Advanced Roadmap and Story Mission Strategy | The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

In this advanced battle strategy guide for the Roadmap and Story missions, we will give you pointers and walkthrough on exactly how to beat each of the roadmap and story stages. These tips will help you beat some of the harder or late missions. Please note that this guide will not touch upon the basics nor generic guides to tell you to just level up more, you can find that information from our Ultimate Walkthrough. This walkthrough guide will dig deeper into the execution and strategy to help you survive another day in the World of the Walking Dead: Road to Survival. We assume that you will already have decent maxed characters with decent adrenaline rush skills.

In general, the game missions are divided into two separate categories, the Human Mission and the Walker encounter stages. Each category requires specific builds, weapons, and team buildout variations for you to succeed. This guide will mainly focus on the mission aspect of the game.

Human Mission
Walker Stage

It should be noted that we will generally not list out exact characters nor weapons, since the game is constantly adding more content which can change the exact setup. We will instead create a table with all the characters and weapons for you to pick and reference.

Sometimes Roadmap stages like Dale’s Story can contain both human missions and walker stages. You will have to shift your strategy and setup accordingly.

Human Missions

Battle Items for Human Missions
Human missions is all about lower incoming damage mitigation and trying to stay alive while lowering enemy HP. You can achieve this effect by using various Road to Survival battle items.

#1: Sedative Bottle
This item is a must for every hard human missions, without the use of sedative bottles, you will lose 1 or even 2 of your teammates if the AI decide to gang up on one of you. The sedative bottle comes at a low cost of 1 Empty Bottle, Sedative Powder, and 670 Material.

#2: Berserk Bottle
Use this together with sedative bottle on every turn is important. You want to at least kill 2 or even 3 of the enemies before your sedative bottle’s effects run out. The berserk bottle costs 1 Empty Bottle, Berserk Powder, and 670 Material

#3: Healing Item: Replenish
Replenish is a cheap option while allowing you to carry 20 bottles into the battle. They are the best healing item since they are flexible for you to decide whom to focus the healing item on.

#4: Last Item Depends
You should make your judgement with the fourth item slot based upon previous attempts of the mission.

Smelling Salt
Against Human missions with enemies that have strong 1 hit Adrenaline Rush skills.

Grindstone or Dumdum Bullets:
Buff your team’s attack to deal more damage with Berserk Bottle’s in effect.

Knockout Gas, Flash Bang:
Against human enemies that have high attack power, and who are able to cast their Adrenaline skill often.

Direct Damage Items like AP Mine or Molotov Bottle
When you are only missing a few more hits before killing enemy. If that’s what you encounter, use this direct damage boosters. They are usually more helpful against humans who have high defenses.

Know Enemy Adrenaline Rush Skill and Traits Patterns
Before the start of each stage, you can typically check the traits information and the type of Adrenaline skill that they posssess.

Team Setup for Human Missions
You will need 2 healers, 1 buffer, and 2 single damage dealers. In some cases you can run with 1 healer and move that healer slot as more attackers. Since many attacking characters also come with decent enemy debuffs.

Human missions are tough, hard and sometimes seems long, you can often run out of healing items near the end of the stage. Do not let that happen to you, bring at least 1 healer and preferably two healers into battle. With two healers you can rotate their skill activation.

The buffer should ideally buff your team’s defense so that your team can survive more rounds of enemy. However, against high defense human players, consider bringing in a attack buffer. You do not want to use Critical rate buffers as critical rates are useless against strong human AI’s.

Debuff team member in general is less helpful against the AI human players, the main reason is that the enemies should already be debuffed with your use of Sedative and Berserk bottles.

Single damage dealers are typically more helpful than your AoE damage dealers. By dealing the heavy damage together with the berserk debuff, you will be able to quickly take out a few enemies fast. You want damage dealers with the strongest % of buffed attacks.

The best leader traits to have are the ones that buff your Attack % and Defense/HP %. However, once you have a few characters with maxed out Adrenaline Rush skills, leaders that buff AP on attack may be useful.

Finally, consider setting up pure melee or pure ranged team so that you can take advantage of team buff items like Grindstone/Dumdum Bullet for attack % and Muscle/Stamina Booster for Defense. 4

Traits make a huge difference in your team building as well, always see if you can take advantage of the traits against enemy team. If the mission features “rainbow” enemy characters, consider using a 3 x 3 formation that take care of opposing traits for each other. It means that your team should consist of 2 of 1 trait and 3 of another. And use the faction reinforcements for the final unit.

3 Tough (Blue) with 3 Strong (Green)
3 Alert (Red) with 3 Fast (Yellow)

For example,
If you are faced with Fast Yellow enemies, they deal more damage to your Tough Blue characters, however, you will have enough strong characters to take them out with the first few turns before they kill you.

Weapon Setup for Human Missions
For weapon setup, focus on weapons that buff your Attack %. Attack % is generally more helpful than Def %. Only switch to Def+ buff weapons if you still have trouble versus the humans after you have used Sedative bottles on them.

