Dragon Blaze Best Rogue Guide

Rogue is one of the most loved class in Dragon Blaze. It has the strongest DPS potential while having great performances in Arena PvP settings. In this Rogue guide, we will go over how to gear up and spec your Rogue, general skill discussion, and lastly the different ways to setup and setting up the skill tree, and lastly some general strategies to being the best Rogue possible in the game.

Rogue Main Stats and Gearing Spec Strategy
As the game currently stands, the Rogue is one of the most flashy DPS class in Dragon Blaze. To fully build out the strongest rogue possible, you will need to stack Critical Damage, Critical Rate, and Attack Speed.

Check out Dragon Blaze stats guide for more information about each of the stats. Your priority to get your gear is as followed:

Since DEX also increases your EVA count, you will treat EVA as important as your HP pool in our rogue gearing guideline. Gears with the most important and useful stats are better than the ones that do not. You should also take into consideration of the various raiding set effects that may come into play.

Rogue Armor – DEX > EVA = STA/HP > DEF
Rogue Weapons – Crit Damage > Crit Rate > Weapon ATK = Attack Speed > Boss Damage > Defense Penetration
Rogue Accessories – Crit Rate > Vigor (With Dance Build) > Attack Speed (I do not think accessories offer Critical Damage currently).

You may also want to check out our gear guide for more information about gears in general. The reason that you want to stack Crit damage on top of crit is because that as a Rogue, you have some natural boosts in Critical Rate coming from skills.

Rogue Title Choices:
The best Dragon Blaze titles for rogues are either Arena based titles that boost both ATK and CRIT damage.

Rogue Skill Discussion
The Dragon Blaze rogue has 3 active skills and 4 passive skills. This section will discuss and list out their basic information in general. Please note that we will only be talking about basic skill effects on this guide. We will later have a separate guide detailing the different skill effects of each level.

You can only unlock 1 of the ultimate skills so you have to choose wisely.

Active Rogue Skill
Hidden Blades – Dashes towards the enemy like lightning to unveil Hidden Blades. The enemy will be unable to use skills temporarily. Increases Vigor by 2 points.

-Ultimate: Inflicts 1537% damage and disable skills (immune to dispel) for 10 seconds. Life Steal (immune to dispel) for 13 seconds (80% damage over time). Kills instantly (10% chance). Cooldown 14 seconds.

Dance of Death – Unleashes Vigor that was accumulated through normal attacks and Hidden Blades. Increases ATK Speed and ATK.

-Ultimate: ATK Speed +171, ATK +80% for combo hits. Duration 2.59 seconds, +1 sec per Vigor. Attacks regardless of formation. Cooldown 23 seconds. Available at level 39.

Vanish – Blends in with the outside world to hide. Critical Rate and DEF Penetration increases while in Vanish state.

-Ultimate: Vanish (safe from single target attacks). CRIT Rate +26, CRIT DMG +69, DEF Pen +17. Duration 13 seconds. Cooldown 23 seconds. Available at level 40.

Rogue Passive Skills
Perfect Attack – Develops the ability to deliver impeccable attacks. Deals additional damage for all attacks.

Bloodthirsty Blade – The Rogue’s ATK damage will partially convert to HP. Increases immunity rate.

Piercing Gaze – Achieves sight that doesn’t miss a thing. Increases Critical Rate and ACC as the skill level rises.

Maximize Chance – Never miss a hard-earned opportunity. Damage dealt increases with Critical Hits.

Actual Rogue Skill Builds Suggestions
When you first start the game in Dragon Blaze, you will most likely NOT have strong healer supports. This is why you may need Bloodthirsty Blade as a life steal mechanism to carry you through the earlier stages.

However, if you have gotten A, S, or even SS priest with your beginning pulls, skip bloodthirsty beginner build altogether. You should generally do the skill reset before you meet Hero mode’s final boss to ensure that you have higher DPS. Or do the skill reset any time after you have drawn a stronger priest.

