Crusaders Quest Complete Beginner Walkthrough Guide

Crusaders Quest is a fun game that relies on the fun and interesting RPG elements. If you are new to the game, you may find this beginner’s walkthrough guide helpful for your game play. Some intermediate players may find this guide great for some basic refresher information. This beginner’s guide may be less useful for more advanced and hardcore players.

We will go through the basic key concepts of the game, basic best practice strategies, dungeon setups, and various stage setups.

Ps. If you are experiencing crashes often on your device. Considering to turn off the Sound effects to 0 from the settings menu. In addition, if you see certain heroes that often crash with your device, stop using them! Also avoid to partner with anyone on the World Boss that uses hero teams that can crash your game.

Basic Currency and Item Information
How to Start Crusaders Quest Works for Beginner
Generic Puzzle Solving Battle Guidelines
About Crusaders Quest Heroes
Weapon Conversions Guide
Fighting PVP in Colosseum Fights
Dungeons Basic
Participating in World Boss

Basic Currency and Item Information

Crusaders Quest has several key currency that you should take note of. Below is a quick list of them.

Meat: Meat is your “Energy” of the game. Attempting quests will cost you meat. You can refill your meat by winning Colosseum fights, natural timer, and purchase meat refill with jewels.

Gold: Gold is obtained mainly through normal quest and NPC quests. They are also earned through dungeon running rewards. Gold is the bread and butter of Crusaders Quest. Treat it like gold.

Bread: Bread is an item used to earn training points. You get them pretty frequently through normal quest, dungeon reward, and bakery.

Honor: Honor points are used to promote your heroes. You can also use honor to “draw” heroes. Honor points are earned mainly through Colosseum fights, NPC quests. You can also “return” unwanted heroes for additional honor points. You do not want to “promote” heroes than return for honor, this method will cause you to lose overall honor points. You should only use this method when you want to get free jewels from maxing character, or trying to unlock additional magic skills.

Jewels: Jewels are the premium currency of the game. There are a couple of ways that you can get the jewels. Some free ways include: Max level a character and completing quests. Occasionally there are special events where additional jewels are rewarded by the game developer.

How to Start Crusaders Quest Works for Beginner

Generic RPG Side Guidelines
Generally, you will find that your game is really bound by the gold currency. You will need gold to “convert” or upgrade your weapons with special abilities, get more skills, and train your heroes. Because so many things require gold, you will find yourself consistently running low on gold.

Save your gold and honor points as you will really need them at a later point. Avoiding pulling units with honor points because you are likely to end up with a bunch of low rarity units, without enough honor points to evolve your 3* heroes into 4* tiers.

On using jewels, you can consider using jewels to quickly replenish your meat count around level 10 or so. This can improve your game play speed while taking the pay wall. If not, consider using it to upgrade weapon slots, then hero slots when your inventory gets full.

Sell the low ranking bread from 1~2 stars. Those bread generate too little training points for the amount of gold that they use. Always work your bakery so that they are consistently generating breads. Use the 3 star and 4 star breads on your main heroes that you are training for.

Starting Out
The starting character “Leon” is a great hero to start with. Even though it starts out with a 1*. It is a “legendary” starter that can promote to higher star ranking. Always stick with it first until you have it at max level, and want to train some other heroes.

Follow the story quest. And remember to accept and complete the NPC quest to the right side of the game play screen. It can pay off to simply follow those quests. The quests can reward you with jewels, honor, heroes, and most of the times gold.

Save your gold and honor points as you go. You want to promote your 3* into 4 stars as soon as you can. The power gap between different hero rarity is quite big. However, this requires you to save up a generous amount of bread for training purposes.

In terms of your team setup, your team must have a healer in the game, without proper healing, your team will never last through the entire battle. Leon should usually be one of them. And that leaves the last spot open on your team. You generally want a ranged unit so that it can target enemy ranged units in the back, but it is not necessary. We would recommend maxing out those characters first, then save your resources for other heroes.

You can make your team stronger by getting stronger weapons and do weapon conversion. Get better line up of heroes through contract drawing and promotions.

Generic Puzzle Solving Battle Guidelines

Below we will go over basic chain activation strategies to help you win more battles. You will need to implement these techniques in both quest settings and arena scenarios. Without proper puzzle matching technique, you will not last long in harder battles.

Prioritize your chains:
Always look at your team’s HP to determine the order of your chain activation. Focus on heal if your HP is low, and attack if your HP still sufficient. Sometimes if your SP is almost full, you may just activate it to recover your SP. Always change your strategy on the go based on your situations.

Always go for 3’s:
Combine this with the previous tip, always go for higher chains whenever you can.

Time Your Attack and Skills:
Certain attacks have to be done with a certain distance from the enemy. Time your attacks so that none of your blocks go to waste. Always time your taps so that they are the most effective.

Activate Skills After Buff:
Certain magical skills buff the attack of your team members. Combine those skills together so that the actual active attacks or heals become much more effective.

