Magimon Adventures Strategy and Tips

Magimon Adventures is the latest mobile game that spins the idea of puzzle RPG and monster card collection. This strategy guide is written for players that do not have much experience with the genre. Some of the points mentioned here may have been covered by Tutorial and you can use it as a refresher course.

Best Use of Your Gems
The best place to use your gems throughout the entire game is to pump them into storage space. You will find yourself constantly out of valuable spaces with all the evolution materials and feeder cards.

Pump all of your runes into monster slots until you have at least 50+. If possible, boost that amount to 100 even so that you can house all the monsters that you need.

Magimon Free Rune Code
If you are looking for the free rune friend code, you can use the following:


Please feel free to share your free magic rune friend code here too by leaving comment!

What Magimon Adventures Card to Max
At the beginning of the game, you will receive a 3+ star card from using the magic runes from the tutorial. That should be the first card that you level up instead of the other 1 star or 2 stars. Do not level up any of the lower star monsters as their growth potential is very limited. You will almost always replace them when you receive higher ranked monsters.

Please note that you can get some additional experience points, when you level it up with other monsters of the same element.

Sell Unneeded Magimon Adventures Evolution Materials to Conserve Coins
Evolution materials in Magimon are pretty useless. They offer very little gold coin sells and they offer virtually no experience points when you use them. Thus, if you have extra copies, simply sell them to conserve your coins compared to using them for leveling up process.

Avoid Coin Trades for Magimon
At the time of writing this guide 10/23/14, the coin trade function is bugged. You can basically receive monsters without the cost of coins. So in the mean time, get as many free Magimon Adventures monster draws as you can. However, once this fix, trading monsters for coins can quickly drain your money pool. The only times where you should do coin trades is for when you are trying to get evolution materials and you have no other good monsters to level up.

The main reason is that leveling up monsters is very costly. If you trade monsters for coins, you can quickly find yourself out of coins with lots of feeders. In addition, evolution coin cost can quickly break your bank as well.

Deck and Leader Cards
Pick a good leader card and build your deck around it. For example, if you have a leader card that boost damage for the fire type monster, you should have another fire monster in the deck. Then for your third monster, we would recommend having a Nature type (so it deals more damage to water type as your two fires deal less damage to water).

For the friend card, you can either go with Dark/Light combination or another card that matches with your leader skill bonus.

Notes on Elemental Damage:
The elemental weakness for Magimon Adventures is pretty straight forward.
Fire > Nature > Water
Dark <-> Light

Heal Your Self Often as Priority
Through your questing, you will find that your biggest problem is dying. If your monster team is not that strong yet, always go for heal gems if your HP is below half. Sometimes you want to have higher HP pool before you head into next wave of monsters.

Sell Ruby Sprites for more Coins
One of the monster that you want to make sure that you sell are the Ruby Sprites. Each can net you a nice 1k coins.

Go for Combos
Always always setup combos whenever you can. You need the combos to trigger as many blocks as you can. If anything, break the huge blocks that you do not have the monster element for. This way you can make more room on the board for the monsters that you can deal damage with.

Hope with all these strategy and tips, you will be able to finish the game much faster! Enjoy and have fun!

Complete Spiderman List for Spiderman Unlimited

With some many potential spiderman variations that you can get from portals. It can be nice to know which spiders that you can pull as well as the type of skills or bonuses that they offer. Use this quick look up list for all the spider man choices Spiderman Unlimited.

