Ohmconnect Legit – Payment Proof and Get More Money

You may have seen your friends posting about them cashing out or promoting Ohmconnect. If you are wondering whether or not they are legit or if they actually do pay, we provide some screenshots of payment proof here for you to review. You should be able to decide that Ohmconnect is not a scam once you see this guide and proof. We also give you viable strategy to make more money and the ways to make the most out of this feature. Lastly, we will note some cons that we have found with the program.

This walkthrough guide will not give details about how it works or how it funded, but actionable ways for you to make more money. In a nutshell, the basic business model is that Ohmconnect receives funding from your power companies or from other commercial companies that purchase “saved” power from you. They in turn pay you some of that funding and keep some money for themselves as well. Consider them as a middle man or an energy trader that let the end consumer taking advantage keep some of that money.

Omhconnect legit Paypal payment proof
The cashout process is automatic, easy, and instant. We received this notification literally seconds after requesting “Cashout” button. However, you should double and triple make sure that your Paypal email address provided to Ohmconnect is absolutely correct.

Ohmconnect Payment Proof

Ohmconnect Cash Out Requirement
The process of cashing out via Paypal after earning points in OhmConnect is instant when we did it.

It should be noted that to sign up Ohmconnect, you will need to provide them with your Utility companies online login credentials. This is necessary so that their system can obtain your historical power usage data. After signing up and activating your account, there are two Ohmconnect cash out requirements.

1. You must first activate and participate in the first Ohm Hour.
Ohmconnect works by asking you to turn off power during specific “peak” hour events, you earn points when you save power and use “less” than the projected amount. The system takes historical data from your utility company to make educated estimates on the power you usually spend, and take into account what gets saved after they send you the notification.

The event usually occurs twice every week for the area that I live in, we expect the event to happen more often as the hot summer season draws near. Your best bet is to set the notification time frame to 24 hours round with your phone, so you can always confirm participation whenever Ohmhour events become available.

This means that the fastest you can receive your $20.00 is based on how fast you receive your first Ohmhour event.

Ohmhour Setting

2. The account balance must have more than $5 dollars or 500 points.
When you sign up for Ohmconnect via any link provided here, you will automatically receive $20.00 credit or 2000 points. However, once you cash out, you will need at least $5 before you can request any additional money.

How to Make More Money from Ohmconnect
First of all, Ohmconnect pays you on a power consumption differential, or based on how much power that you actually do save. This means that if you are awfully efficient with your electricity consumption, the amount of “rebate” that you earn may be limited. But you should not consider this as a handicap, but rather that you are already saving money with your improved efficiency by lowering your power bills, and Ohmconnect money is simply icing on the cake.

Here we will go through ways to help you make more money! The key to make the most out of Ohmconnect is to live your life normal, and only take actions during the specific hours.

1. Various Demand Response Power Programs vs Ohmconnect
If your income is on the low end, you can almost get electricity for free. Most utility companies offer special rates if you provide information that your income is below a certain level. With the special discounted rate and money back from Ohmconnect, you can almost receive your power for free.

Second, Ohmconnect’s program does not conflict with any other income based programs provided by your utility company.

However, it does conflict with a few demand response rebate programs offered by SCE. You will be asked to only pick one and opt out of SCE demand programs when you do decide to sign up with Ohmconnect. We have written up some easy to understand guide to help you understand which might be a better power rebate demand program for you.

$100~$No Max? yearly estimate
$20 for each referral
$20 sign up bonus

SCE Save Power Days:

SCE Summer Discount:
AC Shutoff 6 hrs / day: $200
AC Shutoff Partially 6 hours / day: $100
AC Shutoff 6 hrs / day (Override): $100
AC Shutoff Partially 6 hours / day (Override): $50

Partial = 15 Minutes in Half Hour Period
(Override) = Manual Opt out 5 Days in One Year

Nest Rush Hour:

PS (Save Power Day and Summer Discount are allowed to stack).

Now we will go through a few pros and cons of these demand response programs. First of, the earning potential of Ohmconnect far outpaces the other demand response rebate programs generally. We will go into individual programs to give you rough ideas why Ohmconnect might work better for you.

SCE Save Power Day vs Ohmconnect: SCE Save Power days most closely resembles Ohmconnect as you have choices to lower your other electricity consumption during the set period of time. However, SCE Save Power Days’s time duration last for 1 whole day. This means that you are much less flexible to deal or shift your power heavy tasks, you really cannot push 1 full day to do your dishes, laundry, or be out for whole day. With Ohmconnect, you can shift your schedule a little bit by the hour and get almost the full money generating benefit.

SCE Summer Discount vs Ohmconnect: If you rely and blast your AC often, SCE summer discount can be much more annoying. First off, to get the most money out of Summer Discount, you will have to agree let SCE control your AC unit fully without override. In addition, the amount that you can eventually get back is dependent on how much you run your AC unit and your AC unit size.

Based on our experience with the SCE Summer Discount program, it can be quite uncomfortable before Ohmconnect was introduced. The AC turnoff activation usually occurs during the hottest days of the year and that you have zero control over the time frame. It can be 1 hour, 2 hours, or even the full 6 hours. You can step out of the house to enjoy AC at a mall or nearby coffee shop, without the ability to know whether or not your AC is back on at home. It can get annoying to keep track of the Override chances too

If you are opting for SCE Summber Discount AC Shutoff partially with override option, you only get a measly $50 that Ohmconnect can easily beat in an one year period. Although we have not personally tested Nest Rush Hour, it appears to resemble the SCE Summer Discount program.

2. Unplug Your Chargeable Items during Ohmhour
The easiest way to conserve power during Omnhour is to always keep your devices chaged. Unplug the devices and run your laptops, phones and pads on their battery power.

3. Turn Off Big Appliances During Omnhour
Big ticket appliance items such as Washers and dryers, and Air Conditioning use up the most power. Make sure you do not wash your clothes or full blast your AC during the event. If you do, you will most likely find yourself over your projected amount. Your best bet may be to leave your house, grab a cup of coffee during the power saving event.

4. Connect to Smart Home Devices
Ohmconnect has the ability to “talk” to your smart home devices such as Nest or chargers for your electric vehicles. This connection automates your power saving process by turning off specific processes. If you do have the items that they offer, consider to connect the services to take full advantage of the automation. If you do not, consider investing in them may bring you long term monetary benefits.

5. Be a Little Early or Late than Average People
One of the biggest con or disadvantage of Ohmconnect service is that Ohmhour usually occurs at peak hour power usage. This means that the power event will almost always occur when people use most of their power. This includes people getting ready for work and school between 7~9 AM, the middle of the day where people blast their AC at around noon, and finally 4~6 when people are getting back in from work.

This means that you can always take full advantage of the feature, when you have the flexibility with your own schedule. For example, if the Omhhour event occurs at 5 and you are just getting back from work, consider going for a walk or coffee for an hour before heading back home. Although you “push” back your schedule, you will get the full advantage of the power saving by being later.

6. Invite Your Friends
Lastly, if you invite your friends to join via your Ohmconnect referral invite code, you will get a cool $20 per invite. This is by far the easiest way to rack up your points to cash out fast. It should be noted that the links shown in this review post also contain our referral link, so if you like this guide, please use our links to sign up for Ohmconnect!

With all these money making tips for Ohmconnect, don’t wait and sign up now. Make some easy money while trying out more ways to save the planet.