Rogue Starting Skill Build
-With Blood Thirsty (Only If Without Priest Ally)
Level 10 Hidden Blade + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 1 Dance of Death (1 Point)
Level 1 Vanish (1 Point)
Level 8 Perfect Attack (12 Points)
Level 5 Bloodthirsty Blade (5 Points)
Level 5 Piercing Glaze (5 Points)
Level 1 Maximize Chance (1 Point)

Consider pumping more points into Bloodthirsty if you still have issues. However, it may still be more beneficial to camp and grind for a healer ally.

Rogue Starting (With Good Priest) / Arena PvP Build
Level 10 Hidden Blade + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 2 Dance of Death (2 Point)
Level 1 Vanish (1 Point)
Level 10 Perfect Attack (17 Points)
Level 6 Piercing Glaze (7 Points)
Level 1 Maximize Chance (1 Point)

The reason that this build is far useful in Arena setting is that you will rely on Hidden Blade’s instant kill attack to quickly take out enemy main hero, tank or priest. This arena build works better than Ultimate Dance only if the opposing player is stronger geared than you, or if the player has strong SSS tanks like Hero King Gram.

If you are very strong geared in terms of Attack Speed + Critical Attack + Critical Damage, the Dance of Death works better since you can quickly kill other enemy allies with 1 single death without relying on “luck”. Then you can work your way through the enemy tank / hero in a 5 vs 2 setting.

Rogue AoE PvE Dance of Death Max Damage Build
This build relies on the best possible damage that you can have in Dragon Blaze. The main difference is the skill points allocation between Vanish versus Piercing Glaze. You will need Vigor boost from your accessory gears to take full advantage of this build. There is another variation that is possible if you have decent amount of Critical attack coming from gears, which is the Sub Maximize Chance.

These skill differences can be useful against different types of enemies because of the bonus stats boost granted by Vanish (DEF Penetration) versus Piercing Glaze (Accuracy) skills.

-Sub Vanish (Good against High DEF Enemies)
Level 1 Hidden Blade (1 Point)
Level 10 Dance of Death + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 6 Vanish (7 Points)
Level 10 Perfect Attack (17 Points)
Level 2 Piercing Glaze (2 Points)
Level 1 Maximize Chance (1 Point)

Sub Vanish offers stronger “burst” damage during the Vanish effects.

-Sub Piercing Glaze (Good Against High EVA Enemies)
Level 1 Hidden Blade (1 Point)
Level 10 Dance of Death + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 2 Vanish (2 Points)
Level 10 Perfect Attack (17 Points)
Level 6 Piercing Glaze (7 Points)
Level 1 Maximize Chance (1 Point)

-Sub Maximize Chance (This Requires Good Critical Rate from Weapon / Accessories)
Since Critical Rate increases much slower after you reach 30~40% Crit rate, it may make sense to opt for Maximize chance instead of the other two choices.
Level 1 Hidden Blade (1 Point)
Level 10 Dance of Death + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 2 Vanish (2 Points)
Level 10 Perfect Attack (17 Points)
Level 1 Piercing Glaze (1 Points)
Level 6 Maximize Chance (7 Point)

Rogue Story Progression Notes
Since rogue is a stronger single target damage during early game. You generally want to have strong AoE allies so that your hits can finish off mobs after they cast their AoE attacks.

Normal and Hero Ally Team Setup
1 Healer, 1 AoE DPS, 1 Single Target DPS, 1 Tank (With Bloodthirsty Passive)
1 Healer, 1 AoE DPS, 2 Tank
2 Healer, 1 AoE DPS, 1 Tank

In Normal Mode and Hero Mode, your rogue gears DPS is limited, thus you should generally go with the Hidden Blade router with minor points in Dance of Death to utilize the Vigor built.

As you approach Legend mode with full accessories, you should respect your rouge’s skill build into one of the full DPS build for faster and more efficient raids. By this time you should have combined and enhanced your allies to a few S and possibly SS.

2 Healer, 1 AoE DPS, 1 Tank
1 Healer, 2 AoE DPS, 1 Tank

Consider checking out our generic Dragon Blaze walkthrough to guide you through some other features of the game.

Dragon Blaze Priest Skill Effect Reference Table

If you are planning to create your own custom character skill build for Priest healer class, and you are wondering about the different skill effects of Dragon Blaze Priest. Look no further as we have the information here. We have also written a generic Dragon Blaze Priest guide if you want to check that out.

