How to Record Best Band Stars Song Guide

In this guide, we will go over the various tips to help you create that best hit songs in Band Stars. Use these guidelines and you will beat all of your friends in Band Stars.

Energy Consideration and Band Members

Always record songs when your Band Stars artists have full amount of energy. With full energy, they are more likely to contribute into the songs and give it more points all around. Whenever possible, purchase full energy items for all of your members so that you can record songs nonstop in Band Stars. With all the energy that you have, you will be able to generate higher points as well as inspirados during free play.

To fully utilize the energy output, you can consider how to get more song points by letting your band members drink energy drinks in the middle of the Band Stars song creation process.

Use Perfect Band Stars Song Lyric Combinations

Use the perfect combination of song lyrics for your Band Stars can increase the chance of its success. Much like in real life, you want to make sure that the lyrics go with the genre of the songs that you are creating in Band Stars.

Use the Genre and Lyric Combination reference for all the perfect combos.

Avoid Repeating Genre and Lyrics
Your songs will have lowered chance of success in Band Stars if you have repeated recordings of the same combination too close to each other. Plan a couple of Band Stars song recordings apart from each other to receive better success chance.

Upgrade Band Stars Shop Items

There are two main things that you can upgrade in Band Stars to achieve better song output and success. You can either enhance the instrument upgrades, or the solo upgrades. By boosting both of the upgrades, the two different effects can stack and generate even more buzz for your Band Stars song creation.

You can purchase various instrument upgrades to increase the output of your Band Stars musicians. Each of the music instrument has a corresponding instrument upgrade in Band Stars.

Utilize Band Stars Solos

In any given Band Stars song recording and creation process, you will be able to star solos with your band members. Always let your entire team play with the solo. The solo adds some additional boost to your song’s stats. Each Band Stars solo will cost 30 Inspirado, thus you should always have plenty through free jam to save and make Inspirados. In addition, pick the solos based on the strongest stat that your members have is the key to have a balanced and strong song.

You can also upgrade the solos while they are active.

Focus and Specialize Band Stars Stats Training

Each of your Band Stars team should have a specialty that they are strong in. Figure out how to train and specialize your team of Band Stars sings and musicians. By focusing the stats, you will be able to get more out of your Band Stars solos and have a stronger well balanced song.

The different Band Stars stats can be divided into the following categories:
Lyrics, Creativity, Melody, Rhythm, and Polish. Each of these stats can affect different parts of the songs. Your best bet is to split these stats and train the musicians specifically for the different purposes.

The song creation is divided into several parts in Band Stars. We have listed the different Band Stars song progress with the stats of interest. It should be noted that all stats matter during the process, however it is calculated by which of the stats matter more during the Band Stars song recording. Usually during the selection process, the Band Stars game system will automatically select the best combination for you. However, your goal is really to train your musicians so that they fit better into the role.

Pick a Writer:
Lyrics, Creativity

Lyrics, Melody

Melody, Rhythm

Rhythm, Polish

Melody, Polish

Pick a Mixer:

You can spend coins to train your stars to have higher stats. Training will require some energy. Below is a complete list of training available for your Band Stars players as well as the costs associated. The low level training sessions are the most cost effective way to train your newly hired Band Stars members, however as you level up the stats, you will want to start using costly training to get better success rates.

With the proper skills and stats trained, you are on your way to record the best Band Stars songs.

Sing in the shower4000++
Watch a Rockumentary4000++
Make a mix tape4000++
Hit the club4000++
Go to a festival25000++++
Street performance25000++++
Listen to classical music25000++++
Stare at a metronome for 1 hour25000++++
Play a music management game25000++++
Short holiday to jamaica200000++++
Library reading and research200000++++
Music Theory Lessons200000++++
1 on 1 mentoring200000++++
Conservatory of music degree200000++++
Meditate with the guru1000000+++++
Write a hit play1000000+++++
Learn Music theory1000000+++++
Top secret alien experiment2000000+++++++
Travel into space2000000+++++++
Travel to the future2000000+++++++

Completing Band Stars Quests

Whenever possible, complete the different Band Stars quests can often unlock additional song genres and lyrics that you can use. By completing the different quests, you have a better potential and selection to create even better song charts in Band Stars.

Hire Artists and Feature Musicians

You can also hire different musicians and fire the ones with the lower stats. However, with the training available, you can end up with strong and talented Band Stars musicians without hiring and firing them.

Get a few friends who play Band Stars as well and you will be rewarded for being social. With featured artist function in Band Stars, your songs can have even more Band Stars bonus outputs which can make you stand better in the charts and make more money and coins.