Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Higher Score Guide

The Labyrinth in Dragon Blaze is the best way for you to earn gold. In general, you will get stuck at roughly at level 5 Labyrinth before you pass normal mode, and get stuck roughly at level 10 labyrinth before you beat hero mode. You may be able to advance farther with good SSS or SS pulls if you have gotten them earlier in the game.

You should really start farming Labyrinth for gold when you can at least reach floor 10 in the Labyrinth. In this Labyrinth running guide, we will go over some useful tips and strategies to help you achieve higher scores, get more gold, and advance farther into the Labyrinth.

Do Your Homework and Grind
This is by far the most important factor for advancing in Labyrinth. A full team of level capped, maxed enhanced and combined Dragon Blaze SSS will just do 20~100 times better than a weak S or A team. Keep grinding away those allies, gears, and levels to get those edge in Dragon Blaze Labyrinth. The tips and strategies provided here can only propel you an additional 2~3 levels, it is still the team battle power that counts the most.

Our Labyrinth higher scoring guide assumes that you have done your best to prep your team. Your Labyrinth Team is consisted of the “main team” and 4 other ally supports. The ally supports can be called for 1 minute each if they stay alive during the Labyrinth run.

In addition, make sure all of your 4 additional ally helpers are fully leveled and gear slots filled.

Optimal Labyrinth Main Team Composition
Depending on the class you are playing, you will have to shift the rest of your team accordingly. For example, if you are a tank warrior yourself, then your allies need to be another tank, 2 healer and 1 DPS.

2 Tank, 2 Healer, 1 DPS
or 2 Tank, 1 Healer, 2 DPS

Next we will discuss different type of units based on their class and stats consideration specifically for Labyrinth runs.

Type of Tank Choices and Gears
The best tanks are the ones with skills that stun, you want one with group stun and one with single target 100% stun rate.

Equip your tanks well with good DEF and HP count.

Having a strong 1 or 2 tanks is key Labyrinth, you want your tank to absorb in as much damage as you can, last through multiple attacks so that you can still have time to use revival potions or scrolls. Spend the time and money to upgrade its DEF or HP gears as much as you can afford.

Type of Labyrinth DPS Choices and Guidelines
The ability to survive is key in higher score for Labyrinth run. The best DPS in the Labyrinth setting are Warrior type DPS because of their naturally higher HP count. Then the next are the rogues because most of them have vanish abilities to dodge attacks for longer bit of time. Mage are the end of the list because they get instantly killed pretty in late stages.

Equip DPS classes with strong critical + critical damage setup for better burst damage output.

You should typically have single damage DPS on your team as ally. The reason is that you want the DPS to instantly kill 1 unit at a time. Rather than killing them all with 2~3 turns using AoE skills.

DPS Class Recap:
Warrior DPS > Rogue > Archer > Mage
DPS Single Damage > Group

Labyrinth Priest Healer Notes – AoE > Single
In Labyrinth, AoE healer is much better than the single target healers. Place the AoE team healer on your main team.

Since the amount of HP healed is by the Attack value of Priests, make sure you upgrade its main and off hand weapons fully. Consider checking out our Dragon Blaze Priest Guide for more info.

Main Team Order Composition – Healer – Tanks
Place the priest healer to the left most of the team, then the tanks. The reason is that ally helpers prioritize revives on the left most team member first.

Ally Helper Team Composition
Priests with Revive ability should always be placed into your team. The next on the list are more tanks with stun skills. If you have more spaces, fill them with the suggested DPS list.

Take Out Mage Mob Manually First
Mage enemies in Labyrinth are deadly since they can instantly take out your DPS. If you are playing a DPS, focus your attacks on the enemy mage first. Try to remember what they look like.

Play Labyrinth Manually
If you are approaching the stages where you know you usually cannot continue manually. Switch out to manual is key. You want to be able to use the skills at the right time, or call out the right allies such as revival priest when you need to.

Bring Revival Scrolls
Consider unlocking all three slots of your item pouch using Dragon Blaze Rubies. Equip all slots with revival scrolls. Using the scrolls at the right time can boost your score much higher by passing 1~2 additional floors.

Pick Revival Scroll Usage Timing
Lastly, time the moment to use revival scrolls. If any of your team members die during battle, and you know that you can at least go another 2~3 floors. Use the revival scores near the end of the turn when there is only a 1~2 mobs left. Another good time to is when you are sure that enemy mage is dead.