It should be noted that the SP requirement is the same for all Dragon Blaze Priest skills:
Level 1~5: 1 SP
Level 6~8: 2 SP
Level 9~10: 3 SP
Ultimate: 5 SP

You can only have 1 Ultimate skill and you need to have the previous skill mastered with level 10 skills.

Active Skill

1. Charming Light
A powerful attack on enemies, the light of light for allies. Displays a dual-psyche that changes.

It deals X% amount of damage to single enemy.
Restores X% amount of HP for single ally.
Additional level decrease cooldown while increase Mana usage.
Healing amount can be buffed with Passive Skill: Bright Eyes.
Charming Light becomes “AoE” with Passive Skill: Cutie Power Up.

Ultimate: Ultimate Charming Light unleashes a more powerful attack on enemies while giving sufficient HP to allies.

Enemy / HealCDMana
1184% / 64%850
2296% / 76%7.850
33109% / 89%7.660
44121% / 101%7.470
55133% / 113%7.280
67158% / 138%7100
79182% / 162%6.8110
813207% / 187%6.6150
919243% / 223%6.4200
1025280% / 260%6.2250
Ult40434% / 414%5.6380

2. Magnify
Tell stories of an ally’s misdeeds to draw out indignation. The angry party member will exhibit powerful strength.

Enhances a party member for X sec.
Focus +X%
ATK Speed +X%
Cooldown 28 seconds.
Additional level increases mana usage.

Ultimate: Shares strength with other party members, allowing everyone to exhibit more power. It changes Magnify from single target skill to AoE buff entire party.

Focus /
15616% / 11%200
267.219% / 13%220
378.421% / 14%240
489.623% / 16%260
5910.826% / 18%290
6111230% / 21%330
71313.235% / 24%370
81714.440% / 28%460
92315.647% / 32%590
102916.854% / 37%720
Ult4413.454% / 37%1040

3. Guidance
A warm, guiding hand protects 1 party member from evil. Removes debuffs and increases DEF.

Remove a party member’s debuff.
Increase DEF by X% for 10 sec.
Additional level decrease cooldown while increase Mana usage.

Ultimate: Guidance has been further enhanced. Grants Immunity to self and 1 target. Removes debuffs from entire party. Skill effect: Removes debuffs from the entire party and grants immunity to self for 5 sec. Increases party member’s DEF by 35% for 10 sec and grants immunity.


Passive Skills
1. Bright Eyes
Looks upon allies with Bright Eyes and the recovery speed of party members mysteriously increases.

Increase HP Recovery by X% when Heal is used.

HP Recovery

2. Euphoria
Euphoria grants the power to demolish bad thoughts. Grants Immunity to the entire party.

Increase entire party’s Immunity b X.


3. Sturdy Party
Though they may not all get along, love for allies increases the entire party’s DEF.

Applies to entire party during battle. DEF +X%.


4. Cutie Power Up
She’s gotten even stronger through her bewitching charm! Charming Light targets everyone in the area.

Charming Light affects all in the vicinity. Both damage and heals are affected by X%. The original target still receives 100% of the damage or heal like the original Charming Light.


Dragon Blaze Ally Drop Guide

Getting allies for enhance fodders is always exciting in Dragon Blaze. When you encounter allies, they will appear as “enemies” as a bonus round at the end of your run. You will have to kill it to be able to recruit it, so if you are down to last 1 drop of HP to pass the stage, you better use those potions fast or you can lose out on the ally recruit opportunities by dying to it.

Different Stages allow you to recruit allies for free. Higher ranked allies come in very very rarely, so in general you should not “farm” for any specific one unless you are looking to complete your ally collection set.

Now we will start to discuss topics that relate to ally recruits during normal adventure quests.

Ally Drop Rate
Below is an UNOFFICIAL drop rate estimation that has NOT been thoroughly tested for Dragon Blaze Allies. It is only a rough guess and “feel” based on thousands of quests that I have run.

Rate of General Ally Encounter: 15~20%. When an ally encounter is triggered. We believe this estimation should be fairly accurate since you generally get 1~3 allies with a full shoes run (15 run).

It should be noted that these percentage do not add up to 100%, we did it intentionally for easier comparison since these rates are all estimated.

