Ultimate Puzzle Forge 2 Master Walkthrough Guide

Puzzle Forge 2 is a fun match three game that features 2048 like thought process. You will have to utilize certain patterns and strategies to survive more days as the kindom’s blacksmith. We have put together a comprehensive strategy guide to help you become a better player and master the game. Please note that this walkthrough guide contains both basic and advanced information, because of such, some advanced hardcore players may find certain parts of the guide lacking.

Below is a list of all the main topics for Puzzle Forge 2 guide that may help you with the game. Enjoy and have fun beating it! We are working on a picture walkthrough to help you create high level ores at a low level. Please check this site to see if we have updated later!

Generic Guidelines and Tips
Helpful Board Placement Guidelines
Types of Weapons and Qualities
Complete Shop Item List
Basic Ore Forging Guidelines

Generic Guidelines and Tips

Below are some of the more general tips and strategies for beginners. Implementing these guidelines is key to advance further in the game. Without the proper basic guidelines, you will find yourself consistently facing “game over”.

Plan Ahead With Your Ores
No matter what you do, blindly shooting in ores will make you die faster than ever. Think ahead 2~3 ore types ahead of time. Count the number of cell blocks that you still have available. If you are having trouble of getting to Gold ores or higher, we have written some easy to follow guidelines for your ore placement strategy. In addition, we have put together some useful patterns for you to maneuver around your ores.

Best Upgrade Paths
First, you should have at least 1 level in both the jeweler and magician to cover stages that require enchantment and gem slotting. Without these unlocked, you will simply die in those stages with customers asking them.

Second, upgrade the weapon storage locker to level 2. Being able to toss the weapons into storage is key to survival and clear your board.

Third, level anvil cool down to level 2 or even level 3. You will need it either during summer, for stages with lots of customer, or even the exceptional customer – fire dragon.

After these steps, you are pretty free to pick the rest of the skills. We personally prefer magician to receive more enchantment slots, or salesman to obtain extra gold to buy more items in the shop.

It should be noted that you will need ore pistol upgraded to the max near end stages, when the customers start asking for impossible gears, you will need all the help possible – even when the odds of advanced ores are not that great.

Weapon Rack Locker Storage Tips
Hopefully you have unlocked the weapon rack early in the game, you will find that its extremely help you clear the board temporarily. Use these tips to maximize the benefit of your weapon rack.

1. Keep 1~2 spaces open. Sometimes your weapons can block the path of ores, you will need all the help possible to clear those. Having 1~2 spaces can sometimes save your life.

2. Store Advanced gears. You typically should only store high enchanted gears with gems. Offload your weaker gears to customers as soon as you can.

3. Weapon rack item rotation – When you receive a new order. Always see if you already have them in your weapon rack.

4. Store Different weapons. Try to store different weapons in your locker. You will usually get different customers asking for different gears at any given time. Having an assortment of items can help you move your inventory.

Buy When Store’s on Sale
The best time to stock up on your basic ore needs are when the store’s on sale. Keep track of the store prices, splurge and spend those gold on the gems, ores, and spells that can help you. When you are near end game after x number of days, the type of gears that your customer ask will almost require you to use mold the majority of time.

It may require you a couple play through to have enough item inventory. You should always keep plenty of irons and the basic gems on hand to tackle tricky positions. Keep at least 1k gold on hand to maximize the random bets whenever you have them.

Always Take the Bets and Win
The bets that sometimes occur allow you to win quite a bit of money. Take up on those offers when you have relatively clear board. Up the ante and max those bets to 1000 gold. It is always a nice bonus to get 2k free gold after a stage.

Use Free Turns to Put Together Advanced Parts
It can be helpful to leave customers or exceptional customers with no turn. Use these as great opportunities to setup your board.

Do Not Forget Contracts
Try to finish the contracts that make sense to finish. They offer you some additional gold.

Use Overview to Guess Future Customer
When you are outside on the village view, you can guess what the future customer wants. Different people usually want specific items, this way you can “combo” the needed weapons ahead of time.

Utilize “Combo’s” to create multiple weapons
Combos is a great way for you to get multiple weapons at the same time. Use combo and placing gems to maximize their values. You usually only want to create combos for the weapons that your customers have ordered. By going trigger happy and creating a bunch of items that no customers want, you can end up with a bunch of weapons that you end up having to destroy with spells.

Understanding Customer’s Satisfaction
Having all of the customers at 100% satisfaction is key to level up faster and racking up points faster. You double your points earned with a fully satisfied hero. The default satisfaction rating is 3 out of 10 when you first encounter the NPC. The satisfaction rating then changes depending on how well you serve them.

Increasing Satisfaction.
1. You increase satisfaction by over sell the fully completed set with quality rating over what the customer asks. Each level of overage equals 1 increase in satisfaction rating. For example, if a customer asks for Bronze weapon, and you give them Silver. You will earn 2 points.

