrior: you should put the most importance with your Crits and Attack levels. You only need enough health to tank hits that come from bosses. In terms of importance, Attack = Critical > Speed. However, you will need to place enough points in health to survive more than two consecutive hits from a boss.

Mage: You only need enough heal to cover the usual area grinding. Focus on the healing power instead of healing speed. In general, you will probably need to tap to heal yourway through some of the later bosses. Being able to “heal twice” is a little weak until late game where you have level 50+ will. You should not rely on double heal to keep yourself alive during early boss fights.

Rogue: Stun is only useful for boss fights, only place points in them if you are really having trouble with any particular boss. Arrow speed is fairly useless too as rogue’s attacks are “debuff” types. Focus your upgrades on Poison and potency to improve the damage and damage over time effect.

Conclusion: Warrior’s Attack and Crit should be roughly 5 level ahead of Speed. Warrior’s Speed level should be the same as Rogue’s poison level. Rogue’s potency level should be 5 level less than the poison. Lastly, you need enough healing power for the mage to survive through bosses.

For example:
Warrior Attack and Critical level are both 30. The speed should be 25. Rogue’s poison level should be 25 while the potency be at 20. With this spread you should be a decent build to move fast in the game.

Extra Shop Notes
Familiar pet: This is a small baby-dragon pet (an extra character in essence). It attacks the enemy like the warrior and grows more powerful for each area you beat. If you beat area 5 for example the pet will grow to lvl 5 and so on.

Banker: The banker doubles all the coins you get. It is also possible to upgrade it 3 levels so you can get 4 times as much coins as normal. However, further upgrades will also cost star gem. But bankers can really help your gold coin farming speed. It should be the first IAP that you buy if you decide to buy the in game item.

The Inn: When you have the inn your heroes will sleep and always restore to full health when you move between areas. The Inn is pretty useless until way later levels, but even then, it is much better to spend your in game gem on the banker.

Potions: These give you instant full health when used. These can help you with tight spots against the bosses.

Skill Notes
After level 20 you can unlock skills with gems. Below is a list of the skills that you can unlock in Tap heroes and their effects.

1. Doubles tap damage for 30 seconds. 15min cool down.
2. Doubles gold for 60 seconds. 30 min cd.
3. Instantly kills current enemy. 30 min cd.
4. Doubles warrior damage 30 seconds. 15 min cd.
5. Doubles Mage heals 30 seconds. 15 min cd.
6. Doubles slow arrows effectiveness 30 seconds. 15 min cd.

Optimal Farm and attack level requirement
The amount of gold that you can farm based on your DPS does not really matter from stage to stage. Just make sure to let your phone or tablet sit while your mage has the ability to keep your warrior alive. And farm at a stage where it takes 3~4 shots for your team to kill the mob.

Radiation Island Beginner’s Survival Walkthrough Guide

Are you new to the game Radiation Island? Are you having a hard time surviving and keep on dying due to hunger, cold, radiation, or other enemy attacks? If so, this beginner’s guide may be able to help you get the hang of the game without rage quitting.

We will not go into details about exactly where you should go in Radiation Islands. And it should be noted that this guide is for beginning survival only. This beginner’s walkthrough guide for Radiation Island will help to propel you into the game, since the current tutorial for the game is pretty weak.

Depending on the selection that you did, you will have to prepare your death a certain way:
Exploration: Just explore as normal, since you do not lose anything at death.
Adventure: Make sure you unequip your weapon when you know that you will die. Dying with weapons in your hand means that you will lose it.

The Basics
Starting Your Craft
Weapons and Ammos
Getting Food
Starting Exploration
Waypoint and Save Points

The Basics

Radiation Island is a survival open world game. In the beginning, you should pick up everything that you see including Flints, Twigs, any Fruits lying on the floor, and use bare hand to pick from the higher bushes.

Equipping Items
You can equip the gears that you either find or crafted yourself.

