Transformers: Earth War Ultimate Beginner’s Tips

Have you started playing Transformers: Earth War but have little clue on how to advance further? We have written a comprehensive beginner’s guide to help you build and collect your entire team.

Transformers: Earth War Basic
First of all, Transformer: Earth War plays like a little Clash of Clan like base building game where you build and defend your base. However, the collection part of the game plays like Marvel: Contest of Champions where you have to collect and level up individual autobots or decepticons.

The faction that you choose at the beginning does not really matter, the game play and robots selection is roughly equal.

If you are a free to play gamer who do not want to spend money in the game, logging in every 8 hours to collect the free crystal is key to advance. You will spend a majority chunk of time waiting to get the rare 3 star free bots before your team is powerful enough to advance.

If you are a paying player, we would recommend waiting on special sales to get the most out of your money.

Complete Main Game Campaigns As Soon As Possible
As soon as you have a decent team, always push through the main campaign so that you can get additional character as a completion reward. The more bot choices that you have, the earlier you can start leveling them, and more choices to have.

However, if you are having trouble completing a main campaign, pull out and leveling your robots via Rival bases. It is much easier to grind your bot’s level up and try for campaigns later when you have full level capped team.

How to Prioritize Level and Research Your Team with Focus
Focus on using to level and research your higher rarity robots first. The differences in strength between different tiers are quite huge in this game.

Focus on leveling up at least 1~2 tanks first, the beginning Optimus Prime or Megatron are great units to start with. Then you want to focus the rest of your leveling on the damage dealers including flyers or missile launchers.

Generally avoid to fight with robots that have reached the level cap without researching. You want to have the strongest team possible to tackle additional story modes or tougher enemy bases.

Fight Against Rival Bases Often
Being consistent and battle to use up all of your Fuel Cell is probably the best tip to advance.

Understanding Basic Game Resources and Currencies
Like most base building game, Transformers: Earth War has a handful of resource types.

Fuel Cell: This is an Energy that regenerate over time. Each attack on the main campaign or other players will cost 5 energy. Your goal is to always make sure you use up your fuel cells so that each of your bots can get EXP in their fights.

Energon: Energon is the primary resource needed to research autobots. You will find yourself consistently low on Energon because of all the autobot researches early on.

Alloy: Alloy is the primary resource needed to upgrade your buildings, because the timers on the buildings are quite long, you will almost always find yourself flushed with extra Alloy until you do a major upgrade like your Headquarter.

Cyber Coin: Cyber coin is the premium currency that you can get through various quests and real money iap. Always use cyber coin to get premium crystals for a chance for new robots. Never spend them on speed up timers nor extra builders.

Star Shards: These star shards allows you to get additional bots. They are however much harder to come by, you can only get Star Shards when the premium crystals unlock bots that you have already owned.

Base Upgrade Priority
You generally want to upgrade Headquarter as soon as you have enough resources. Followed by Energon because you will almost always be short on Energon for autobots research. Next you want to go for Shuttle which increase your bots deployment amount which increases your chances of winning enemy bases by leaps and bounds.

Headquarter -> Energon Harvester -> Shuttle -> Alloy Storage -> Energon Storage -> Defenses -> Alloy Harvester

Basic Base Setup Strategy
There isn’t much strategy in regards to how to setup your bases. The biggest thing is that all of your defensive towers should cover one another, but without them being right next to each other. This can avoid your defensive buildings being targeted with area damage skills.

Fighting Strategy – Team Combination
If you notice the little icons that each robot has, they represent different “classes” or fighting styles of each of the bots. You generally want to send in a combination of bots to take down enemy defenses. You generally want to send in the tanks first, followed by the damage dealers, and finally follow up with the healers if you get them. Never send a badly designed team against enemy bases.

Leader and Defense: These are your tanks that go first into battle, they will soak up the damage while protecting your damage dealers.

Flyer and Aoe: These are the ones that actually hurt the enemy towers. We personally like AoE better because they stay farther away from the front line.

Healer: They are important against later missions in prolonged battles.

Potential Offensive Combinations:
1 Tank + 3 Attacker
2 Tank + 2 Attacker
1 Tank + 3 Attacker + 1 Healer

Fighting Strategy – Skill Activation
Each robots in Transformers: Earth Wars has their unique skills. As you level up your team and get to know your team, you will have better understanding of these skills. Generally speaking, one of the most common strategy is to get energy by destroying a few enemy buildings. And use those energy to blast all of your damage skills against a tower to quickly destroy it.