3Spider-ManStandard1.1Level up 15% Faster
4Spider-ManStandard1.6Level up 15% Faster
4Spider-ArmorStandard1.630% greater score from running.
3The Bombastic Bag-manStandard1.1+1 to combos from rings
4Battle-Damaged Spider-manStandard1.6+1 to combos from a near miss
3House of M Spider-ManStandard1.130% bonus score from collecting vials
4Last Stand Spider-ManStandard1.640% bonus score from defeating the boss
3Mangaverse Spider-ManStandard1.130% bonus score from collecting vials
4Spider-Man NoirStandard1.6Enemies give 30% more vials
3Secret War Spider-ManStandard1.1Combo counter lasts 4 seconds longer
5Spider-ManPremium2.1Level up 15% faster
10% bonus to vials collected
6Spider-ManPremium2.6Level up 15% faster
10% bonus to vials collected
5Spider-ArmorPremium2.130% greater score from running
Enemies give 30% more vials
5Battle-Damaged Spider-ManPremium2.1+1 to combos from a near miss
+1 to combos from attacks
5Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)Premium2.1+1 to combos from attacks
Combo counter lasts 4 seconds longer
6Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)Premium2.6+1 to combos from attacks
Combo counter lasts 4 seconds longer
5Cosmic Spider-ManPremium2.1+1 to combos from attacks
40% bonus score from defeating the boss
6Scarlet SpiderPremium2.6+1 to combos from attacks
Enemies give 30% more vials
5Bulletproof Spider-ArmorPremium2.1+1 to combos from a near miss
+1 to combos from attacks
6Bulletproof Spider-ArmorPremium2.6+1 to combos from a near miss
+1 to combos from attacks
5Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)Premium2.130% bonus score from combo counters
+1 to combos from attacks
6Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)Premium2.630% Bonus score from combo counters
+1 to combos from attacks.

Storage: Auction Legends Strategy and Review

If you are thinking about buying or trying the latest storage unit bidding game: Storage Auction Legends. This strategy guide which includes a little bit of review may help you.

This strategy and review will touch upon mainly the free version while giving advice on how to advance in the game.

Never Get More than 1 Storage Unit
One of the biggest constraint for the game is your van space. Winning the bid for the extra storage space almost never helps, you cannot bring back home the loots anyways.

This means that if you are in a multi auction where there are a few storage units for grabs. Skip out the ones that contain items that seem less than 20. The chances are the storage space has roughly 10 items. So that any other units that you get later on will run the risk of not having space.

Do Not Upgrade Your Van Space
At the time of writing, the van space upgrade either only lasts for 1 storage space, or the upgrade is only temporary. Never waste your precious coins on the small van upgrades.

Bid Hard and Fast
Enter the bidding process as soon as the round starts. You may get lucky with a units that no other AI bids on. You have better chances of making lots of profit when AI lets you away with a unit for cheap.

Bid hard and fast for 2~3 bids, then slow down to observe how the computer is reacting to the prices.

Avoid Purely Bidding Wars
Do not outbid your competitors just because you feel like it. If a bid for a storage space is heading into thousands of coins, drop out and wait for next storage units.

By bidding up the prices much higher, you run a higher chance of not making back your money and have to take a loss. The easiest way to tell if AI’s have entered bidding war is if they are bidding against themselves to push the prices higher.

Watch Out for Ads in Free Version
Yes this is sad. But the ads appear so frequently in the game, that it becomes an actual game play feature to “dodge” the ads. Without being on your toe about not clicking on those land mines, sometimes the ads can redirect you to the appstore, which then stall your main game in the middle of auction.

When that happens, you are screwed because you will indefinitely lose the amount of energy spent, and have to wait for the cool down. And if you are in the middle of a winning bid or picking up your loots, you will lose your hard earned cash. So dodge those ads at all cost!

Go for boxes
This strategy can be a little counter intuitive, however, the majority of the money making rare items are all hidden in boxes. Go for units with the most sealed boxes that you can see is key to winning your cash fast in the game.

It should be noted that the types of boxes do not seem to matter, the item costs for the boxes items seem random. So, just go for the boxes and win those money!

Be aware of Misclicks
Storage: Auction Legends offers no warning or confirmations when you want to skip the auction or close out the unit that you have won. Make sure that you really do not want to bid, or that you have collected all the items from the unit.

You can lose out on money making opportunities or even worse lose money on winning bids if you are not careful.

The free version of Storage: Auction Legends in its current form is not playable in our opinion. The developer needs to tone down the ads serving a notch. Having ads appearing in the middle of bidding or item collecting is stupid, add the possibility of game crash after ad click simply adds frustration to the players.

However, for the paid version, the energy and van space restraints can still frustrate players. Given the “luck” aspect of the game, it is simply better to complete remove the van restraint since people really click on the storage items at random. There are no pattern nor really any skill related to item picking out of the storage spaces.