The tools or weapons can be equipped by tapping once after they have been dragged into your active inventory. Or they can be equipped by tapping twice from your inventory selection. You can unequip the items by tapping them the same way either through inventory or active item slots.

You can equip gears by dragging them to the left slots of the inventory selection screen. The shield and green bar indicate how much defense that you have based on your equipped gears.

Ways to Die
You will die alot if you are not careful about your decisions or preparations. You can die by losing health due to any of the following factors except for broken bone due to falling.

Direct Damage: Attacked by zombies, animals, or fall.
Bleeding: Attacked by animals such as wolf, bear, and croc.
Infection / Poison: Attacked by Zombies
Radiation: Certain zones have “radiation” which can cause damage to your health.
Cold: Usually occur at night or high altitude.
Hunger: This is the main method of dying in the game, without food, you will die sooner or later.
Broken Bone: Broken bone slows down your movement, but you do not suffer damage over time.

Basic Item Material Collection
Below is a quick list of the basic materials that you can collect throughout the game.

Twigs: On the ground or by bare hand attacking trees.
Flint: On the ground.
Stones: Stone on the ground.
Iron Ore: Stones or Iron ores on the ground. It looks silverish compared to the regular rocks.
Titanium Ore: Titanium ore. It looks like weird rocks with holes.
Sulfur Ore: The yellow rocks on the ground.
Fiber, Leaves, Medical Plants: Bare hand picking the bushes. You typically can just live with bare hand picking to save durability on your Machete melee weapon.
Fish: Fishing
Leather: Killing Wolves and crafting from croc and bear leather.
Fiber: Bushes or killing zombies. You can get them much easier through barehand picking through the bushes.

Starting Your Craft

For the purpose of this beginner’s guide, we will avoid mentioning the details on the crafting materials in this section. Please consult and use the complete Radiation Island crafting material list to help you keep track of your holdings.

Crafting Start
When you first start the game. Follow the below methods and work your way towards better gears.

The single most important item to craft in the beginning is your inventory bag space. With so many items that you can pick up and collect, you need all the spaces that you can get. So hunt those wolves for their leather to increase your inventory.

After you have increased your inventory, the next set of items to craft and collect are defensive gears from the clothing section.

Mining Path
1. Make Stone Axe. Chop some wood with the stone axe.
2. Use the wood to create stone pickaxe.
3. Melt iron ores into Iron. Craft either arrows or a few melee weapon with it.
4. Pick Up Titanium from one of the houses.
5. Craft Titanium pickaxe and only use it to mine titanium ores.
6. After you have a healthy stash of Titanium pick-axe. Use it to mine sulfur.
7. With sulfur you can craft for bullets.

On Furnace
To use furnace, you first need to craft it and place on the ground. You can insert either twig or wood into one of the upper two boxes. The melting or cooking process will use up either 4 twigs or 1 piece of wood.

Place either the ore or the raw meat into the other box to process it.
Raw meat = 2 Patties
Fish = 3 Patties
Iron Ore = Iron
Titanium Ore = Titanium

Weapons and Ammos

In Radiation Island, ranged weapons is almost always better than melee weapons. You have way too low defenses against most of the enemies even if you are fully geared. Melee weapons should only be used as a last line of defense when your ranged weapons fail to kill the enemies in time.

So in general, you should forget about all the weak tools that also act as melee weapons.

You should avoid boomerang as it is a much more tedious weapon to craft and maintain.

Start by building out slingshot to help you hunt wolves. Slingshot requires 5 Wood
and 2 Fiber. Slingshot requires pebbles as ammos which can be crafted using stones mined through rocks.

Search for bow at a house near your hut on the beach. Start crafting some arrows and save them, you will need them for some of the beginning zombies or bears.

Next, build a Titanium Machete for your melee weapon. Finally, search and loot the chests that you see in military bases for stronger guns. At that point, all you need is to craft various ammos and blow the enemies away.