Other Labyrinth Information
Below is a quick list of the Labyrinth schedule and rewards. The new “season” starts weekly every Thursday at 1:00 a.m. PST and ends a couple hours before that. So make sure you get your score in before the end of the weekly season.

1st Place: 500 Rubies
2nd Place~10th Place: 300 Rubies
11th Place~50th Place: 200 Rubies
51st Place~1%:120 Rubies
1.1%~5%: 80 Rubies
5.1%~10%: 50 Rubies
10.1%~20%: 30 Rubies
20.1%~30%: 10 Rubies
30.1%~40%: 8 Rubies
40.1%~50%: 7 Rubies
50.1%~60%: 6 Rubies
60.1%~70%: 5 Rubies
70.1%~80%: 4 Rubies
80.1%~90%: 3 Rubies
90.1%~100%: 2 Rubies

Dragon Blaze Best Priest Guide

Priest is a team’s best friend in Dragon Blaze. Every end game raids need at least 1 priest in their party to effectively killing the bosses with ease. It should be noted that because of the low damage output of priest, any raid parties with 2 priest will usually end up with a much lower score ranking.

Priest is one of the hardest class to play, because if you want to play it effectively at lower levels, you must play it manually without auto. The reason is that “AUTO” will typically not choose the best target for you to cast your buffs on.

For example, Magnify auto may not be casted on your strongest DPS on the team. Guidance auto might not cast on a stunned or fully debuffed tanks on your team. So, you should expect to play priest on manual as a mid term / end game priest.

We will divide priest guides into Equipment / Stats choices, skill discussion, skill tree suggestions, raiding style, and actual game play guidelines for story line progression.

Priest Main Stats and Gearing Spec Strategy
You can find more information about Dragon Blaze Stats in general. We will discuss the priest stats in detail here.

The main stat that matters to priest is INT and secondly the actual MP pool. INT itself affects how much HP that you can heal, as well as the MP pool. You do not need any other stats.

Priest is a class that burns through MP pretty quickly if you do not have any gears to boost your Mana pool. Higher mana pool also grants you better MP regeneration rate.

For defensive priest stat, you should consider adding some minor immunity to prevent and shorten silence effect. Silence is a nasty debuff that can quickly wipe out your team since you cannot heal your teammates. Secondly, you want EVA over DEF, simply for the fact that you do not want to overbuild your DEF that you become the tank.

As a priest, your role should always be behind someone else in a team setting, healing and supporting to propel your team to victory.

Priest Skill Discussion
In this section we will discuss a little bit about these skills. It should be noted that you can only pick ONE ultimate skill even if you dedicate all the points into the active skills, so you need to choose wisely.

Active Skills
Charming Light: This is the bread and butter of healer, you can heal your teammates with this skill. The healing amount is dependent on the ATK value. You can also deal minor damage with this skill again enemies.

-Ultimate: Heal or damage a much bigger amount then its original form. Available at level 40.

Magnify!: This is a buff skill that gives Archer classes “focus” as well boosting the attack speed of a single party member. Focus is used by archer to deal more damage with its skills.

-Ultimate: The buff skill now applies to the entire party.

Guidance: This is a buff skill that removes one single member’s debuffs while boosting defense.

-Ultimate: The buff skill now applies to the entire party, while granting self immunity by 5 seconds. The person that you cast the ultimate guidance skill on will also get def buff for 35% and immunity for 10 seconds.

Passive Skills
Bright Eyes: Increase the healing amount by a certain % based on skill level.

Euphoria: Increase entire party’s immunity.

Sturdy Party: Increase entire party’s defense.

Cutie Power Up: Convert the heal or damage from Charming Light into splash effect. The entire party other than the target will receive certain percentage of heals or damage.

Skill Tree Suggestions
To recommend you with the best skill tree builds, we will first divide your priest into two different settings. The first setup is before you reach level 44 and the second setup is after you reach level 44. The main reason is that you will be able to unlock Magnify ultimate at level 44.

Simply work your way towards the build shown while playing story mode.

We recommend changing your skill build by using the reset at level 44 to make the switch. However, if you start the game by getting some lucky SS DPS units, you can consider start building towards magnify since you will have less trouble passing the story mods.

Before Priest Level 44
This is what you should have at level 40 to have a easier time at beating Normal and Hero mode. The reason why you should get higher

Level 10 Charming Light, Ultimate Form (22 SP)
Level 1 Guidance (1 SP)
Level 5 Bright Eyes (5 SP)
Level 5 Euphoria (5 SP)
Level 2 Sturdy Party (2 SP)
Level 5 Cutie Power Up (5 SP)

With the next few levels you can pump more points into Sturdy party while waiting to reach level 44. We recommend maxing Charming Light as early as you can to utilize your heals earlier in game.