The distribution is roughly as followed: This means that for Normal mode, your chance at getting C is 15~20% * 95% which equals to 14%~19% chance of getting a C rank ally in Normal mode.

Normal Mode: C (95%) and B (5%)
Hero Mode: C (75%), B (25%), and A (1~2%)
Legendary Mode:, C (50%), B (50%), A (5~10%), and S (0.5~1%).

You should always grind for enhance fodders in Legendary mode for better chances at getting higher level enhance fodders.

Ally Drop Table
You can use search function to figure out the ally that is dropped from any specific quest level in Dragon Blaze.

Dragon Blaze MapRank CRank BRank ARank S
GnollwoodDopey Red Porto (C)
Angry Red Porto (C)
Happy Red Porto (C)
Gnoll (B)
Gnarl (B)
Garang (B)
Blue Gnoll (A)
Gerang (A)
Red Gnoll (S)
Fallen GolemAngry Red Porto (C)Gerang (A)
Blue Gnoll (A)
Blue Gnarl (A)
Pixie FallsLightning Crystal (C)
Nature Crystal (C)
Gnarl (B)Nature Spirit (A)Geranger (S)
Red Gnoll (S)
Red Gnarl (S)
DesertFly Sleety Bat (C)Gnarl (B)Blue Gnoll (A)
Sandstorm HillRanger Sleety Bat (C)Happy Blue Porto (B)Ranger Minnie (A)Queen Gloxenia (S)
Hunter Allura (S)
Remains of the FallenRanger Sleety Bat (C)
Holy Crystal (C)
Happy Blue Porto (B)Holy Spirit (A)
Yellow WallHappy Red Porto (C)Dopey Blue Porto (B)
Angry Blue Porto (B)
Ranger Minnie (A)
Hunter Tinnie (A)
Shaman Sootie (A)
Queen Stoccacia (A)
Ivory Teeth LakeHappy Red Porto (C)Angry Blue Porto (B)
Reptile Breath (B)
Reptile Lance (B)
Reptile Curse (B)
Dopey Clown Porto (A)
Reptile King (A)
Forgotten RuinsWooden Wand Mimic (C)Iron Bow Mimic (B)
Iron Axe Mimic (B)
Dark Marble Snell (A)
Dark Knife Squall (A)
Dark Arrow Sun (A)
Captain Scady (A)
Shadow RiverLightening Crystal (C)Reptile Curse (B)Mystery Lancer (A)
Mystery Curse (A)
Mystery Breath (A)
Mystery King (A)
Fog RegionForst Paulownia (C)Foggy Paulownia (B)
Foggy Foliage (B)
Dark Marble Snell (A)Dark Arrow Ritra (S)
Dark Marble Lyf (S)
Dark Marble Lyn (S)
Deserted TowerFly Sleety Bat (C)Action Wool Bat (B)Mystery Curse (A)
Dark Marble Snell (A)
Dark Marble Lyn (S)
Abyss Breath (S)
Obsidian Mountain EntranceFire Crystal (C)Fly Wool Bat (B)Fire Spirit (A)Purnisher Rariede (S)
Archer Etude (S)
Commander Ubide (S)
Tomb of EchoesForest Pine (C)Foggy Gingko (B)Hunter Tinnie (A)
Evil Foliage (A)
Mountain Pass of the DeadHappy Red Porto (C)Gnoll (B)Hunter Tinnie (A)Ranger Jenny (S)
Road to Dark FortressHappy Red Porto (C)Dopey Blue Porto (B)Angry Clown Porto (A)Happy Dark Porto (S)
Dark FortressFly Sleety Bat (C)Range Wool Bat (B)Action Com Bat (A)
John's Pumpkin PatchAction Sleety Bat (C)Fly Wool Bat (B)
Action Wool Bat (B)
Dark Knife Squall (A)Range Horn Bat (S)
Castle EntranceIce Crystal (C)Fly Wool Bat (B)Priest Nian (A)
Mage Nef (A)
Archer Aruz (A)
Sorcerer Moquz (A)
Assassin Nien (A)
Archer Ronge (S)
Landing GardenWooden Knife Mimic (C)Reptile Lance (B)Golden Axe Mimic (A)Archer Ronge (S)
Priest Ranran (S)
Swordsman Riam (S)
Foggy RampartDark Crystal (C)
Lightening Crystal (C)
Gnoll (B)Dark Spirit (A)

Dragon Blaze Guild Battle Arena Guide

Guild Battle is another type of PvP that you can do to obtain free rubies in Dragon Blaze.

