Ultimate Strategy Guide | Storm Casters Ultra

Storm Casters Ultra is a new and fun hit game in the past couple of days. If you are stuck and do not know how to advance, these strategies and tips will generally be able to help you advance much faster in the game with less grind.

Please feel free to share your strategies if you have other method and tips that work!

General Game Play Strategy
1. Know Your Enemy and Keep Distance
After spending sometime in the game, you will begin to know their attack patterns. Knowing which enemies can deal ranged attacks is key to survive in later dungeons. Keep a good distance and snipe them off is key to advancing in the game.

2. Bomb the Room Boss Only
Always save your bomb cards to quickly decimate the floor bosses. Since time is an issue, you want to kill them as fast as you can to move on to the next floor. However, use your bombs when you know it is perfectly safe against the zone bosses. Since bombs require you to get closer to the enemies, you may end up losing health when trying to use bombs. Because zone bosses are fought without timers, you are sometimes better off taking your time.

3. Conserve Your Hydra or Stronger Shots
As you get stronger ammos through your dungeon questing, it can sometimes help to conserve or save those shots until you reach the boss. The stronger shots can kill enemies much faster, so make sure that you do not waste them by shooting into the air.

4. Focus on Rush InsteadDestructible Detour
If you are not grinding for gold piles or have good gold earning cards, it is almost always better try to rush to the end of the dungeon floor. The reason is that you are always racing against the clock timer. The amount of gold that you can earn from chests far outweight the gold piles that you earn from breaking barrels and wooden boxes. However, the only exception to this rule is if you are hunting for that extra heart or damage items.

5. How Cards Work
When you first get the cards that feature certain items, they start to appear in your dungeon runs. For example exploding barrels. However, if the cards do increase the appearance chance, you will get those specific items much more often.

Level up Damage or Timer First
One of the first decision that come into play is whether to level up your damage output or the dungeon timer. You generally should focus on upgrading the dungeon timers.

However, always upgrade your damage so that you can kill normal enemies within 2 hits. By not able to kill enemies in two hits, you will not be able to get to the bosses in time no matter how long your dungeon timer is.

Good Card Shuffles
When you start having a few cards, sometimes it can be worthwhile to shuffle your cards if they do not work well together. For example, if you are grinding for gold in particular, shuffling for a few gold booster cards can help you greatly.

At the time of writing this guide, you are not able to “select” which cards to take into battle. However, the game developer is working on a game feature where you can lock particular cards at cost of stones.

Remember to Fuse Your Cards
As you move through dungeon and get more card duplicates, remember to go into your card menus to fuse them. Higher card levels grant you much bigger boosts.

Ultra Cards on Sale
Ultra cards in Storm Caster Ultra are “cash” or purchase only cards. If you really like the game and want to collect everything, you can consider purchasing them. Once in a while, you will be offered with “sales” to purchase these ultra cards at half prices, or you may obtain bundles of sales. Some of the conditions to trigger these ultra cards sales can be found as followed.

Warp Stone Starter (20 stones) – player lvl 6
Ultra Card – Roosterzooka 1/2 price – player lvl 8, doesn’t already own card
Majestic Pack – player lvl 12, all users
Ultra Card – Disco Bomb 1/2 price – player lvl 14, all users, doesn’t already own card
Warp Stone Starter (20 stones) – player lvl 15, all users
Ultra Card – Ember 1/2 price – player lvl 20, all users, doesn’t already own card
Ultra Card – Death Walker 1/2 price – player lvl 26, all users, doesn’t already own card
Majestic Pack – player lvl 28, all users