Tiny Realm Race Comparison Guide

In this basic guide, we will list out all the playable races in Tiny Realms, we have created a table and included the official in game descriptions to help you make the right choices.

Battle Stats
Realm StatsHumansDwarvesTegu

Please note that the below description has been taken directly from the game.

Humans of Ironvale
Humans are the most well-rounded fighting force. Their advanced technology provides them with great strength.

Humans build their realms and gather resources very efficiently. This is good because their technology is costly!

The humans of Ironvale are the most populous faction in the Realm of Light. Humans employ powerful armies, cunning wizards and incredible war machines to expand their empire and to prevent any faction from threatening Ironvale’s plans for a new world order.

Dwarves of Icemoor
Dwarves are strong warriors. What they lack in range and speed, they make up with toughness and heavy attacks.

Dwarves construct buildings and mine resources slowly but produce sturdy structures and defenses.

The Dwarves of Icemoor are a faction of stout-hearted warriors who watch over the Realm of Light. With indestructible hammers, mastery of water and Earth Magic as well as their legion of loyal beasts, the Dwarves are sworn to protect the world’s fragile peace.

Tegu of Mura Gar
Tegu have incredible range and speed. They heal quickly but lack conventional armor apart from their scaly hide.

The Tegu are extremely quick at gathering resources to build their reclusive settlements.

The Tegu are a reptilian faction who live in the swamplands of Mura Gar. Fearsome in appearance, but peaceful in nature, the Tegu are lethal hunters and powerful Shaman who wield Fire Magic. Most Tegu desire to be left alone, but when provoked in battle, they exhibit cold-blooded ferocity.

MyVegas Mobile BlackJack Strategy

Are you looking for some basic strategy for you to play the MyVegas BlackJack game for the mobile? You have come to the right place. Learn when to hit, double, or stand with out list of basic strategies. May you level up faster and win more loyalty points comps!!

MyVegas BlackJack Strategy for Mobile Index
Basic Information
MyVegas Single Deck Blackjack Strategy
MyVegas Multi-deck Blackjack Strategy
MyVegas Freebet Blackjack Strategy

Basic Information
1. It should be noted that blackjack card counting does not work for MyVegas simply because every hand is reshuffled.

2. Always bet in the way that you still have chips available. This means control your chip stack well that you do not place all of your chips in one bet. In general, you want to always have double or split available.

3. Quests sometimes can be limited by your player level, because of the minimum bet requirements. When this happens, go back to MyStrip and select another quest, it never hurts to earn some free chips from quests.

4. It should be noted that you should never “double” or “split” for the “bold moves” purpose only since you will almost always lose more money when doing that. The amount of chips that you get back for filling the bar does not rebate you back the amount that you have lost.

MyVegas Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

MyVegas Singledeck Strategy Dealer's Hand

MyVegas Multi-deck Progressive Blackjack Strategy
The second game in MyVegas mobile blackjack is the Progressive Blackjack. It is a multideck blackjack game where you can place 100 as a side bet for the Jackpot. You will earn chips back based on the following table:

4 red/black aces: Jackpot
4 aces: 200,000
3 suited aces: 100000
3 non-suited aces: 20000
2 Suited aces: 5000
2 non-suited aces: 15
1 ace: 300
No aces: 0

You should never bet on this side back as the house will almost always win with the bet. In the event that you are going for the progressive jackpot, your edge will break even when the jackpot reaches 20 million.

Betting Strategy:
If you have placed a side bet, you should always split the double aces that you get.

MyVegas Progressive Multi-Deck Dealer's Hand

MyVegas Freebet Blackjack Strategy
For the Freebet Blackjack game. You can get free double or free bets after you split your hand. You should play more agressive with the freebets as you do not win anything if you lose. It is free to lose that hand after all.

Use the following betting strategies to help you win more at MyVegas Freebet Blackjack.

