Smashy Road: Wanted General Guide

Below is a quick walkthrough and strategy to help you get higher scores in Smashy Road: Wanted. With these tips and general guidelines, you will be unlocking cars and get higher scores in no time. The strongest car in the game that you should aim for early on is the Money Man which gives you 5x the amount of Cash.

Drawing for and Buying for Cars
You can get new cars in Smashy Road: wanted with two methods. The first one is “drawing” them from the gacha machine using Cash. The second method is to purchase them outright with money.

You generally want to simply draw the new cars from the gacha machines as they will be much cheaper. However, if you have cash to burn and has just started the game, and your goal is to collect all the cars available in the game. We suggest you start by purchasing the Money Man outright so that you can farm for cash at a much faster speed.

You can draw duplicated with the gacha machine, so it may take forever for you to collect them all.

Using the Best Cars
Not all the cars in Smashy Road: Wanted are created equal, since all the cars have different parameters as the following:

HP: The amount of damage that the cars can take before they go up in flames and blow up.
Control: The ability to quickly make turns.
Top Speed: The maximum speed that your cars can travel.
Acceleration Speed: The rate of acceleration for your car to go faster.
Damage Potential: The amount of damage that it can do to other vehicles when hit.

It is usually the best for you to have a go at any new cars that you get. The new cars may end up working better for your playing style. It should be noted that your cars will still do tons of damage to you and the enemy if you travel at max speed.

We generally love to use cars with high acceleration and control, as they are much easier to farm for extra cash.

Avoid Trees and Obstacles
Whenever possible, you should avoid hitting obstacles like other cars, tree, and road blocks. All of these hits will deal damage to your cars. By hitting too many of these, your cars will blow up and you get an instant loss and wasted.

It should also be noted that if your car lands into the water, it’s an automatic instant wasted loss as well.

There are also obstacles that can tip your car over which results an instant loss. These obstacles including flaming gasoline trucks and towing trucks with tracks. However, sometimes if you are lucky, bumping into these may allow you a quick escape from the cops.

When you stay on the road as much as you can, you can typically miss these nasty obstacles.

List of Smashy Road: Wanted Cars

Below is a list of cars in the game and what we think that they do and their stats. Please free free to leave comments if you have unlocked them and found them to be useful!

Common Cars
Pick Up Truck (Starting Car, Medium stats)
Mr. Mini
Hot Rod
Bling (Medium Stats)
The Pro (Low HP, High Acceleration, High Max Speed, High Control)
Micro Bus (High HP, Low Acceleration)
Family Car
Classy Car
Blitz Bot 3000

Swagmobile (High Damage, Low HP, Medium Control, Cops will Jump over you when hit head on)
Red Rare
Mr. Massive

Drag Racer
Dr. Drift

Tank Destroyer (Nothing can Stop This)
F1 (Speed is Key)
Money Man (Earn Cash 5x Faster)

Getting Free Cash
There are two main ways of getting the cash, from game play and from watching videos.

For the free cash from game play, generally look out for zones like airport or small racing tracks. These places usually have 4~5 cash lying around inside.

Secondly, the cash is usually generated on a “straight” line within the game, it manes that whenever possible, try to get into a straight line whenever you see cash. Otherwise is true, if you go a few screens without bumping into cash, you are on the wrong lane.

Always watch videos whenever they are available, you are usually offered a video cash watching opportunity every time you die. Watching a video has much higher cash earning potential

Although you can get free draw when you first install the game, you can potentially have free pulls from the machines by installing and uninstalling the game. However, we do not recommend it, as it may be faster to simply watch 5 videos, and have enough cash for a machine draw.

Collect Your Free Gifts
Check back into the game once every 6 hours or so to pick up your free draws. By collecting these freebies, you are more likely to unlock as many cars as you can.