In Guild Battle, you will fight along side with one of your guild mate against another team from another guild. We will quickly go over how the Guild Battle works, and what you can do to boost your winning rate.

Dragon Blaze Guild Selection

To attend Guild Battle, you actually need to be a part of a guild. Enter the Guild Battle screen via the Guild menu. You can bring in one of your Ally into the battle. We will discuss some valid strategy to help you decide later. In this screen, you can either tap on the white box to the right to actually invite a guild mate, or you can tap on the “invite” tab to send out a chatbox notice to everyone in the guild.

Dragon Blaze Enter Guild Battle

Dragon Blaze Guild Battle Invite

Guild Battle Match and Point Calculation
Every time when you fight in Guild Battle, the guild will gain some EXP and some GB ranking points. You will also win some personal ranking points. When you lose the battle, very little (like 1 or 2) ranking points are awarded.

However, if you are in a guild, you should always at least attend to one guild battle to be eligible for claiming the prizes.

The matching process can be tough sometimes since it can take a bit longer for you to be matched. And when you do, you may be matched with other players completely outside of your league, for example level 23 vs level 50’s.

Preparing for Guild Battle
Since you can only bring 1 ally into battle, it is essential for you to bring the strongest one that you have. In general, the best ally to pick are the ones that can survive against two players, aka Tanks and Healers.

You can only party with a guildmate that is different than your class. Meaning you cannot have two real player Mages attending the Guild Battle together.

You should generally make sure you are at the highest level possible before grinding guild battles. Level yourself to the level cap of the game with strongest gears that you can afford. The level difference in Guild Battle is pretty easy to tell, since it is really 2 players vs 2 players setup.

Some good team setup combinations for Guild Battle setups include:
Priest + Any DPS + Tank Allies with Stun
Warrior + Any DPS + 2 Healer Allies
DPS + DPS + 1 Tank + 1 AoE Healer

You generally do not want to go with a full DPS team as you can get worn out if the opposing team has decent heals. Mage with the Sheep curse debuff can benefit greatly in Guild Battle as it can usually effectively disable a healer completely.

Guild Battle Schedule
Guild Battle or (GB) runs on a weekly basis like Arena or Labyrinth. The Guild Battle ranking resets every week on Monday at 12:10 a.m. after which you will be able to claim your rewards if you have won any.

You must claim the reward manually before next week’s result or else you would lose them. The “Costume” that you get from winning is a random costume “mail” that you claim for a random reward.

Like other leaderboard rankings in Dragon Blaze, you take lower of the rank values, for example, a 3% lands you in the 5% reward tier.

You must manually claim the reward from both the “Guild” tab and the “Individual” tab to receive rubies from both of the categories.

The Guild Battle Reward is listed as followed:
It should be noted that the rubies are distributed to the members based on their ranking within the guild.

1: 100k EXP, Costume, 8k Rubies
2: 70k EXP, Costume, 7k Rubies
3: 50K EXP, Costume, 6k Rubies
4: 40K EXP, Costume, 5k Rubies
5: 30K EXP, Costume, 4k Rubies
1%: 20K EXP, Costume, 3.5k Rubies
5%: 15k EXP, Costume, 2.5k Rubies
10%: 10k EXP, 1k Rubies
20%: 8k EXP, 900 Rubies
30%: 7k EXP, 800 Rubies
40%: 5k EXP, 700 Rubies
50%: 4k EXP, 500 Rubies
60%: 3k EXP, 400 Rubies
70%: 2k EXP, 300 Rubies
80%: 1k EXP, 200 Rubies
90%: 1k EXP, 100 Rubies
100%: 1k EXP, 50 Rubies
777: 5k Rubies
7777: 5k Rubies
77777: 5k Rubies

The Guild Battle for Individual Reward is listed as followed:
1: 300 Rubies
10: 200 Rubies
50: 150 Rubies
1%: 100 Rubies
5%: 70 Rubies
10%: 40 Rubies
20%: 20 Rubies
30%: 9 Rubies
40%: 8 Rubies
50%: 7 Rubies
60%: 6 Rubies
70%: 5 Rubies
80%: 4 Rubies
90%: 3 Rubies
100%: 2 Rubies
777: 100 Rubies
7777: 100 Rubies
77777: 100 Rubies
10: 20 Rubies

Guild Battle Maps and Strategy Note
Each day of the week will have a different map which either limits or boost the effects of certain attacks or classes. Below is a quick list of the maps offered and how to deal with them.