Tiny Realm Race Comparison Guide

In this basic guide, we will list out all the playable races in Tiny Realms, we have created a table and included the official in game descriptions to help you make the right choices.

Battle StatsHumansDwarvesTegu
Realm StatsHumansDwarvesTegu

Please note that the below description has been taken directly from the game.

Humans of Ironvale
Humans are the most well-rounded fighting force. Their advanced technology provides them with great strength.

Humans build their realms and gather resources very efficiently. This is good because their technology is costly!

The humans of Ironvale are the most populous faction in the Realm of Light. Humans employ powerful armies, cunning wizards and incredible war machines to expand their empire and to prevent any faction from threatening Ironvale’s plans for a new world order.

Dwarves of Icemoor
Dwarves are strong warriors. What they lack in range and speed, they make up with toughness and heavy attacks.

Dwarves construct buildings and mine resources slowly but produce sturdy structures and defenses.

The Dwarves of Icemoor are a faction of stout-hearted warriors who watch over the Realm of Light. With indestructible hammers, mastery of water and Earth Magic as well as their legion of loyal beasts, the Dwarves are sworn to protect the world’s fragile peace.

Tegu of Mura Gar
Tegu have incredible range and speed. They heal quickly but lack conventional armor apart from their scaly hide.

The Tegu are extremely quick at gathering resources to build their reclusive settlements.

The Tegu are a reptilian faction who live in the swamplands of Mura Gar. Fearsome in appearance, but peaceful in nature, the Tegu are lethal hunters and powerful Shaman who wield Fire Magic. Most Tegu desire to be left alone, but when provoked in battle, they exhibit cold-blooded ferocity.

MyVegas Mobile BlackJack Strategy

Are you looking for some basic strategy for you to play the MyVegas BlackJack game for the mobile? You have come to the right place. Learn when to hit, double, or stand with out list of basic strategies. May you level up faster and win more loyalty points comps!!

MyVegas BlackJack Strategy for Mobile Index
Basic Information
MyVegas Single Deck Blackjack Strategy
MyVegas Multi-deck Blackjack Strategy
MyVegas Freebet Blackjack Strategy

Basic Information
1. It should be noted that blackjack card counting does not work for MyVegas simply because every hand is reshuffled.

2. Always bet in the way that you still have chips available. This means control your chip stack well that you do not place all of your chips in one bet. In general, you want to always have double or split available.

3. Quests sometimes can be limited by your player level, because of the minimum bet requirements. When this happens, go back to MyStrip and select another quest, it never hurts to earn some free chips from quests.

4. It should be noted that you should never “double” or “split” for the “bold moves” purpose only since you will almost always lose more money when doing that. The amount of chips that you get back for filling the bar does not rebate you back the amount that you have lost.

MyVegas Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

MyVegas Singledeck Strategy Dealer's Hand

MyVegas Multi-deck Progressive Blackjack Strategy
The second game in MyVegas mobile blackjack is the Progressive Blackjack. It is a multideck blackjack game where you can place 100 as a side bet for the Jackpot. You will earn chips back based on the following table:

4 red/black aces: Jackpot
4 aces: 200,000
3 suited aces: 100000
3 non-suited aces: 20000
2 Suited aces: 5000
2 non-suited aces: 15
1 ace: 300
No aces: 0

You should never bet on this side back as the house will almost always win with the bet. In the event that you are going for the progressive jackpot, your edge will break even when the jackpot reaches 20 million.

Betting Strategy:
If you have placed a side bet, you should always split the double aces that you get.

MyVegas Progressive Multi-Deck Dealer's Hand

MyVegas Freebet Blackjack Strategy
For the Freebet Blackjack game. You can get free double or free bets after you split your hand. You should play more agressive with the freebets as you do not win anything if you lose. It is free to lose that hand after all.

Use the following betting strategies to help you win more at MyVegas Freebet Blackjack.

MyVegas Progressive Multi-Deck Dealer's Hand
Real Money Hand
Real Money Hand Soft
Free Bet After Split
Free Bet After Split Soft