Marvel: Contest of Champions Hero List

Are you looking for a specific list of the individual champions that you can unlock in the game? Use this quick list to satisfy your curiosity.

1 Star champions: Event Crystals and Daily Crystals
2 Star champions: Premium crystals and daily crystal
3 Star champions: Premium crystals and daily crystal
4 Star champions: Premium crystals only

Black Panther 4 star
Colossus 4 star
Gamora 4 star
Hulk 4 star
Juggernaut 4 star
Punisher (Arena Crystal)4 star
Star-Lord4 star
Black Bolt3 star
Black Panther3 star
Colossus3 star
Deadpool3 star
Gamora3 star
Hawkeye3 star
Juggernaut3 star
Punisher (Arena Crystal)3 star
Rhino3 star
Star-Lord3 star
Thor3 star
Wolverine3 star
Abomination2 star
Black Bolt2 star
Black Panther2 star
Colossus2 star
Cyclops2 star
Deadpool2 star
Drax2 star
Gamora2 star
Hawkeye2 star
Hulk2 star
Iron Fist2 star
Iron Man2 star
Juggernaut2 star
Punisher (Arena Crystal)2 star
Rhino2 star
Ronan2 star
Spider-man2 star
Star-Lord2 star
Storm2 star
Thor2 star
Vision2 star
Winter Soldier2 star
Wolverine2 star
Black Panther1 star
Colossus1 star
Gamora1 star
Hawkeyes1 star
Hulk1 star
Juggernaut 1 star
Scarlet Witch1 star
Vision1 star
Spiderman1 star
Wolverine1 star