MyVegas Progressive Multi-Deck Dealer's Hand
Real Money Hand
Real Money Hand Soft
Free Bet After Split
Free Bet After Split Soft

How to Win at Auction Wars : Storage King

Winning Auction Wars: Storage King to pass the game easily with the following tips and strategies.

Hope these auction tips can help you earn more money much faster in the game!

Always Place the Initial Bid
You almost never know if your first bid can take a storage bin for your own. Always place that first bid for the chance of getting the storage bin for cheap. However, if the competition heats up after your bid, you can always let the storage bin go.

You generally want to place the first bid and probably one more to see how far the prices can get pushed.

Boxes are Great
Boxes are great places for you to win profitable bids. Always bid for the storage bin that contains lots of boxes. The AI’s typically do not bid high for those units, and you can earn sure profit with those bids.

The fuller the storage bin looks, the higher chance that you will have to profit from winning the bid.

Must Get Rares
Some of the rare items are hidden inside the boxes. Some are just lying in plain sight. If you know and have seen an item that you have not seen before. Bid on those storage bins to get the rare. The rare will usually pay more than itself if you can simply outbid everyone.

Avoid Outright Bidding Wars
Some of AI is designed to bid much higher for storage units with certain items. One specific AI that you should avoid bidding against is Brook – I won’t waste time with poor units. She seems to start bidding wars with other AI’s especially when there are other items that interest them.

Amazing Antique Invitation Strategy
Amazing Antique is one of the best way for you to earn lots of money. Because at least one of the storage contains a rare, your job is to simply bid on all of the items to guarantee you the win regardless of cost.

Even if some of the winning bid for some storage slot might be high and you lose on them, you will definitely win money across the storage bins because of the rare antique. Better be safe and grab them all if you do not know for sure which one contains the rare antique item.

Avoid Low Cost Items
If you see a big pile of dirt and junk items lying around in the bin, and the starting bid is like in the 600~700’s. Watch out for those and do not push the bid further. You will win money much faster by not losing money on the losing trades.

Avoid Empty Looking Storage Bins
Once you start seeing a few storage bins, you can get a “feel” on how full the bin is. You generally want to avoid bidding on storage that contain 10 items or less. The odds are against you that you will end up losing money on the trade.

Do Not Get Multiplayer
As of writing this playing guide, the multiplayer feature costs you money. Only get it when you wish to play against friends that you know and who has the game. The multiplayer lets you play against random players and you will most likely “stuck” if the opponent does not wish to get back at you. You are better off mastering the single player mode for free!

MyVegas Mobile Winning Strategy

Winning at MyVegas Mobile can be quite tough without a valid betting strategy. In this guide, we will go through everything that you need to know to perform better and last longer in MyVegas the game.

Please note that this winner’s strategy guide is written specially toward the Mobile version of MyVegas slots. Hope with this strategy, you will have a much more pleasant time to complete and beat the quests, and in the mean time earn much more comps and loyalty points!

MyVegas Mobile Winning Strategy Index
Sources of Free Chips
Game Money Management Strategy
How to Complete Quests Much Easier
Bonus Game Activation Strategy
Slot Bonus Game Tips
Slot Game Information

In MyVegas Mobile, your biggest task to keep on spinning the slots to gain enough experience. With higher levels, you can gain loyalty points and collect more free chips. Follow the betting table listed to spin your slot machines.

In general, it is better to use the minimum bet consistently because you can get more turnover from the same stack of chips. However, as your chip stack grows, your job is to adjust your bet accordingly.

Never ever play any slot machines without an active quest going. Focus on using the least amount of chips to complete each of the quest. For collection quests, go for the quest that require “higher” number of items. This may seem counter intuitive, but the chance is that you can complete the “higher” number ones much faster because they are more common.

Do all of your dailies and collect the chips as much as you can. If you do decide to purchase chips with real currency, pick a time where MyVegas is running a promotion that gives better than 500% bonus chips.

Sources of Free Chips
To excel and advance through the game of MyVegas, you will need sufficient bankroll to make that happen. Use all the chances that you have to grab the free chips that the game has to offer.