Please note that we do not have the information for all the maps yet, they will be added as we progress through the week.

Sunday: Ordeals in Healing
You will experience a decrease in Heal.

For this map, bring only DPS allies to the party.

Monday: Ordeals in Attack
You will experience a decrease in ATK.

For this map, bring Tanks and Healer to the party.


Dragon Blaze Best Mage Guide

The Mage in Dragon Blaze is the DPS class with both single target, AoE, and debuff skills. However, the Mage has the best AoE spells in the game so you should definitely take advantage of that. In this guide, we will go over how to build out your mage.

Mage Main Stats and Gearing Spec Strategy
As a DPS class in Dragon Blaze, your main goal is to build out your damage as high as you can. Check out Dragon Blaze stats guide for more information about each of the stats. Your priority to get your gear is as followed:

Mage Armor – INT > HP = DEF > EVA
Mage Weapons – Crit Rate > Crit Damage > Weapon ATK > Boss Damage > Defense Penetration > Int

If you find yourself out of mana quickly in battles, you may have to boost your damage even higher (ending battles more quickly), or add gears that boost your Max Mana or boost your mana regeneration speed.

You may also want to check out Gear guide for more information about how gear works in the game.

Other ways to boost your Mage’s DPS include changing your Title to Arena based titles that give you additional attack and Crit Damage.

Mage Skill Discussion
The Dragon Blaze mage has 3 active skills and 4 passive skills. We will briefly discuss all of them, and provide some thoughts on potential build paths that you could follow.

Active Mage Skill
Flame Burst: The single damage skill of the mage class. The first of the skill points that you should add as you move through Normal and Hero mode.

-Ultimate: Inflict 1305% damage. Fire Seal’s max damage inflicted.

Meteor Invocation: The AoE damage skill of the mage class. You should generally use it for end game setups. With great gears, your powerful spell can quickly wipe out entire enemy team.

-Ultimate: Inflict 653% damage on all enemies. Additional 16% damage for 16 seconds.

Salamander’s Curse: The debuff skill that turns enemies into sheep or lambs while dealing minor damage. The cursed enemy cannot attack and they suffer a decrease in defense.

-Ultimate: Inflict 551% damage, transforms into a lamb and decreases DEF by 65%. Transforms surrounding enemies into lambs for 16.6 sec (30% chance)

Passive Skill
Fire Seal: Detonates fire seal on an enemy. It boosts damage of Flame Burst and Meteor Invocation. Although this skill sounds like it adds alot of damage, you are better off putting 1 point into as a final build.

Intelligence Increase: Increase Int by a percentage based on level. Int is a main stat for Dragon Blaze mage, so it is a decent passive to have.

Weapon Use: Increase max Weapon ATK by a percentage based on level. A great skill as a mage to have weapon use, it is especially important as you move into end game gears with the strongest weapon possible in the game.

Flame Study: Inflicts Fire Damage Equal to 10% of base ATK. Fire Damage itself is relatively weak. You should only place 1 point max into this passive.

Actual Mage Skill Tree Discussion
For the active skill tree, you should generally pick out one path to master and gain ultimate, instead of spreading your skill points around.

We will divide the guide into different types of game play styles to help you make the best choice.

-Starting Out (Normal + Hero Mode): If you are new to Dragon Blaze as an Mage, but the choice is to place more points into Flame Burst compared to the other skills. Follow the following skill build at least until you have passed Hero Mode. You should focus and save skill points for Flame Burst whenever you can. This build is also good for Raid battles because of its high single damage output.