2. Selling equipment in less than 20 turns earns you one point.
3. Legendary equipment sold gives additional point. You can combine this with method number 2. So it may be worthwhile to keep a few Puzzle Forge 2 legendary items in your weapon rack.

Decreasing Satisfaction:
1. Refuse an order minus 2 points.
2. Fail the game and get game over while a hero is waiting for the order cost you 2 points. So if you think you are going to fail the game, try to get as many customer out of the way as you can.

Helpful Board Placement Guidelines

Connecting Your Ores and Gear parts
It’s good practice to always try to connect your ores of the same type. The reason is that you can always “forge” them into weapon parts when things do not go as planned. Or You have more paths available to merge them into higher level ores. If you do not connect them and keep them organized, you will soon find you have ores all over the place and end up losing the game.

Maxing Values of Gem Placement
You generally want to place gems especially for your combo weapon creations. Make sure that your multiple of weapons can benefit from the same gems. Gems in Puzzle Forge 2 always come in short supply, so get the most out of the gems by using combos.

Offload Weapon parts to Side and Corners
Having a bunch of dead end corners created by heated board can spell death quickly for your game. Having a bunch of stray weapon parts in the middle of the boards can mess you up. It will be harder for you to maneuver, organize, and forge the weapon that you need.

With the game designed, you can have most 6 weapon combos . The F should always be made with the most expensive ores to maximize your gear value.

2x Combo: XXFX with the F being placed as the final weapon part.

3x combo: XXFXX with the F being placed as the final weapon part.

5x Combo: Same as 3x, but having another weapon part before the final.

6x combo: Same as 5x, but having another weapon part before the final.

Types of Weapons and Qualities

To satisfy and help adventurer with “quests” you will be asked to craft gears with certain stats. Below is a quick list of the best stats for each of the gears.

Speed: Claw
Defense: Shield
Attack: Hammer

Handle + Handle + Plate

Blade + Blade + Blade

Blade + Handle + Plate

Plate + Plate + Plate

Plate + Plate + Blade

Handle + Handle + Handle

Complete Shop Item List

We will list out all the different items and spells that you can purchase and store in your inventory:

Gem and Molds
All ores: Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Netherium
All molds: Blade, Handle, Plate, Gem
Cold Stone: Cool down a slot
Void stone: Put this stone on any object on the board to delete it.
Heat stone: Put it on a frozen slot to free it.
Enchanting Powder: Use this powder to add 2 to 5 enchantment points.
Philosopher’s stone: Put this stone on a ore to level up the ore.
Promotional Label -50%: Sell any gears of the same type to the customer (except exceptional customer)
Magazine: Give this magazine to any hero to earn 50 turns.
Gem Powder: Use this powder on any equipment to add 2 to 5 gem points (randomly)
All gems: All ores: Bronze, Iron, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Netherium

Spells and Potions
Jeweller’s potion: This potion double the gem value of any equipment crafted during a day. A potion is active until the end of the day. Only one of this kind a day.

Wizard’s potion: This potion double the enchantment value of any equipment crafted during a day. A potion is active until the end of the day, only one of this kind a day.

Ore Potion: This potion gives you infinite iron ores in the ore pistol.

Seller’s potion: This potion gives you 50% bonus on sales and buys, works with the shop too! A potion is active until the end of the day.

Time Reduction Potion: This potion gives you 50% bonus time with all heroes.

Knowledge Potion: This potion made of crushed wisdom stones will double XP earned at the end of day.

Eternal Ice Spell: Refresh instantaneously all slots.

Regain Client spell: This spell fills an empty heart.

Gems Upgrade Spell: This spell increase gems value by 1 point on the game board.

Ores Upgrade Spell: This spell increase ores to the upper level on the game board.

Gems collector spell: This spell collects gems on your board to put them in your chest. Note that the gems collected lose their enchantment status.

Useful Ore Forging Patterns

We have compiled some easy to implement forging patterns and practice to help you excel in the game. Please note that there may be some other methods to make higher level ores, however, we have found our method to be the easiest.

Bronze: This is your default ore forging element.

Iron: The iron should always be made 2 slots away from your bronze. For example: 123 with the 3 being the iron ore.

Silver: Silver can be a little tricky, you typically want to have silver 1 slot away from your iron ores. Since silver is still relatively easy to manage.

Gold: Gold is the easiest to be made when you wrap your silver in a small L shape.

Crystal: Crystal should only be made by stacking together gold ores in a straight line.

Netherium: Netherium, being the legendary ore after all, can only be made by use items. You will have to place in iron ores and even silver ores at some situations to pull it off.

Example on how to get Netherium parts: Below are what a perfect forge should look like. Please note that we have used several spells, enchantments, and molds to make this work.