Marvel Future Fight Hero and Biometric Farming Guide

If you are looking to farm for hero biometric in Marvel Future Fight, this guide and reference table may help you to become a little bit more organized. We will first list out the table for the different rift locations, then we will go over some common questions and information about farming for hero biometric through elite and rift stages.

Elite and Rift Biometric Locations
This location and farming list is current as of June 2015.

War Machine1-3, 5-5, 8-79
AngelaDimension Chest Only
Black Bolt8-10, Honour Token3
Black CatDimension Chest Only
Black Panther8-1, Rift3 + rift
Black Widow2-6, 3-9, 5-49
Blade3-4, 5-7, Rift6 + Rift
Bullseye4-3, 7-46 + Honor Token (3)
Captain America3-10, 5-6, Rift6 + rift
Captain MarvelHonor Token Only (Token reward from Timeline Battle)
Daredevil4-9, 6-46
DestroyerRift Only
Doctor Octopus3-11, 5-10, 7-109
DraxSpecial Mission 5
Elektra4-6, 7-2, 7-59 + Honor Token (3)
Falcon2-5, 4-7, 6-29
GamoraHonor Token Only (Token reward from Timeline Battle)
Ghost Rider4-4, 4-8, 8-4, Rift9 + rift
Green Goblin3-7, 7-1, 7-99
GrootSpecial Mission 3
Hawkeye4-2, 8-3, Rift6 + rift
HulkChaos Token Only (Token reward from Villain Siege)
HulkbusterChaos Token Only (Token reward from Villain Siege)
Iron Fist4-5, 6-5, Rift6 + rift
Iron Man3-5, 5-2, 8-29
Kingpin4-10, 7-6, Honour Token6
LokiRift Only
Luke Cage2-3, 5-8, 6-99
M.O.D.O.K.2-9, 6-3, 7-7, Special 19 + Special Mission
MalekithDimension Chest Only
Mockingbird2-4, 5-16 + Chaos Token
NebulaSpecial Mission 4
Punisher2-8, 6-6, Honour Token6
Red Skull6-10, 7-3, 7-11, Chaos Token9
Rocket RaccoonDimension Chest, Event
RonanSpecial Mission 6
Sharon Carter3-8, 6-8, 8-69
Spider-Man3-6, 5-9, 8-8, Rift9 + Rift
Star-LordChaos Token Only (Token reward from Villain Siege)
Thor8-9, Rift3 + rift
Ultron1-8, 7-12, Chaos Token6 + Rift
Venom3-3, 7-86 + Chaos Token
Vision1-5, 5-3, Rift6 + Rift
Winter Soldier2-7, 6-7, 8-59
YonduSpecial Mission 2

Farming Marvel Future Fight Biometric in Elite
After you beat the campaign stage in normal mode, you can challenge a harder version of it up to three times for free on a daily basis. However, once you have deposited money into the game, you will be given additional chances to “recharge” those chances using crystals.

Farming Marvel Future Fight Biometrics in Dimension Rifts
Dimension rifts is a great way for you to get character hero’s biometric. They grant no shield EXP and require quite a bit of energy to join. They start off at 8 energy at stage 1, and require 4 more energy for each of the higher stages. The energy costs also increase by 1 with every re-entry. So it might be more energy efficient if you play with alot of active friends who are finding those dimension rifts.

For example:
Stage 1 (Level 15): 8 Energy
Stage 2 (Level 25): 12 Energy
Stage 3 (Level 35): 16 Energy
….and so on.

First time clear of each of the difficulty gets a guaranteed drop of a biometric. You can either find your own dimension rifts or you can join someone on your friends list who have found them. They usually stick around for 30 minutes after being found. They also have a limited amount of people who can join them, we think the number is currently 5 players.

They usually appear when you complete a normal mission with a three star rating. They are unlocked when you reach 3-1 and you will play a sample dimension rift. The dimension rift is entered through the main screen as a purple icon on the bottom right.

Below is a complete list of the dimension rifts and the biometric of the heroes that you can receive from them. Higher level rifts can have higher biometric drop rates.

Furious Beast: Black Panther
The King’s Speech: Blackbolt
Bloodthirsty: Blade
Fallen Legend: Captain America
Incarnation of Destroy: Destroyer
Spirit of Vengeance: Ghost Rider
Hawk Aiming at Feed: Hawkeye
Heart of Dark Dragon : Iron Fist
Chitauri’s Invasion: Loki
Unfriendly Neighborhood: Spider-Man
The Unworthy God: Thor
Son of Ultron: Vision