It should also be noted in adventure mode, make sure you unequip your advanced guns if you know that you are going to die! You do not want to lose them. In survivor mode, well…You should not die at all to avoid losing everything in your inventory.

Getting Food

There are two best ways to get food in Radiation Island. Fishing and setting up traps for rabbits. Make sure that you cook the fish and meat inside the furnace to get cooked meat patties.

Fishing is the easiest and best way to get food and fed in Radiation Island. Craft a fishing rod using 2 String, 3 Wood. Bring the rod to any place with the sea, the beginning beach is a great area to start your fishing process.

Rabbit Traps
Craft the rabbit trap using 1 Banana, 1 Coconut, 1 Pineapple. Set it up near the beach area. Use slingshot to pick off any rabbits that you see before they get into the trap. You can also use barehand to kill them for meat after they fall into the trap. But you will have to reset it later. It should be noted that rabbit traps can also attract sheep which is a great way to gather wool.

Starting Exploration

You should grind your way to at least level 3 or even level 5 backpack before you leave the beach area. Get stocked up with a few stacks of meat patties so that you do not have to worry about food. Make sure you have mined yourself some titanium weapons before you go. We would really recommend a full set of leather clothing as well.

Below are some of the notes for the icons noted on the map:
You can use these as your respawn points, simply sleep in those beds through the night and you can spawn there after death.

Consider build storage cases at your spawn points to store things that you don’t have room to carry.

X marks
The “X” marks on the map contain buried chests. You can dig those places using a crafted shovel to find the hidden items.

Transit Stations
Transit Stations are special houses you discover along the way that allow you to “fast travel” or “teleport” to them at any time. You can teleport anytime when you are free of immediate enemy threats or attacks. To use the transit stations, tap the map to zoom in and tap on the transit station icon.

Transit stations look like an ship steering wheel on the mini map.

Tesla Towers
The underlying goal of the game is to survive and escape from the island. You will need to collect various notes to unlock the codes to disable the Tesla towers. Check the complete Radiation Island Tesla Tower guide for the disable codes and locations.

Radiation Island Item Crafting Material List

Being able craft is super important to survive. Sometimes you can get an item and do not know what its used for. Or you can have some items in mind that you wish to craft. It can be a pain to go back and forth in the game’s crafting screen to figure out the exact crating formula recipes. Use this complete crafting material list to help you figure out all the items.

We have also included the in game descriptions for each of the items to help you move further in the game. Enjoy and have fun!

