Synergy Guide for Marvel: Contest of Champions

Synergy in Marvel: Contest of Champions is a necessary method for you to have a stronger team. Find the synergy information and hero combination for you to receive team bonuses with this guide. At higher levels you will need all the boost that you can to push forward further. In this short guide, we have provided a table with the synergy information for the heroes in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Hopefully with this synergy table, you can find and create your dream team.

Please note that we are still updating this table. If you have any information that we have missed, please leave comments!

1Spider-ManWolverineFriends Lv 2:
+5% Health
1Spider-ManHawkeyeFriends Lv 2:
+5% Attack
2JuggnautColossusEnemies Lv 1:
+5% Crit Rate
2AbominationRhinoFriends Lv 1:
+4% Armor
2HulkThorRivals Lv 1:
+15% Crit Damage
2BlackboltCyclopsLeadership Lv 1:
+10% Block Proficiency
2HawkeyScarlet WitchRomance Lv 1:
+3% Power Gain
2ColossusJuggnautEnemies Lv 1:
+5% Crit Rate
2WolverineCyclopsRivals Lv. 1:
+15% Crit Damage
2Black PantherNone
2DraxStar-LordTeammatess Lv 1:
+3% Perfect Block Chance
2DraxGamora+15% Crit Damage
3Black PantherDeadpoolEnemies Lv 2:
+6% Crit Rate
3Black PantherStorm+4% Power Gain
3Black PantherIron Fist+20% Crit Damage
3DeadpoolRhinoEnemies Lv 2:
+6% Crit Rate
3DeadpoolWolverineFamily Lv 1:
+4% Health
3DeadpoolPunisherTeammates Lv 2:
+4% Perfect Block Chance
3RhinoAbominationFriends Lv 2:
+5% Armor
3RhinoSpidermanEnemies Lv 2:
+6% Crit Rate
3ColossusWolverineFriends Lv 2:
+5% Armor
3ClossusJuggernautEnemies Lv 2:
+6% Crit Rate
3Star-LordDraxTeammates Lv 2:
+4% Perfect Block Chance
3Star-LordGamoraTeammates Lv 2:
+4% Perfect Block Chance
3Black BoltSpider-manFriends Lv 2:
+5% Armor
3Black BoltNemesis Lv. 1
+4% Attack
3Black BoltCyclopsLeadership Lv. 2
+15% Block Proficiency
3Black BoltHulkRivals Lv. 2
+20% Crit Damage
3ThorIron ManFriends Lv. 2
+5% Armor
3ThorJuggernautEnemies Lv. 2
+6% Crit Rate
3JuggernautClossusEnemies Lv. 2
+6% Crit Rate
3JuggernautHulkEnemies Lv. 2
+6% Crit Rate
3GamoraStar-LordFriends Lv. 2
+5% Armor
3GamoraDraxRivals Lv. 2
+20% Crit Damage