You should only start pumping points into Euphoria in Hero mode past level 30 since that is when you will lose because of silence done by enemies.

After Priest Level 44
At this stage, you will be finishing up the rest of the leveling and be attending more raids to finalize your gears.

Level 10 Charming Light (17 SP)
Level 10 Magnify, Ultimate Form (22 SP)
Level 1 Guidance (1 SP)
Level 5 Cutie Power Up (5 SP)
Rest of the points split between Euphoria and Sturdy Party. We personally like Euphoria more than Sturdy Party for the end game immunity boost.

We recommend maxing out Charming Light later with the last few levels from 44->50, since you probably get more benefit out of increased immunity or defense.

Priest Leveling and Story Progressing
Below are some general recommendations of party setup to help you progress in story as a priest. It should be noted that our guide assumes that you do not spend rubies. If you do and get SS or even SSS ranked allies, you can always run with more DPS allies to speed up your progression.

Normal Mode – Level 1~30/32
In normal mode, you should generally only have A or S ranked allies unless you have gotten lucky with the draws. You should generally run with the following ally choices.
1 Healer, 1 DPS, 2 Tanks
1 Healer, 2 DPS, 1 Tank

The reason for this priest / ally combination is that as an early game priest healer, you will tend to get stuck often with the lack of healing power. You will find that your ally dies often because you cannot heal in time. Having two tanks can take longer to kill enemies, but you will end up spending less effort since you can run more stages in “Auto” mode.

If your priest is ever stuck in Normal Mode, always go back to grind / farm the boss stage of the last chapter. With the exception of being stuck on King Gram, you should then farm the last few stages of the Castle, whichever that you can beat with the least effort.

Hero Mode
In hero mode when you are approaching level 30~40. You should now considering to get a few SS allies on your roster through Dragon Blaze ally combine and enhance. Your healing power is getting a little better with stronger gears and accessories, as well as with Cutie Power Up which makes your heals Semi-AoE. This is the time for you to transition and become the only healer in your party.
1 Healer, 2 DPS, 1 Tank
2 DPS, 2 Tanks
3 DPS, 1 Tank

It should be noted that you can get purple (S) ranked accessories such as earrings from the boss stage of the last stage of each major area (The stage before you unlock section raids). This means Pixie Falls (Level 30), Yellow Wall (Level 32), Deserted Tower (Level 34), Dark Fortress, or The Fortress. This means that if you are ever stuck in this mode, always go back and grind those boss stages for EXP and potential ring drops. We estimate the ring drop rate to be about 1/30 to 1/100.

Legend Mode
By this stage you should have no trouble deciding what to get. But you generally should do 3 DPS and 1 Tank if your team can take the story modes.

Raiding Considerations
We will close on this priest guide with some thoughts on raids. Priest is one class that should generally play on manual in raids. The buffs from magnify and guidance is best used and judged with a human.

Prioritize Magnify with Archers in your party if there is one, if not, pick the target that appears to be dealing the most damage.

Prioritize Guidance on the the strongest DPS that is stunned or silenced, then tanks with defense down debuff.

You should generally open at least two item slots and equip both revive potion and revive scrolls to heal your teammates if you or they die. It is much better to spend those items rather than letting two tickets go to waste. Only use the items if your team is only missing a little push to beating the boss.

If you are manually putting together a team, never team together with another priest as it is poor setup. The DPS output of having two priest is so low that you will most likely end up with a B or C ranking.

Some ideal setup is usually 3 DPS + 1 Priest, or 1 Tank, 2 DPS, +1 Priest.

Dragon Blaze Complete Stats Guide

Like any other RPG, Dragon Blaze has several different stats that your characters have naturally and can obtain through equipment. In this guide, we will go over these character stats and labels to help you understand more about the game mechanics. With these better knowledge, you will know how to better spec and equip your characters.

Basic Stats
We will list out the major base stats here and comment about how you should spec your classes accordingly.

INT (Intelligence)
Main Stats for Mage and Priest +2 Atk and 16 mana for each point.

Because Int does not do anything for any other classes, you should generally trash any equipment if you are not a a Priest or Mage, and you are not equipping gears for your priest / mage allies. On the other hand, you should always have INT on the gears as a Mage.