Stone AxeWeapon1 Twig
1 Flint
Stone axe is obtained by crafting, it is used for gathering wood by cutting trees or as a basic weapon. Low durability and damage.
Stone PickaxeWeapon2 Wood
2 Flint
Crafted item. It is used for mining rocks found on the ground or as a melee weapon. Low durability and damage.
Iron AxeWeapon4 Wood
3 Iron
2 String
Crafted item. It is used for gathering wood by cutting trees or as a basic weapon. Medium durability and damage.
BoomerangWeapon4 Wood
1 Flint
The boomerang is a crafted item. It is the basic ranged weapon. Used mainly for hunting rabbits.
SlingshotWeapon5 Wood
2 Fiber
Crafted ranged weapon that uses pebbles as ammunition. It has low firepower, thus it is mostly recommended for hunting rabbits.
MacheteWeapon1 Wood
3 Iron
1 Flint
The machete is a crafted item used for cutting bushes or as a melee weapon. It has medium durability and damage.
BowWeapon4 String
4 Wood
Crafted ranged weapon that uses arrows as ammunition. It has a medium firepower.
SpearWeapon1 Flint
1 Fiber
2 Wood
Spears are crafted items. They are used as ranged weapons. Spears inflict considerable damage.
Claw ClubWeapon4 Claw
2 Wood
Specialized melee weapon crafted from wood and animal claws.
Flame ClubWeapon4 Claw
2 Wood
4 Fat
Powerful melee weapon having a claw club as base and added fat for setting it ablazed. It will be destroyed if it is submerged under water.
Shock ClubWeapon1 Dynamo Motor
2 Wood
1 Crystal
Ranged weapon having a claw club as a starting point and magnetite for transforming movement in electric bolts. It will be destroyed if it is submerged under water.
Titanium PickaxeWeapon4 Wood
4 Titanium
Obtained by crafting. It is used for mining rocks and minerals or as a melee weapon. High durability and damage.
Titanium AxeWeapon6 Wood
6 Titanium
2 String
Obtained by crafting. It is used for gathering wood by cutting trees or as a melee weapon. High durability and damage.
Titanium MacheteWeapon2 Wood
6 Titanium
1 Flint
Obtained by crafting. It is used for cutting bushes or as a melee weapon. High durability and damage.
ShovelTool3 Wood
2 Iron
1 String
The shovel is a crafted item. It is used for digging. By digging, different resources as sand, pebble or rocks can be obtained.
Twig (4)Tool1 WoodTwigs are a basic resource that can be gathered from the ground, or by hitting trees with the empty hand. Used as a crafting ingredient or as fuel.
TorchTool2 Wood
2 Stone
1 Fat
Torches are crafted items. Used as a light source during the night, they also prevent most animals from attacking. Used as weapon, they inflict moderate damage. It will be destroyed if it is submerged under water.
String (2)Tool2 FiberRope is obtained by threading fiber or as dropped loot by the zombies. Used as an ingredient in many recipes.
Fishing RodTool2 String
3 Wood
Fishing rods are crafted or found in chests. Used for catching fish in rivers and the sea. Used without fish bait, chances of catching fish are low.
GliderTool20 Wood
12 Leather
4 String
Crafted vehicle used for traveling by air. Needs to be placed on high grounds. Gains speed when descending and looses it when climbing.
Fruit BaitTool1 Banana
1 Coconut
1 Pineapple
Crafted from fruits found on the ground, it is used to attract rabbits inside traps.
CanoeTool6 Wood
2 Croc Skin
2 String
Crafted vehicle used for travelling on water.
Dynamo MotorTool3 Iron
4 Magnetite
2 String
A simple electromagnetic motor, can be used in crafting improvised weapons.
Leather (3)Tool1 Croc SkinYou can get leather by hunting wolves and lions. Leather is necessary for increasing the backpack capacity, crafting leather clothes and more.
Leather (4)Tool1 Bear SkinYou can get leather by hunting wolves and lions. Leather is necessary for increasing the backpack capacity, crafting leather clothes and more.
Wool (4)Tool1 Bear SkinWool is obtained by hunting sheep. It is used for crafting beds and as the main ingredient for wool clothes.
Spy GlassTool3 Leather
2 Glass
4 String
A small telescope which allows the scouting of areas from far away.
Pebble (10)Ammo1 StonePebble can be found by digging with the shovel or by crafting stone. They are used as an ingredient for old bullets or as ammunition for the slingshot.
Arrow Head (5)Ammo2 Flint
1 Iron
Arrowheads can be obtained by crafting them. Needed for producing arrows.
ArrowAmmo1 Fang
1 Wood
Arrows are crafted or found in chests. They are used as ammunition for bows and crossbows.
ArrowAmmo1 Arrow Head
1 Twig
Arrows are crafted or found in chests. They are used as ammunition for bows and crossbows.