It should be noted that these free chips are rewarded based on your level. So this means that the higher level you are, the more chips that you can earn by collecting daily.

Daily Spin: The Daily Spin is activated once every 22 hours. Your goal is to never miss a day of login bonus so that you can gain the most amount of chips.

Free Chips Collect: You can collect free chips based on your level every 4 hours. Although the amount of chips that you can earn via this method is not that much, by hitting at least 3~4 collection per day, you can add a small stack to your MyVegas game money.

Game Money Management Strategy
Managing your pile of chips is key to level up faster in the long run for the game. The key is to gain enough experience points before you blow up your roll. In general, you will lose your stacks over the long run, with the exception of hitting jackpots or huge wins.

In general, you want to have enough chips for 500 spins at least to even out the peak and troughs of your lucky spins. Below is a break down of the betting strategy based on your stack.

The only exception to this rule is when you are working on the quests. Sometimes if the quests require you to do BET MAX, your best spin will be go for those spins and wish for luck.

60 Bet = 0-30000 Chip Stack
150 Bets = 30000 – 75000 Chip Stack
200 Bets = 75k-100k Chip
300 Bets = 100k-150k Chip
600 Bets = 150k-300k Chips
1500 Bets = 300k-750k Chips
3000 Bets = 750k-1.5m Chips
6000 Bets = 1.5m-3m Chips

How to Complete Quests Much Easier
MyVegas Mobile Slots have a few types of quests available for you. We will list out them to provide you with some valid strategies to complete all the MyVegas mobile quests much easier.

Before we discuss any of these in detail. We should note that these quest usually require you to finish the actions with specific slot games. Some quests require you to complete all the actions for all slot games listed. For this situation, pick the slots that suit your bank roll first, starting from the highest possible rolls. The reason is that you can potentially gain quest pieces while spinning your chips optimally.

To make sure that your spins are counting toward quest requirement, the successful spins should show a little “pop” at the stars to the right. In addition, the stars to the right should be lighted up.

1. Collect Quests
Collect quests can be divided into two different types – collecting specific slot pieces, or collecting specific type of wins with the pieces. The key is to use the minimum bet so that you complete these collect quests using the least amount of chips.

It should be noted that “free spins” count toward this quests. So it means for the slot machines that let you choose between free spin or money, you should always go for highest number of free spins for the free quest collections.

2. Win x Amount of Chips
Pass the quest by winning x amount of chips. The chips that you earn through bonus game and free spin is usually included for the quest fulfillment.

3. Gain x Amount of experience points
You gain experience points when you spend x amount of chips per spin. If you are low in stack, just do the minimum bets so that you can pass the quest.

4. Win x number of BET MAX
The BET MAX quest of MyVegas is always tricky and hard, especially when your bank roll is low. This is mainly the reason why we recommend going miminum bet for all the other quests, so that you have money to burn for the BET MAX quests.

5. Earn x amount of Loyalty Points
The Loyal Points (LP) quests can be timed, because you know exactly when that you will gain the LP. This means that you can go back to MyStrip, and activate the LP quests when you are about to trigger the Loyal Points gain.

Free Spin Activation Strategy
The Free Spins for most of the slots is based on the average spins that you have done from your last “free spin”. This is true for all the slots that let you “collect” free spin pieces such as the Excalibur.

This means that there is no point in trying to increase your bet to max, before you know that you might hit the Free Spin soon. However, one valid strategy is to bet big first, and once your bank roll drops lower, switch to the smaller bets which can trigger free spin later.

