Advanced PvP Raid Strategy | Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Are you trying to win more PvP Raids or defend better against incoming attacks? This advanced strategy guide will help you to do just that.

In general the PvP Raid strategy will differ depending on where you are on the offensive or defensive. The main reason is that when you are fighting against an AI player on the offensive, you want to focus on “attack”. And when you are on the defense, the AI will battle for you against a real life human player. Thus, your strategy shifts to being defensive for the best odds at defeating the incoming players.

PvP Raid Offense
PvP Raid Defense

PvP Raid Offense Strategy

Pick Your Targets
Before you start trigger happy and raid everyone in your path, the first thing that you should do is pick out your targets and focus on the ones that you can defeat.

Check the enemy’s leader rarity, tiers, and levels is a great place to decide at the beginning of the server. However, as game moves forward and more players max out their characters, this easy “tell” becomes less apparent since everyone has their characters maxed out.

The next simple strategy is to also check out the enemy’s rank, the raid ranking is a decent measure to see whether or not you have a shot at defeating the players. For example, if you draw an enemy who’s top 25 in the game server and you are placed at 100~200, you pretty much know that you will lose against them in raids.

Finally, only take out targets that actually grant you with the needed resources. There is no point in going after opponent that will only net you the minimum amount of food.

Offense Team Setup
The damage dealers should have at least 1 character with single target Adrenaline Rush skill that is based on the attack %.

Team Role Setup 1
1 Healer, 1 Debuffer to lower defense, 3 Damage Dealer

Team Role Setup 2:
1 Healer, 1 Debuffer to lower defense, 1 Buffer (Attack), 2 Damage dealer

Offensive Traits Setup
Setup your team with the traits of 2-2-1 if possible. The reason is that you are more likely to kill defensive teams more easily when you have multiple characters that deal extra damage.

Since Fast Yellow Glenn is a starting character with a decent team buff, most players will use at least 1 fast characters in their defensive line up. You can then setup a team with at least 2 Strong Green enemies to take out the fast type faster in a raid.

However, if you use leaders that give specific buffs to either Melee or Ranged types, you may want to switch the setup to something like 3-1-1 or 3-2 split. You will also have to plan that decision based on the characters that you have at your disposal.

Best Offensive Leader Trait
The best traits for an offensive leader is ones that buff your AP bonus from attacking. With maxed out Adrenaline Rush skills, your goal is to dish out those skills as early as you can.

Offensive Weapon Setup
Attack % is the one stat that you want on all of your weapons. The next stats that you should consider is AP bonus to your attack. For the healers or buffer you can consider prioritizing the AP boost so that he can cast skills 1 turn early. The reason is that your healers and buffers typically do slightly less damage than your full on attackers.

Count to see how many turns that it usually takes your healers to cast his Adrenaline Rush ability.

Actual PvP Raid Gameplay Strategy
First, you should have some slight idea on what the characters look like and their corresponding Adrenaline Rush. Estimate the number of turns that it usually take for them to trigger skill is key to winning PvP raids.

You usually want to focus your fire and take out the heavy damage dealers like Michonne, Andrea, and Sandy.

For facing groups with healers, you want to make sure to kill your targets before the healing skills are cast. You may have to change your targets so that you finish your kill.

PvP Raid Defense Strategy

The defense team has different strategy in setup compared to your raid attacking team. You will generally lose your defending battles since human players typically make “smarter” decisions that will take out your team. However, this setup will give you the maximum chance of winning against attacking teams.

First and foremost, you should not use any kinds of healers as a defensive team. Healers by themselves are weaker in nature and deal smaller amount of damage. They are easily picked off by an experienced attacking team. The only exception is when you rely on a team leader’s skill for your team, for example 4* Glenn is a great leader to use as a defensive team due to it’s AP boost.

In general, keeping your resource stash as low as possible is a good way to deter attacks. Use all of your food on training and materials to do necessary item crafting. If you give attacking humans no resources for winning a raid, there is a much smaller chance that someone will raid you.

Defense Team Setup
Damage dealers with strong AoE or multiple target Adrenaline Rush should be used over single damage dealers. You should still have at least 1 heavy single target dealer.

Team Role Setup 1
2 Debuffer to lower attack and defense, 3 Damage Dealer

Team Role Setup 2
1 Debuffer to lower attack, 4 Damage Dealer

Defense Leader Trait
You want to use leaders with traits that boost your AP, and defense/HP as secondary stats.

Defense Weapon Choice
Equip your team with AP focused gears so that they can execute skills much faster. In general, weapons that boost your AP from attacks are better than taking damage. The reason is that your defenses typically will not last when the attacking human takes out your characters one by one.