You can consider to place the AP boost weapons to your healers so that they can trigger their healing Adrenaline Rush skills faster. This can generally save your team and healing items for 1~2 turns. In general the healers naturally have less damage output than your would be attackers, so it makes sense for them to be able to trigger skills faster.

Actual Playing Strategy Walkthrough vs Human Missions
First note how many waves of enemies are there, if there are 5 waves, it means that you can dedicate 2 debuff bottles to each of the wave. If there are 6 waves, then you will have to be careful and only use 1 bottle for 2 of the waves, so that you can use 2 for the boss stage.

Start the stage by bombing the human enemies with Sedative bottles, especially the ones that stand in a line. If there are two lines with double the enemies, bomb them both. If just a single line with enemies, use 1 bottle first.

Now use the Berserk bottles on 1 of the line if both sedatives were used. If you only used 1 sedative bottle earlier, then bomb the single enemy “NOT” been bombed. Your goal is to see if you can kill that singled out enemy within the first turn.

Focus your fire to take out enemies as soon as you can. You should sometimes forget about the elemental or traits advantage just so you can kill 1 during your turn.

Use healing items sparingly to make sure that your team members stay alive. once one of your teammate dies, you will find that your entire formation will fall fast.

Walker Missions

Walker missions are all about critical hit headshots and killing the walkers before they can get to you. We will list all of the strategies to help you get through the harder walker missions.

First of all, critical hits turn into headshots in walker stages, which rely mostly on luck. Your goal is to improve your odds so that you can land crits more often. However, if you do everything right and the Walking Dead universe simply does not like you, you will still lose and get eaten. Just try again until you succeed.

Battle Items for Walker Missions
#1/#2: Nitric Oxide or Sharpshooter
These two items are a must for harder walker missions. They boost your team’s critical attack chance.

Consider setting up a pure melee team or a pure ranged team so that you only need to take 1 set of items that can buff your entire team. These goodies buff the critical attack rate of your melee or ranged team members. However, they cost quite a bit of materials at craft shop level 10. However, they are a must if you want to survive harder walker missions.

Sharpshooter – (1 purified water, 1 metalworking set, 1 raw lemon, 21,500 materials) All ranged team members get +20 crit for 3 turns.

Nitric Oxide -(1 purified water, 1 metalworking set, 1 booster powder, 21,500 materials) All melee team members get +20 crit for 3 turns.

#3: Guts or Bloody Shirt
Bloody shirt should be your priority, since Guts are reward only at the time of writing this guide and thus limited in nature. A well placed Bloody shirt will often outshine guts.

#4: Smelling Salt
When one of your teammate dies due to unlucky string of nonhits, the smelling salt is there to save you. However if you already have several teammates dead with tons of walkers at your throat, take a loss and flee. Do not waste all the smelling salts at a losing battle.

Straight damage dealers like molotov bottles or AP mines are less effective against zombies. Since walkers typically have high amount of health. However, if you have extra spaces, you can consider bringing grenades since they deal good amount of damage to large group of enemies.

Weapon Setup for Walker Missions
You should only equip critical only focused Road to Survival weapons for your team members. Critical rate will beat any kind of attack or defense percentage that other weapons may offer.

The only exception is that you can consider adding AP on attack weapons for your team members with critical rate buffs.

Team Setup for Walker Missions
Ranged > Melee
Ranged units are typically better than melee units in walker stages simply because of the obstacles in the levels. In addition, it is much easier to get a higher critical rate weapons as a Tough or Alert character (ranged).

Mono Team is Helpful
Setting up a mono team can be helpful when you want to use Nitric Oxide or Sharpshooter to boost your team’s critical rate attacks.

Team member with Critical Rate Buffs
Consider adding characters that boost your entire team’s critical rate attack. Now, since buffs do not stack. You should only bring the highest critical buff character into your team.

Team member with guaranteed Critical Hit Adrenaline Rush
Certain characters like 3* Timothy has Adrenaline Rush that guarantees a critical hit, which translates to a headshot in walker missions. These characters are useful to get you out of hairy situations. However, it should be noted that even with the Adrenaline Rush, it is still better to equip Crit based weapons on these characters.

Team Leadership Skill with Critical Rate Buff
You must use a team leader with Critical buff like 3* Glenn, 3* Andrea or other stronger characters. The critical rate buff is more important than any other kind of leadership buffs that are offered by anyone in the game.

Actual Playing Strategy Walkthrough vs Walker Missions
First observe the proximity of the walkers and how grouped together they are. If they are all far away, start attacking normally.

If you have melee units, use them to attack first since if they take out all the walkers on sight, you will need to use the ranged characters to attack the ones behind obstacles.

If the walkers get too close to your teams, start by taking out the nearest walkers near the center of your formation. The reason is that walkers in the center can have a choice of attacking multiple members of your team. However, if you have singled out walkers near the edge of your team, you can avoid damage by using a single bloody shirt.

When you have multiple walkers arriving at your team formation, use the nitric oxide or sharpshooter as fast as possible. (preferably you should have seen this coming and use the buff before you have multiple walkers at your door). This will give you better chances at headshots.

When you still lose due to a long string of bad luck non crits, simply keep on trying. If you have the correct critical team, you should be able to beat all the walker based missions.