Combination Guide | Monster Warlord

Combining your monsters is key to success in Monster Warlord. In this complete guide, we will go over the costs, tips, and tricks. We will also go over some basic concepts for the Monster Warlord combination to help you result in the monsters that you want.

We will first start with the basics of combining the monsters, then move on to the various parts of the guide. This guide is intended for both the Monster Warlords beginners and intermediate players who want to combine their monsters to the next level.

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You can also check out our advanced analysis on the best strategy to combine your Monster Warlord Monsters.

Monster Warlord Combination Guide Index
Combining Introduction
Combine Result Tier Guideline
Monster Warlord Combine Cost and Success Chance

Combining Introduction

You can create stronger monsters with higher rank when you succeed in combining them. You can either spend Silver or Gems to do the upgrade. The gems are used for “better” combine which yields better chances to combine.

Depending on the element that you used to combine the monsters, you may obtain different elements. When you fail, you will lose your two monsters but gain another random element monster.

You will obtain the same element monster if you combine two of the same and succeed.

Monster Warlords Combine Guidelines
1. Always have back up monsters from lower rank. Don’t go trigger happy and break all of your stronger ranked monsters. This means that when you are going for higher combine after Ultimate level, make sure to have a couple Chaotic to take its place when you fail.

2. Understanding Chance and Odds
The success chance in Monster Warlords combine is pretty random. After epic level you only have 30% chance. This pretty much means on average you should usually succeed after 3 tries, if you are really unlucky it can take roughly 6 tries. In short, be prepared and don’t believe in “higher success” after numbers of failure.

3. Use Jewels During Early Levels (Character)
Based on where you are in the game, you may want to calculate whether or not its worthwhile to use Gems for combining. In general, when you are “breaking” into the higher levels, use gems to boost your success chance may be worthwhile. However, it’s less helpful when you are higher leveled.

4. Elemental Differences
In general, you want to combine Holy and Water first as they have lower damage. This way even if you fail the combination attempt, you will still mostly gain additional damage if you draw Wind or Dark elements.

Combine Result Tier Guideline

Below are the type of different Monster Warlord combinations and the resulting elements. Any two of the same element combination will result in the same element. This means that Air + Air = Air when you succeed.

Air = Air + Earth
Air = Holy + Water

Dark = Dark + Earth
Dark = Fire + Water

Earth = Air + Dark
Earth = Fire + Holy

Fire = Air + Holy
Fire = Fire + Earth
Fire = Dark + Water

Holy = Air + Water
Holy = Dark + Fire
Holy = Earth + Holy

Water = Air + Fire
Water = Dark + Holy
Water = Earth + Water

Monster Warlord Combine Cost and Success Chance

LevelCombine CostSuccess RateSpecial Combine CostBetter Success RateMonster Strength
Uncommon10.000 G40%10 Gem70%3 Uncommon = 1 Rare
Rare40.000 G35%10 Gem65%3 Rare = 1 Epic
Epic400.000 G30%10 Gem60%3 Epic = 1 Legend
Legend2.000.000 G30%10 Gem60%3 Legend = 1 Ancient
Ancient10.000.000 G30%20 Gem60%3 Ancient = 1 Chaos
Chaos20.000.000 G30%50 Gem60%3 Chaos = 1 Ultimate
Ultimate40.000.000 G30%300 Gem60%3 Ultimate = 1 God
God100.000.000 G30%300 Gem60%3 God = 1 S God
S God200.000.000 G30%300 Gem60%3 S God = 1 SS God
SS God500.000.000 G30%300 Gem60%3 SS god = 1 Ultra God
Ultra God1.000.000.000 G30%300 Gem60%4 Ultra God = 1 Supreme