STA (Stamina)
Each STA point gives 32 HP for all classes.

STA is more of a secondary stats that all classes can benefit somewhat. You need to have a decent enough of HP to sustain damage in later games, so that you do not get 1~2 shot kills. If you are a tank class, you should treat STA as one of the most important stats directly comparable to DEF.

DEX (Dexterity)
Each DEX gives Rogue and Archer 2 Attack. 0.03% EVA for all classes.

You NEED to have DEX on all equipment as Rogue and Archers. They are more or less useless for all other classes. In terms of EVA amount, getting an actual EVA stat on a gear will typically grant higher EVA value compared to DEX itself. However, if you are going for max EVA build, getting DEX and EVA together can get you a long way.

STR (Strength)
Each STR will give your Warrior 2 ATK. 1.5 DEF for all the classes.

As a warrior you should generally have ATK for your gears. However you may make a judgement call between being a better tank with higher HP / EVA or a little bit higher damage as a warrior. STR is worthless for other classes.

Character Stats
ATK (Attack)
ATK is the base value derived from your character class’s main stat (ie. Archer – DEX) plus ATK value from main and off hand weapons. All the skills are based upon this value.

DEF (Defense)
Defense is the value derived from gears and STR. They lower the amount of damage that you take from enemies. The DEF directly affects the DEF Rate as well.

ATK SPD (Attack Speed)
Attack speed determines the speed at which you execute normal attacks. The ATK SPD is usually pretty fixed based on class and weapon used. It is generally much better to stack ATK as the majority of your DPS comes from skill uses.

However, ATK SPD is offered as a stat very rarely on certain equipments. By stacking full ATK SPD plus skills that boost attack speed such as Priest’s Magnify may work for you. But this route can take much more effort for little effect compared to ATK + Active Skills. Rogues can also benefit from higher ATK SPD value stemming from skills.

HP (Health Point)
Your HP determines how much damage you can take before you die. You generally want to keep a healthy amount of HP to sustain several hits from bosses.

MP (Mana)
The MP stat is applicable for priest and mage only. Mana is needed for the active skills or spells to be casted.

One derived stat worth noting from MP count is the Mana Regeneration or Recover Rate. The MP recover rate determines how much MP that you can recover while in battle. The MP is recovered over time and the rate amount is determined by your max MP pool.

Some gears do have MP recover stat attached to them but they are generally less useful compared to having actual +MP on the gear.

ATK Stats
CRIT DMG (Critical Attack Damage)
Critical damage acts as a damage multiplier based on your critical rate. This is the best way to achieve high DPS with your attacking classes. Combine it with a high critical rate to deal massive amount of damage.

CRIT Rate (Critical Attack Rate)
The percentage of your landed hits that result in a critical attack. You should generally stack this stat as a DPS on top of the main ATK for your class.

ACC (Accuracy)
Accuracy offsets or counters Evasion value. It is generally only needed for high level arena fights against players who have EVA spec builds.

Additional Damage (Random)
This stat does not usually appear on your character screen, but it does appear on the various gears. What it means is that it will add a final “random” elemental value to the attack. For example, if your attack does 1000 damage + 100 random damage, the final value may be 1100 with 100 of it being a random elemental attack type damage.

DEF Pen (Defense Penetration)
The defense penetration counters the defense rating.

DEF Stats
DEF Rate (Defense Rate)
Defense rate is dependent on your defense value. It reduces the damage taken on a percentage basis. It can be countered by DEF Penetration.

EVA (Evasion)
Evasion as a stat is a percentage of attacks that you can dodge. After reducing any focus or accuracy stats from your attacker. High level tanks in late game will typically opt for stronger EVA over DEF.

Immunity (Immunity)
The Immunity stats lowers your chance at receiving debuff. The percentage reduces counters the percentage of the debuffs. For example, if an enemy skill has 10% chance of landing a debuff on you, having a 10% immunity makes you completely immune to the debuff.

In addition, higher immunity results in shorter debuffed time when you do get hit.

Resist Stat
Fire, Cold, Lightning, Arcane, Holy Resists

These resists stats lower the amount of damage that you receive from specific elemental attacks. However, as it stands, the amount of elemental damage done in the game is pretty limited. This makes elemental resist more or less a worthless stat.

Other Stats
These stats affect the skill casting and sometimes damage for the following classes.

Focus = Archer
Vigor = Rogue
Rage = Warrior

It should be noted that ring gears may allow you to start the battles with some of these values filled up.

