Beginner Guide | Monster Warlord

While the game doesn’t really tell you how to play the game, there are a couple different hints and strategies that you can do to level up faster, and gain more monsters. If you are looking for a complete strategy guide that leads you from a complete beginner to an intermediate player, you have come to the right place.

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Monster Warlord Complete Beginner Guide Index
Status Points
World Boss Strategy
Quest Mastery Items
Leveling Tips


You can choose your class in Monster Warlords. Different classes will have the following benefits:

Ranger decrease energy charge time by 20 seconds.
Fighter decrease stamina charge time by 10 seconds.
Tycoon increase income by 5%.

Both Ranger and Fighter are good choices. Tycoon is weak because you can use either Energy or Stamina to earn even more gold. However, we think that Fighter is better for long term game play. Because stamina is used for boss battle and attacking other people.

Status Point (SP)

Status points are gained every time when you level up or master the ranked events. Below is a list of the stat points and what they do for you.

Attack (Weak): Increase your chance of winning when attacking another player and increase boss battle damage.
Defense (Weak): when being attacked by another player, you will have better chance of winning
Health: increase the maximum pool of your health point (good when you are already strong, bad when you’re weak)
Energy: Energy is used to complete quests. More Energy = More Quests completed.
Stamina: Used in boss or player battles.

You can use the following guidelines to build out your character.

1 Stamina and 1 Energy split till level 30.
100 Energy
80 Stamina
Health 150
1 Stamina and 1 Energy split till 123 Energy
Focus only on Stamina afterwards. Farm “Find Treasure of Ancient Heroes in “Ancient Relic” Questline. And get items in Eastern Seaside & Stormy Hill for stamina recharge reduce items.


The use of alliances is EXTREMELY important in this game. You should get as many alliances as you can earlier in the game. So that you can continuously boost your battle power as soon as you level up.

Each alliance enables to use 5 additional monsters / level.
Each level lets you enable 5 additional alliance member.

This means that every level can enable you to have 25 additional useable monsters during battle. Thus, always max out your allowed alliance members. If you have more monsters than allowed, the highest combined total of monsters will be used in battle.

If you would like, you can leave the alliance member codes here to help you gain more alliance members.


Monsters are pretty much the bread and butter of the game. You will be able to battle and collect various amount of monsters. The amount of monsters that will be used to calculate your battle stats is based on alliance. You will mainly get your monsters through questing, however, you can also get them through monster eggs and monster combine.

MONSTER EGG ( limited ) [ 5 jewels ]:

LVL 1: 70% uncommon – 25% rare – 4% epic – 1% legend.
LVL 21: 70% rare- 25% epic- 4% legend – 1% ancient.
LVL 61: 70% rare -25% epic – 4% legend – 1% ancient.
LVL 80: 70% Epic- 25% Legend – 4% Ancient – 1% Chaos.
LVL 101: 70% Legend – 25% ancient – 4% chaos – 1% ultimate.


LVL 1: 70% epic- 25% legend – 5% ancient.
LVL 21: 70% epic – 25% legend – 5% ancient.
LVL 61: 70% legend – 25% ancient – 5% chaos.
LVL 81: 70% Ancient – 25% Chaos – 5% Ultimate.
LVL 101: 70% Ancient – 25% Chaos – 5% Ultimate.

LEGEND MONSTER EGG [ 300 jewels ]:

LVL 1: 100% ancient.
LVL 21: 100% ancient.
LVL 61: 100% chaos.
LVL 81: 100% ultimate.
LVL 101: 100% ultimate.


LVL 1: 100% chaos.
LVL 21: 100% chaos.
LVL 61: 100% ultimate.
LVL 81: 100% god.
LVL 101: 100% god.
LVL 201: 100% S God
LVL 301: 100% SS God

Monster Combines
Combining monsters should only be used at later in the game. Through questing, you can easily obtain monsters up to the Ancient level. However, after you have obtained a pool of them, you can start going for higher ranked monsters in Monster Warlord.

A detailed guide can be found at: Monster Warlord Complete Combination Guide

A quick note is that you should combine Fire & Water, or Dark + Earth. Based on the build that you wish, you should combine the monsters accordingly so that you can get more Dark elementals.

World Boss Strategy

The World Boss are one of the best places for you to earn gems and gold in the game. Below how the battle against the Monster Warlord World Bosses works.

You will earn gold based on the damage dealt against the rewards pool. Depending on the bosses, the bosses have different percentage of reward pool versus their HP pool. This makes fighting certain bosses more “rewarding” than the others.

The way it’s calculated is your (Damage / Boss HP) * Reward.

You want to start fighting the boss with full energy, this way you can potentially level up while fighting. This way you can deal damage while leveling up in one single world boss fight. This makes your reward much more attractive.

Boss Reward List
Below is a complete sortable table showing the different bosses, their full HP rewards, and reward % ratio. The bosses that you want to fight are the bosses that produce higher reward %. Higher reward % is good because it means you are likely to gain more gold per stamina.

LevelBossHPFull RewardReward Percentage
10Devil Eye5,4056,000111%
60Devil Worm61,803,79748,825,00079%
100Blue Dragon1,300,511,811495,495,00038.1%
110Wind Dragon1,599,563,318732,600,00045.8%
120King Kong2,101,546,9611,141,140,00054.3%
140Green Dragon3,398,571,4282,497,950,00073.5%
150Red Dragon4,301,941,7473,544,800,00082.4%
180War Dragon7,595,310,6388,924,490,000117.5%
240Druid King13,357,400,72218,500,000,000138.5%
250Bone Dragon14,027,476,50019,400,000,000138.3%
270Hell Phoenix15,484,804,63021,400,000,000138.2%
280Storm Road16,257,225,43322,500,000,000138.4%
290Dark Thunder17,064,352,85623,600,000,000138.3%
300Giant King Kong17,919,075,14424,800,000,000138.4%

Quest Items

Completing the various quests can earn mastery items. Below is a list of all the items that can boost your character in the game. You will obtain the item after mastering the quest to rank 3. Pick your battle to gain the most gold possible.

Grasslandspecial hatChance to discover a monster increases by 2%
Eastern seasidemagic ropeStamina charging time decreases by 5 seconds
Western rock facemagic walletEnergy charging time decreases by 10 seconds
Southern wetlandsmagic whipIncome per hour increases by 3%
Twilight valleymagic shoesChance to successfully capture a monster increases by 2%
Flame valleymagic necklaceMonster upkeep cost decreases by 4%
Stormy hillmagic ringStamina charging time decreases by 10 seconds
Underground caveancient swordEnergy charging time decreases by 15 seconds
Ice valleyancient shieldIncome per hour increases by 5%
Ancient relicAncient armorChance to combine monsters increases by 3%
Soul CaveAncient GemIncreases usable Monsters in battle by 50
Infinite DungeonAncient HelmetAttack and Defense increase: 1%
Underwater CaveHero SwordAttack and Defense increase 2%
Northern Ice WallHero ShieldIncreases useable Monsters in battle by 100
Dimensional BorderHero ArmorAttack and Defense increase 3%
The AbyssHero HelmetIncreases useable Monsters in battle by 150

Leveling Up

The easiest way to progress in game is to focus on working through quests, while keeping up the stats as stated in our guide earlier. Don’t worry about ranking up for the mastery until later. However, you may want to get the quests that give you gold boosts so that you can buy more monsters.

While leveling up to 100, join the battles against World bosses and deal at least 1 hit to get some jewels. At the same time, join in battle and kill weaker players on your alliance, in general, you want to target people with less alliance members than you.