Old Bullet (4)Ammo4 Pebble
2 Charcoal
2 Sulfur
Old bullets can be crafted or found in chests. They can be used only as ammunition for old pistols.
Rifle Bullet (4)Ammo1 Lead
2 Charcoal
6 Sulfur
Riffle bullets can be crafted, found in chests or dropped as loot from the undead. They are used as ammunition for rifles and machine guns.
Revolver Bullet (16)Ammo2 Lead
2 Charcoal
6 Sulfur
Bullets for the revolver.
Machinegun AmmoAmmo5 Lead
5 Charoal
10 Sulfur
Ammo for the machine gun.
Backpack Lv 1Clothing4 Leather
2 Fiber
Backpack Lv 2Clothing10 Leather
4 Twig
Back Pack Lv 3Clothing25 Leather
6 Twig
Back Pack Lv 4Clothing
Back Pack Lv 5Clothing
Leather CapClothing4 Leather
2 String
Crafted from leather, it offers protection against head injury, bleeding and cold. All around basic armor.
Leather VestClothing15 Leather
4 String
Crafted from leather, it offers protection against torso injury, bleeding, and cold. All around basic armor.
Leather PantsClothing10 Leather
4 String
Crafted from leather, it offers leg protection against leg injury, bleeding, and cold. All around basic armor.
Leather ShoesClothing4 Leather
2 String
Crafted from leather, it offers feet protection against leg injury, bleeding, and cold. All around basic armor.
Wool CapClothing2 WoolCrafted from wool, it keeps the head warm and offers weak protection against injury. To be used at high altitudes, especially during the night.
Wool VestClothing8 WoolCrafted from wool, it keeps the torso warm and offers weak protection against injury. To be used at high altitudes, especially during the night.
Wool PantsClothing6 WoolCrafted from wool, it keeps the legs warm and offers weak protection against injury. To be used at high altitudes, especially during the night.
Strong HelmetClothing2 Croc Skin
1 Bear Skull
1 String
Special crafted item that offers the best protection against head injury and bleeding. To be used in combat in non radiated areas.
Strong ArmorClothing4 Bear Skin
1 Croc Spine
2 String
Special crafted item that offers the best protection against torso injury and bleeding. To be used in combat in non radiated areas.
Strong PantsClothing8 Croc skin
2 Bear Skin
2 String
Special crafted item that offers the best protection against leg injury and bleeding. To be used in combat in non radiated areas
Strong ShoesClothing4 Croc Skin
1 Bear Skin
1 String
Special crafted item that offers the best protection against feet injury and bleeding. To be used in combat in non radiated areas.
Camp FireUtility3 Wood
2 Stone
1 Flint
You need to crafted and set on the ground a campfire especially during the nights at high altitudes. It provides heat, light and basic protection against animals attacks. After the initial fuel is consumed, wood is needed to reignite camp fires.
FurnaceUtility5 Wood
10 Stone
2 Flint
Furnaces are crafted items. They need to be placed on the ground in order to be used. Furnaces are used for melting ores, cooking food and obtaining charcoal.
Storage CaseUtility10 WoodStorage cases are crafted items. They need to be placed on the ground in order to be used. Storage boxes keep items inside safe and organized.
BedUtility6 Wood
2 Wool
Crafted using wood and wool, beds are essential for saving, moving the respawn point and making nights really short.
Rabbit TrapUtility5 Wood
1 Fruit Bait
Crafted item used for catching rabbits. Needs to be placed on the ground.
Wolf TrapUtility5 Wood
1 Meat
Crafted item used for catching wolves. Needs to be placed on the ground.
Bandage (4)Medical10 Leaves
2 Medical Plant
Crafted from plants, bandages are to be applied on bleeding wounds. Can be further used in crafting medical kits.
Radiation Pills (2)Medical4 Medical PlantCrafted from plants, they are highly effective against radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning is a result of getting in radiated areas.
SplintMedical2 Wood
1 String
Crafted from bandages and wood, splints have to be used in case of broken bones. Broken bones are the result of falling.
Antiviral Pills (2)Medical4 Medical Plant
2 Infected Tissue
Crafted from plants and infected tissue, antiviral pills need to be used in case of infection. Infection is possible when zombies attack.
Medicine (6)Medical1 Glass
4 Medical Plant
1 Infected Tissue
Medicine that restore health and cures bleeding and infections. It is obtained by crafting.
Medical KitMedical3 Bandage
1 Medicine
1 Antiviral Pills
Medical kits are crafted, found in chests or obtained as loot from zombies. Besides curing most of the diseases, they instantly provide a health boost.