Ultimate Need for Speed: No Limits Beginner’s Guide

Have you started playing the hottest racing game for the month of October 2015? If so, are you stuck with any of the races and find it hard to continue on? These general walkthrough strategy will give you practical tips to progress in the game fast and easy.

Before we start getting into details and technical aspect of the game, we want to note that the key to mastering and collecting everything in Need for Speed: No Limits is patience. Unless you want to throw thousands of dollars into the game, be patient and farm the replayable stages to master your all of your cars. Patience will make your time with the time much more enjoyable without tear your hair out or breaking your piggy bank.

This guide will go into some strategies on how to level up, win the races, earn more money, and practical upgrade paths to get you going and racing to the top.

Starting Out
When you first start in the game, you want to advance as much as you can by beating the races while earning reputation. Your goal is to at least unlock Blacmarket while working your way to earn and save money.

Focus on 1 car at a time until that starting car is no longer serving your purpose. As a free player, we recommend sticking with the start Subaru BRZ until you can use it to beat Chapter 4. Then farm for the blueprints for the Mazda RX-7 FD to unlock the car before you move on. Then next you can either go for Dodge Challenger SRT8 or Ford Mustang GT depending on which car you have more blueprints for.

Use the spare parts only for the cars that you are not focusing on, these “spare” cars will only need to be fast enough for you to win the car series events. Then this game becomes a collection game for the rest of the cars where you try to collect all the cars and race to the top.

Managing Your Reputation and Level Up Time
Since you gain a free fuel up every time you level, at the beginning of the game you should “manage” or time your level ups. If you know that you have some extra fuels to use before leveling up, go back to the replayable underground stages to farm for additional parts and blueprints.

Some major sources of your reputation will come from a few different places:

Daily Assignment:
You can earn reputation points and gold for completing these daily tasks. They are all fairly simple to finish as long as you win a few races.

Underground Races:
This is the main campaign of the game with little stories.

Car Series Races:
You use specific cars to race.

Since you only get reputation points the first time you win new underground or car series races, it is much easier to manage your reputation around daily tasks. Once you complete the task, the reputation points is guaranteed upon claiming them.

Getting Rare Car Blue Prints
Getting all the cars in Need for Speed: No Limits is not an easy task. Be patient and use the following ways to help you get the cars that you want.

1. Keep a healthy stash of Coins or even gold for Black Market Purchases
2. Be diligent to collect all free normal crates and free premium crates
3. Farm the Replayable stages
4. Win Tournaments

Different Ways to Earn Money in Need For Speed: No Limits
Below is a list of all the basic ways that you can earn additional coins during your races.

Launch: 250 Cash. Start the race by having the engine running within the green area.

Drift: Money is earned when you are in drift mode based on the distance.

Draft: Draft money is earned when you are right behind another car that you are competing with based on the distance.

Air Time: You earn various amount of coins when you are in the air from a ramp or bumps on the road.

Nitro Zone: Money is earned when you are within a nitro zone.

Take Down: Take down an opponent or police.

These three bonuses are only earned when you pass the obstacles within a certain distance.

Near Miss: You earn 100 cash every time you zoom past the non-competing cars on the street.

Roadblocks Avoided: Avoid Roadblocks setup by cop cars.

On Coming Traffic Avoided: Avoid oncoming traffic.

How to Maximize Your Cash Gain
Now we will go into the ways for you to max out your money gain per each of the races. In general, by maxing these practices while driving in the game, you will achieve maximum cash gain. However, be careful not to overdo it since you still want to win the races.

1. Draft as long as your car can afford while still winning the race.
2. Combine Nitro boost plus Air Time or Drift
3. Avoid as many obstacles as you can (closely)
4. Give up drifts or nitro activation for higher match with Nitro Zone
5. Drift all the time

Upgrade Your Higher Rarity Car Parts
Below are the different types of parts that you can install on your car. And the best places to use those parts. In general, if your resources are limited, focus on getting the acceleration parts first. The main reason is that you usually lose stages when you hit obstacles during your run, and you need the faster acceleration to get you back on track.

Top Speed:
Parts: Engine & Turbo
The top speed stat determines how fast a car can travel when it reaches its Top Speed.
Used for longer races with a straighter track.

Parts: Gearbox & Wheels
Acceleration determines how quickly a car reaches its top speed.
This is most noticeable at the beginning of an event.
Used for shorter races and twisty tracks.

Parts: Nitro & ECU
Nitro gives you a brief speed increase when used in events.
As Nitro is improved it lasts longer and gives more of a speed boost.
Used for with a lot of jumps or tracks with good drift potential.

Car Series Completion Strategy
Some of the car series allow you to take different types of cars into play. The best way is to focus on upgrading the higher tier parts first. Collect the blue prints for the various cars gradually, switch the car parts and finish the car series with the beefed up cars.

However, if your goal is to farm specific material dropped by any of the replayable car series, you may have to create a few sets of gears so that you do not spend too much money refitting the cars.

Race Modes
Need for Speed: No limits feature a few different types of race modes. In general, rush hour gives best amount of coins because of all the cars on the track where you can dodge for extra coins.

Rush Hour: Racing opponents through rush hour traffic.
Time Trial: A point-to-point race with a time limit.
Delivery: Drive a loaned car to the finish within the time limit, but damage adds penalty time.
Getaway: Similar to Getaway but with cops trying to run you off the road.
Blockade: Beat the event while avoiding cops and roadblocks.
Airborne: Standard racing but with a large number of jumps to build nitro.
Nitro Rush: Time trial racing with special zones on the track which fill your nitro bar.
Hunter: Chase down a single opponent who has a large head start.

Watch Out for Damage
When you are going for maximum number of near misses or even take downs, there is a huge chance that you will wreck your car. Be careful and play safe when your car’s damage rises above 50%. When you wreck your car during a race, you do not earn any of the coins and you lose the chance at getting any loots. So always keep an eye out for your car’s health, play safe when the situation gets dangerous.

Use Easy Drive When Pinched for Time
If you are busy with other tasks such as TV or studying, and your energy fuel is full. Take some time to start the stage and simply put on easy drive. Easy Drive function will drive the car automatically for you, and you are likely to win the stage as long as your PR is high enough. Never waste any full fuels when you can use them to get more blue prints.

Note on Multiple Device Playing
Although you can essentially use multiple device to play the game. We do not recommend it at the moment, since the game does not accurately tell which one is the “later” save. You can end up losing in game progress by switching from your different devices. This issue may be fixed later but we do not recommend it in the mean time.

Spending Gold As a Free Player
Never use gold to help you refuel or “flip” for more items during stage finish. The gold is best spent in expanding the parts inventory since you will typically run out of spaces around mid to end game.

In addition, save your hard earned gold for special premium crate with featured parts or blueprints that you need. Sometimes they can be really useful to get your hands on the rare or hard to get parts from the blackmarket.