Puzzle Forge 2 Legendary Weapon Guide

Do you want to know how to forge legendary weapons in Puzzle Forge 2? Use this quick cheat list to help you create and craft those hard to find legendary gears.

Legendary gears are useful because it can replace any customer’s gem or enchantment requirements. They can certainly help you across tricky situations. The only condition is that it has to be the same type of equipment that the customer asks for.

Please note that this Puzzle Forge 2 legendary recipe list is still being updated. Please feel free to share any additional formulas that you have found. Or the runes that you have found as comments too!


Thor’s Hammer
silver plate + silver plate + iron handle
14 enchantment
season: winter

Jumpman’s hammer
Iron plate + iron plate + bronze handle
season: winter

Wert’s Leg
Bronze plate + Bronze plate + Iron handle
2 enchantment
time: night
season: spring


Volf Erin’s Claws
Silver blade + Silver blade + Silver blade
time: night


Pegasus Armor
bronze plate + bronze plate + bronze blade
16 enchantment + 4 gems


Omens’ Sword
silver blade + silver blade + silver handle
10 Enchantment + 6 Gems


Valhalla Axe
Silver Blade + Silver Plate + Iron Handle
8 Enchantment
Season: Winter


Kapta Namerica’s Shield
Silver plate + Iron plate + Bronze plate
3 gems

Hyrule Shield
Iron Plate + Iron Plate + Silver Plate
4 Gems
Season: Summer


Iron Handle + Iron Handle + Bronze Handle
Season: Fall
Time: Day


Cake Server
Silver Plate + Silver Handle + Gold Handle
2 Gems
Season: Spring