Dragon Blaze Ally Enhancement / Combine Guide

Allies make up a huge part of your game in Dragon Blaze. You need strong allies to propel you through story adventures, arena, and finally the Labyrinth. In this Dragon Blaze allies guide, we will go over some basic information about the best way to enhance and combine your allies to the next level. By following our methods of enhancing and combining your allies, you will be able to save more gold while getting good results.

First we will go over some basics about allies enhancement and combination, then we will dig into the practical ways to do the upgrade. We will not go into the actual aspect of Dragon Blaze allies but only focus on the enhance and combine aspect of the game.

Dragon Blaze Allies Enhancement and Combine Basic
Allies are divided into different ranks in the following order. SSS > SS > S > A > B > C. In general, higher ranked allies have better stats and additional skills. However, the advanced allies are also more expensive and harder to upgrade. The higher the enhancement level, the more gold that it costs to attempt.

You Enhance allies by feeding another feeder unit. The enhancement process will destroy the feeder unit and cost some gold. Higher ranked feeder ally give better odds as well as better “fail” bonuses when you fail.

Rapport is a “support” or “friendliness” score that is raised when you party with them. You can combine allies of the same rank with MAX Enhance and Mastered Rapport.

When you combine allies in Dragon Blaze, you will receive allies of the next rank randomly. This means that the new ally from combine will be completely random regardless or classes, race of the material allies used in the process.

Ally Enhancement MAX Limits
Different ally ranks have different MAX value for the enhancement.

B Rank Ally: 4
A Rank Ally: 5
S Rank Ally: 6
SS Rank Ally: 7
SSS Rank Ally: 8

Dragon Blaze Enhancement Chances and Odds
In this section, we will simply do a quick list of the chances and success bonus after failure.

Rank B Allies
(C Feeder – 50% and +12% on failure)
(B Feeder – 100%)

Rank A Allies
(C Feeder – 25% and +7% on failure)
(B Feeder – 50% and + 14% on failure)

Rank S Allies
(C Feeder – 10% and +3% on failure)
(B Feeder – 25% and +7% on failure)
(A Feeder – 50% and +15% on failure)

Rank SS Allies
(C Feeder – 1% and +0% on failure)
(B Feeder – 10% and +3% on failure)
(A Feeder – 25% and +7% on failure)
(S Feeder – 50% and +15% on failure)

Rank SSS Allies
(C Feeder – ?% and +?% on failure)
(B Feeder – 1% and +0% on failure)
(A Feeder – 10% and +3% on failure)
(S Feeder – 25% and +7% on failure)
(SS Feeder – 50% and +15% on failure)

How to Enhance Allies to Save Gold
It should be noted that this enhancement method is only a approximation or rule of thumb to help you save gold in the long run. The actual result is still largely dependent on your luck and random factors.

Best Way to Enhance A Ranked Allies:
+1~+4 Use rank C feeders.
+5~Max: Use rank B feeders.

Best Way to Enhance S Ranked Allies
+1~+3: Use rank C feeders.
+4~+5: Use 2 rank B feeders first, boost the percentage to +15%. Then finish off with rank C feeders.
+6~Max: Use rank A feeders.

Best Way to Enhance SS Ranked Allies
+1~+4: Use 3 rank B feeders, then finish off with rank C feeders.
+5~+6: Use 1~2 rank A feeders, 1 rank B feeder, then finish off with rank C feeders.
+7~Max: Use rank A feeder only, consider even using S feeders.

Best Way to Enhance SSS Ranked Allies
+1~+4: Use 3 Rank A feeders, then finish off with rank B feeders.
+5~+6: Use 1 rank S feeder, then continue feeding with rank A’s.
+7~Max: Use rank S feeders, if you have enough gold, then use lower ranked feeders. If not, it may be better to stack more S rank before you do more attempts.

Guidelines to Combine Your Allies
Below we will go over some general rule of thumb on how to determine when to push for the next tier of allies.

1. Make Sure You Do Not Gamble Your Healer
If your current team roster is with a healer, never gamble the healer away if you do not have any replacements. You can find yourself failing more stages after you combined your decent S or A rank healer away for a stronger DPS.

2. Only combine units outside of your current team.
This rule generally applies when you have no replacements. For example, if you are pushing for SS rank from a full S rank team. You should get another S “outside” of your team to combine with 1 of the S within your team. This way you will end up with 1* SS and 3* S, instead of 1* SS, 2* S, and 1* A since you did not prepare for a replacement.