Level 10 Flame Burst + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 1 Meteor Invocation (1 Point)
Level 1 Salamander’s Curse (1 Point)
Level 1 Fire Seal (1 Point)
Level 5 Intelligence Increase (5 Points)
Level 5 Weapon use (5 Points)
35 Points Used so far.

All the left over points can go into either Intelligence or Weapon Use. If you happen to have landed a strong weapon at this point, pump points into Weapon Use. In general, We personally like Intelligence more because you can get more INT bonuses coming from other parts of the gear setup.

Now we will move on to other builds, you should save enough rubies to do skill reset depending on what you want to do:

-Max PvE Build: Future updates will make Meteor Invocation more useful because of its AoE damage capability. You basically switch the skill points between Flame Burst and Meteor Invocation, and focus more skill points on the passive weapon use, as you should be using stronger weapons for the end game build.

Level 1 Flame Burst (1 Point)
Level 10 Meteor Invocation + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 1 Salamander’s Curse (1 Point)
Level 1 Fire Seal (1 Point)
Level 6 Intelligence Increase (7 Points)
Level 10 Weapon use (17 Points)
Level 1 Flame Study (1 Point)

-Arena Debuff Build: This Arena mage build focuses on the Arena aspect of the game. You give up some of the maximum damage output from Meteor and instead place them into the debuff skill. This build may also work for higher level Dragon Blaze Labyrinth as well, by allowing you to disable enemy mage first via curse.

Level 1 Flame Burst (1 Point)
Level 10 Meteor Invocation (17 Points)
Level 10 Salamander’s Curse + Ultimate (22 Points)
Level 1 Fire Seal (1 Point)
Level 6 Intelligence Increase (4 Points)
Level 10 Weapon use (5 Points)

Dragon Blaze Mage Story Progression
Normal Mode
1 Healer, 1 DPS, 2 Tanks
1 Healer, 2 DPS, 1 Tank

If you are ever stuck, you may consider even going as 2 Healer + 1 DPS + 1 Tank. Each of the stage can take longer but you can have better chances of survival.

In general, you want one AoE DPS allie to weaken damage, while you pick them off with your strong single target Flame Burst. Or if you go the Meteor route, keep the strong single target DPS to help you finish off the mob.

Hero Mode
At this stage, you will need to really combine and enhance allies to get SS tanks, and SS healer if you are lucky.

1 Healer, 2 DPS, 1 Tank
2 Healer, 1 DPS, 1 Tank

In Hero mode, mobs start to hit a little stronger and you may not have the right equipment for it. Consider changing to two healers to keep up with the heals.

It should be noted that you can get purple (S) ranked accessories such as earrings from the boss stage of the last stage of each major area (The stage before you unlock section raids). This means Pixie Falls (Level 30), Yellow Wall (Level 32), Deserted Tower (Level 34), Dark Fortress, or The Fortress. This means that if you are ever stuck in this mode, always go back and grind those boss stages for EXP and potential ring drops. We estimate the ring drop rate to be about 1/30 to 1/100.

Mage Raiding Consideration
For early game raids with Mage, your best bet is to focus your active skill with Fireball since it is the stronger single target skill. Build your passives into complementing the Fireball can further boost your damage output.

Consider putting 1 point in Sheep, cast sheep whenever you think the party’s in trouble, such as stunned or silenced priest teammate.

In late game where your mage is fully equipped, you can maybe consider changing to Meteor build. However, as the game currently stands, Fireball is generates the highest amount of damage for single target as a mage.

For more information on raids, check Dragon Blaze Raid Information.

Mage Arena Setup and Gameplay Tip
Because of Mage’s AoE skills, you should compile the following team for your Arena fights. 1 Tank, 1 Heal, and 2 Single Target DPS. Your goal is for the Single target DPS to clean out any enemies that you have damaged with your meteor casting.

However, if you are a single target DPS with the first active skill, pick 1 AoE DPS and 1 Single Target DPS instead of 2 Single target DPS.

When the battle starts, the first thing that you should do is to use Salamander’s Curse to turn enemy priest into sheep. Your order of target should be main hero (if a priest player), then AoE priest, and lastly single target priests. By quickly and constantly disable enemy healer, you will be able to wear them down much quicker.

After that, target your single attacks against the priest to finish off the job. Cast meteor in between your sheep debuff curses.