Goddess Boosts:
Prestina: Immobilizes all enemies for 3 seconds, absorbing 30% of the dmg dealt as HP.

Blocking is activated automatically in this game as you play through. However, your leader unit has higher chances of blocking. 6* units also have higher chances of blocking incoming damage.

About Crusaders Quest Heroes

Basic Classes
Crusaders Quest has 6 basic classes of heroes: 2 Melee, 2 Ranged, and 2 Support. The 2 melee classes are Warrior and Paladin. The 2 ranged classes are hunter and archer. The 2 support classes are wizard and priests.

Melee classes typically only attack the front rows. Ranged classes typically attack the back row. Wizards deal magical damage with buff skills. Healers general deal magic attack with healing or buffing abilities. However, there a few skills that classes deal the different types of damage.

How to Get More Heroes
Below are some of the ways that you can get more Crusaders Quest heroes:

Honor Contract: You can pull a 2* to 5* hero with 250 honor points. However, the chances at getting higher rarity hero is quite low.

Premium Contract: You can pull a 3* to 6* hero with jewels at the time of writing. The default pulling price is 6 jewels with a subsequent pull costing 5 jewels right after. If you want to select a specific class, it will cost 1 jewel more. However, there are times sales costing you less jewels.

Normal Quest: When you complete a normal quest, you have chances of getting heroes of the same class as the boss monster, for the stages that have corrupted human heroes.

NPC Quest: The NPC quest that you receive from right side of the screen can sometimes reward you hero. They are typically rewards from end of the quest chains.

Dungeon Runs: The event dungeons from the Ancient Dungeons tab often rewards you with hero drops. They are usually the same as the dungeon level boss.

Promotion: You can get higher rarity heroes through promotion.

Promotion Progression
When you promote heroes in Crusaders Quest, they follow a certain pattern. First is that all promoted heroes stay in their classes. For example, a promoted 2* priest will become a 3* priest.

Promotions for 1~4* are random. However, heroes at 4* are “master” classes that follow a set path. This applies to both heroes that you get naturally through quests or premium heroes.

The only exception to the rule are “legendary” classes which let you grow a character from 1* all the way to 6*.

Honor Promotion Cost:
1* to 2*: 50
2* to 3*: 200
3* to 4*: 460
4* to 5*: 920
5* to 6*:

Weapon Conversions Guide

Your weapons in the game can be “converted” or “enchanted” to have specific stats. The more you convert a weapon, the more costly that the conversions will cost. So if you have multiple versions of the same weapon, considering alternating them to save your weapon conversion gold cost.

The weapons are divided into three different categories: Attack, Defense and Function. Depending on your main account level, different types of enchantments are unlocked. Below is a quick run down of these conversions.

Attack Weapon Conversions
Level 1: Critical Damage +15~30%
Level 5: Armor Penetration +50-100
Level 10: Resist Penetration +50-100
Level 15: Hero Attack +5~10%
Level 20: Critical Damage +30-75%
Level 25: Armor Penetration +100~250
Level 30: Resist Penetration +100~250
Level 35: Hero Attack +10~25%

Defense Weapon Conversions
Level 1: Maximum HP +100~200
Level 5: Dmg Received by +3-7%
Level 10: Armor +50~100
Level 15: Resistance 50~100
Level 20: Maximum HP +200~500
Level 25: Dmg Received by +7~15%
Level 30: Armor +100~250
Level 35: Resistance 100~250

Function Weapon Conversions
Level 1: Critical Chance +2~5%
Level 5: Attack Speed +7.5~15%
Level 10: Life Steal +3~7%
Level 15: Critical Chance +5~12%
Level 20: Attack Speed +15~30%
Level 25: Life Steal +7~15%
Level 30: Critical Chance +10~17.5%
Level 35:

Fighting PVP in Colosseum Fights

PvP is done through Colosseum. The PvP stages are unlocked after you have passed the forest stages. PvP stages are divided into different sections depending on your ranking. The players that you face are controlled by computers while featuring real player’s hero line up.

You start PvP sessions by spending a PvP ticket. Each session lasts 1 hour or until you lose, however if you exit the screen or the game you will forfeit the session. The opponents that you face becomes increasing harder as you advance.

Each win awards you PvP points, honor, and sometimes meat. Each loses will take away from your PvP points. After certain amount of PvP points you will enter into stronger leagues that feature even harder players.

Dungeons Basic

After you have passed the forest section. When you just pass the forest section, your team may not be strong enough to handle dungeons yet, but you should always give it a try. You can get various rewards from the dungeon. Always give dungeons a try to see if you can advance further.

Dungeon attempts will require dungeons keys. Dungeon keys are regenerated through time just like meat. Or occasionally you can buy them through traveling merchant.

Dungeons have specific requirements that block or prevent certain classes. For example, “gravity” dungeon prevents paladin and hunter classes from entering.

Farming Dungeons Tips
Always look at your cost of keys before farming specific parts of the dungeons. Make sure that your loot return per dungeon key is always the best.

Participating in World Boss

To be added updated soon.