3. Combine for DPS Or Tank or Healer Order
If you can pick who to combine, look at your team first. In general you should combine based on who you have on your team currently.

For example, if your team is consisted of 1 healer, 2 DPS and 1 tank, combine the DPS. If your team is consisted 1 healer, 1 DPS, and 2 tanks, you should combine away 1 of the tanks first. In short, your priority will hugely depend on your current existing team composition.

Final Note on Ally “Rebirth”
Only your SSS ranked allies get this function. The rebirth requires the SSS to be MAX enhanced which is +8. You can then exchange or “rebirth” this SSS ranked ally into another SSS. You should really only do this when your team is full of SSS and you have nothing better to do other than trying to get better and stronger SSS ally.

Dragon Blaze Rubies Complete Guide

Rubies are the premium currency of the game. Rubies allow you to advance your account much faster with many premium items and services. In this complete rubies guide, we will go over several ways for you to obtain Rubies. If you are thinking about buying rubies with money, it may be best to wait for special deals or discount events before taking out your wallets to do so. Gamevil offers decent sales of rubies from time to time for its players.

How to Get Free In-Game Dragon Blaze Rubies
1. The most consistent method of getting some minor free rubies is by completing daily and weekly quests. There are also some of other quests that reward you with rubies.

2. You will get a good chunk of rubies when you complete certain story chapters, the free rubies are usually rewarded after you complete a major area in normal mode.

3. Get good ranking on Arena, Labyrinth, and Guild battles. These feature reset on the weekly basis and the game rewards you with rubies based on your ranking. Getting high ranking is a great way to earn a huge numbers of rubies.

4. Special Events and Quests: From time to time the game developers have custom events that ask you to complete certain tasks. These tasks can include getting an SS or SSS ally, enhance your gears, or attempt certain number of dungeons or raids. So always remember to check out event pages for other rubies earning possibilities.

5. Daily Login Rewards: When you login into the game for certain number of days in a month, you will be given various rewards that include free Dragon Blaze rubies.

Best Use of Dragon Blaze Rubies
When you are first starting, refrain spending rubies on ally summons, the chances are you may end up with a bunch of A’s.

The best place to spend starter rubies is on the costumes available from the shop (105 Rubies per type of costume). You generally want to purchase the weapon costume that feature the Crit damage for DPS, or gears with EVA if you are a Priest or Tank.

Inventory Slots
After that, spend some rubies to unlock the second page of the items (29 rubies for 1 row of items). Having extra item spaces from inventory means that you can spend less time going back and forth between the game screens. You will also be able to save the SS (Orange) or S (Purple) gears for later upgrades.

Item Use Pouch Slot
Next, spend the rubies to open up the secondary item slot (99 rubies for 1 additional item equipment). You want to equip yourself with 1 set of Revival potions and 1 set of revival scrolls especially for story boss stages and raids. Often times you are only missing a few more hits before killing bosses, having the extra revival capability will be able to help you advance much faster with relatively less grinding.

While Being in Normal Mode
Now if you are still in normal mode and grinding after unlocking those, consider finish purchasing the costumes or unlock 3rd and 4th pages of inventory spaces, until you finish normal mode.

Ring Unlock
After beating the game on Normal mode and advancing towards the Hero / Legend mode. Save your rubies to start unlocking the Ring slots. You typically will only start getting rings as drops after you enter legend mode, but it can take a while before you save enough rubies so it may be better to start earlier.

Premium Summon, Shoes and Tickets
Finally, if you have no better use for the rubies after unlocking all the previous mentioned features. Or you simply have too much money to spend on rubies, use any left over rubies for premium summons, shoes for faster leveling, or tickets for more raiding.

Other (Useless) purposes of Rubies
Finally, we will go over a few rather useless uses of Dragon Blaze rubies in the game.

1. Name Change
Name change is simply not a good use of rubies, unless you are changing your identity in the game for social purposes.

2. Skill Reset
You should almost never do skill reset unless you mess up big time with your skill points allocations. The only time it may make sense for a skill reset is to spec your character for different skill trees and builds at or near level caps.

3. Purchasing Gold
Purchasing gold is the most useless way to spend your rubies. If you really need the gold and at later stages of the game, purchase tickets with rubies and run Labyrinth to get more gold out of your rubies.

4. Premium Gears
The purchase of premium gear is a waste of rubies, seeing that the chance of getting SSS is very low. You may have better shot at purchasing tickets and grinding the raids for better chances of getting the needed gears.