Slot Bonus Game Tips
The bonus games act a little different than the free spin. Most of the bonus games use your last spin amount as the base for the chip earning power. This does not mean anything, other than the fact that you should not deviate

Slot Game Information
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick 3 + Multiplier

New York New York
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick till Bust

Glee Musketeers
Bonus Game Type: Fruit Slice

Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin, Pick till Bust

Frontier Fortune
Bonus Game Type: Hi Lo

Pirate Cover:
Bonus Game Type: Wheel Spin

Bonus Game Type: Climb Pyramid

Monster Maniac:
Bonus Game Type: Coffin Pick, Wheel Spin

Welcome Betrock:
Bonus Game Type: None

Reel Chef
Bonus Game Type: Pizza War, Pick Dish

Betrock N Roll
Bonus Game Type: Craps

Around the World in 80 Plays:
Bonus Game Type: Hidden Object

Bonus Game Type: Missile Defense

MGM Grand:
Bonus Game Type: Musical Beat

China Mystery:
Bonus Game Type: Free Spin or Take Chips Deal

Complete Strategy for Five Nights at Freddy’s

If you have not played Five Nights at Freddy’s yet, or if you are stuck surviving through some of the nights. Use this complete strategy guide to help you pass the stages.

Complete Guide Index
Beginner’s Notes
Strategy by Night
Stuffed Animal Strategy
General Walkthrough Tips

Beginner’s Notes

The game is fairly simple to understand. You really only have 5 things that you can do in the game. Shutting open and down the door on both sides. Turning on and off the lights on both sides. You can also check the cameras to see where the monsters are lurking.

Lastly, turn on the sounds of your computer or mobile devices for crucial clues on where some of the enemies might be.

Strategy by Night

First Night – Night 1
Animatronic: Bonnie the Bunny
Learn about the basic mechanics of the game in this easy night. Simply keep the doors shut on the left side to stay alive.

If you are completely new and want to be fancy. Wait and flip on and off the left side light switches from time to time. Shut the door whenever you see Bonnie.

Second Night – Night 2
Animatronic: Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate
On the second night, Foxy the Pirate will be activated. To lower the chance of Foxy activation, check the CAM 1C every 5 seconds or so. When Foxy is activated, it sprints towards the office. To avoid getting caught, as soon as you notice that the curtain is completely opened, shut the door to the left of your office immediately.

Chica the chicken has a low chance of dropping by this night as well. So now you will have to flip on and off the light switch on the right to track its movement.

Third Night – Night 3
Animatronic: Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate, Freddy Fazbear (Low Chance)

This stage plays more or less the same as second night. The only difference is that Freddy can activate at low chance. Which means that he can kill you if you are not prepared for him.

Fourth Night – Night 4
All animatronics are active on this night. Check the pirate cover in the beginning of the night. Then keep an eye on Freddy’s movement along his path: Show Stage, Dining Area, the Restrooms, the Kitchen, The East Hall and then the East Hall Corner.

Once Freddy gets close, you will have to keep the doors closed. You should become pretty good at switching on and off the lights and doors at this point. Saving your power is key to survive further to the next day.

Fifth Night – Night 5
Every enemy becomes more active on this night. Train yourself to listen for Bonnie and Chica for their footstep and sounds. Make sure you keep an eye on Foxy and Freddy.

Sixth Night – Night 6
The main difference for this night is that the speed for Chica and Bonnie is greatly increased. This can be good or bad, this is good because the time that Bonnie and Chica spend at the door is shortened, however it is bad that you have far less reaction time to block them out.

The best pattern for this stage is lights, Pirate Cove, Lights, Freddy, Lights, and repeat. Drop down the door whenever is needed.

If you are fast enough, you should be able to keep both Foxy and Freddy in their respective locations.

Seventh Night – Night 7
On Night 7, you can adjust the difficulty for every animatronic, with 20 being the highest. You can either use the strategy for night 6, except that you will have to do it much faster without any margin of error.

The second methods adds a layer of safety by adding in a mix of right door closure. But you will have higher chance of running out of power.

Lights, Close Right Door, Check Pirates and Freddy, Open Right Door, Repeat.

Being the hardest night of the game, give your some props for beating and finishing Five Nights at Freddy’s!

Stuffed Animal Strategy and Patterns

Bonnie the Bunny
Bonnie is fast and aggressive, but easy to detect and stop. Bonnie only comes to you from your left side.

