3* Units Tier List | Walking Dead: Road to Survival

With the number of players getting more and more choices in using their 3*, sometimes it can get confusing on who to level and upgrade first, especially when food can get scarce when you try to . We have put together a “tier” list to help you make that decision. You generally should not spend resources on 2* units at all in the game.

The stats are listed as Attack/Defense/Health. Tier 2 units are only listed in name and basic Adrenaline Rush information.

Damage Dealer DPS
Team Buffer

3* Healer Tier List

You generally want to level at least 1 tier 1 star to max to handle the harder human stages later on in the game. These tier 1 healers restore considerably more HP than the low tier counter parts. Tier

Tier 1 Healer:

Dr. Stevens (Fast)
AR: All teammates regain 60% of their max HP.
Max Stat: 494/484/780

Dale (Alert)
AR:All teammates regain 60% of their Max HP and recover from Attack Penalties, Defense Penalties and Impair.
Max Stat: 529/454/773

Rick (Miles behind us) (Alert)
AR: All teammates regain 40% of their max HP and get +80% DEF for 2 turns.
Max Stat: 519/524/736

Tier 2 Healer:
(25% HP + 10% Def for 2 turns)

(20% HP + 15 Attack for 2 turns)

(1 Team mate +75% HP)

(+30% HP)

(+25% HP +10% Defense for 2 turns)

3* Damage Dealer Tier List

You generally want to level up as many damage dealer as you can. It is usually better to focus on either melee only or range only first to take advantage of the battle items. Most of the battle items buff either melee or ranged units. Units that deal multiple damage is better than single target in raids.

Tier 1 DPS:

Shane (Miles Behind Us)
Deals 350% damage to one enemy.

Mitchell Jr. Strong (Strong)
Deal 250% Damage and Stun 1 Enemy for 1 Turn

Andrea (Made to Suffer) (Tough)
Deal 350% Damage

Michonne (The Best Defense) (Strong)
Deal 350% Damage, All Teammates +50% Attack for 1 Turn

Axel (Fast)
Deal 180% Damage and -20% Attack for 4 turns to 1 enemy and all adjacent

Eugene (Here We Remain)
(Deal 170% Damage and -20% Defense for 3 Turns to 1 Enemy and all adjacent)

Holly (Fast)
(Deal 280% Damage & Impair for 1 turn for 1 enemy and all adjacent)

Sandy (Alert)
(Deal 200% Damage to up to 3 different enemies)

Tier 2 DPS:
(Deals 200% to one enemy, stun for 1 turn if enemy is soldier)

(Deals 200% Fast Trait Damage, Stun for 1 Turn)

(Deal 200% Damage)

(Deal 200% Damage)

Tier 3 DPS:
(Deals Critical Damage)
Note: This unit “maybe” useful for walker stages, but its high AR gauge still makes it a bad unit to use.

(Deals AoE 30% Damage and -20% attack for 3 turns)

(Deals 150% Damage and Cause 50 Bleed for 4 turns)

(Deals 150% Damage and Cause 40 Bleed damage for 5 turns)

(Deals 125% Damage and Cause 50 Bleed damage for 3 turns)

(Deals 170% Damage and cause 30 Bleed damage for 5 turns)

(Deals 25% damage and -25% defense for 3 turns to a group of enemies)

3* Buffer Team List

In terms of buffers in the 3* pool, they are more or less roughly equal. However, Heath may be a decent choice for you to survive through harder human missions because it offers higher number of buffed turns.

Lilly (Tough)
30% Attack and 30% Defense for 2 Turns

Doug (Fast)
30% Attack and 30% Defense for 2 Turns

Glenn (Fast)
30% Attack and 30% Defense for 2 Turns

Heath (Alert)
35% Defense for 4 Turns