It should be noted that Bonnie does not attack once it enters your office. When it is inside, it will attack after you view the tablet. One way to tell is that your door and light switch will be jammed, then you know that Bonnie is holding the switches in the shadow.

Chica the Chicken
Chica is slower than Bonnie and less aggressive. Chica is easy to detect and stop and only comes to you from your right side.

Audio Clue: Keep your ears peeled for the sound of clashing pots and pans. She’s in the kitchen if you hear that.

Like Bonnie, Chica does not immediately attack you after entering the office. Chica attacks after you exit your security cam view. You can tell by know that the switches have been jammed.

Foxy the Pirate
Foxy is extremely fast and extremely aggressive when he leaves his post (the Pirate’s Cove). He only comes to you from your left side. The less you look at the camera, the faster Foxy leaves his post. When you see that he is gone, immediately close your left door.

1: The player must check the Tablet and the camera feeds.
2. In addition to checking the Tablet, the player must also remember to check Pirate Cove, only occasionally. Too much and he’ll become active as “he doesn’t like being watched”.

Freddy the Bear
Freddy is extremely aggressive, but slow. He takes his time to get to you, as he doesn’t like to be seen. He has low chance appearing in Night 3 and will appear night 4 and beyond.

Freddy does not stay in the door way like Bonnie and Chica, this means that you cannot find it and stop it with the “lights”. Freddy can enter the room and hide immediately and will attack after you put up and down the tablet. This also means that if you push up the door too late, Freddy may be already inside the room and you cannot block him.

If he was at Cam4B and you hear his laugh again, he is most likely in the room already. So this means that if Freddy is at Cam4B, close the right door every time you check the Tablet.

Audio Clue: He can be heard when he is in the kitchen, as the music you hear when your power runs out plays when he is in the area. He mostly comes to your right side. Every time he moves, you can also hear a creepy laugh.

Path: Show Stage, Dining Area, the Restrooms, the Kitchen, The East Hall and then the East Hall Corner.

Like Foxy, once Freddy starts moving forward, he will be on the direct path to get to you. Observing the location of Freddy does slow down his movement however. He will not wander or retreat from his position once he has advanced.

General Walkthrough Tips

1. Always Check the Lights Before Tablet
This is a good practice to have. The reason behind is that you do not want to get caught by either Bonnie from the left side or Chica from the right side.

2. Minimize Your Power Usage
Being speedy is name of the game here. Jump in and out of the doors, lights, and security cam as fast as you can. Your goal is to save power so that your power can last through the time where you have to close the doors.

3. Keep a tab on the amount of time left.
Use your computer clocks or watch to measure the time left through the time. This strategy can help you budget your power consumption. Or if the end of day is near, you can splurge and keep the doors shut to have a worry free finish.

4. Check for Foxy Often
Starting night 2, you should check for CAM 1C consistently throughout the night. Without checking for Foxy, you will die quite often to his super faster office sprints.

5. Always Play with Volume
Some of the sounds offer valuable clues on the location of the animatronic. Listen for the footsteps, listen for the clanking coming from the kitchen. If you can guess where the animatronic are, all you have to check is the Pirate Cove (CAM 1C) for Foxy’s movements.

Note: Consider lowering or mute the volume when you know that you will die for sure.

6. Shut Doors as Last Resort

Do not shut the doors unless you have to. Although it can be a little bit more risky against Bonnie and Chica. You have a better shot of having enough power to last you through the night. The reason is that if you have your doors closed, you will spend even more energy at certain points when you check your cam’s.


If you see a yellow poster on the wall while checking CAM 2B, you have unlocked the Golden Freddy. You know for sure that you have activated the golden freddy easter if you have heard the sound of children giggling.

When you exit the security tablet, you will see a golden version of Freddy Fazbear in front of you. The golden Freddy will disappear if you bring up and down the table again.

However, looking at the golden freddy too long may cause you to lose the game. In addition, you can still get attacked and die to the other animatronic.

Note: Another way to “activate” golden Freddy is when you shutdown both doors and look at your security cam tablet. Golden Freddy appears at low chance.