How to Combine Method Best Analysis| Monster Warlord

Be able to always have a good combination is the key to improve your Monster Warlords attack power and overall deck strength. In this guide and analysis, we will go through how the attack power can be boosted from proper combines and strategies. By utilizing the strategies, or even simply the best practice of combination, you will save many wasted monsters and further your power. Please check out the rest of our mobile game guides.

Please share this analysis with your friends if you have found it helpful! May you become the strongest in Monster Warlord. I have placed the summary at the beginning of this page. Please feel free to go through our thought process to see how we have derived at the following monster combination strategy.

Summary: Optimized Combination Methods
Dark = Fire + Water
Fire = Air + Holy
Water = Water + Earth (Not Recommended)
Earth = Earth + Earth
Holy = Holy + Holy
Air = Air + Earth

Combine Method Analysis Index
Combine Theory and Base of Analysis
How this Analysis is Calculated
Overall Monster Warlord Combination Chart
Base Elemental Stats

Combine Theory and Base of Analysis

For most players in the game, if you are reading this guide you have probably noticed that attack is usually more important than DEF in the game. For this reason, the base of the Monster Warlord theory is based on the Attack value only.

Base rules of combine:
When you succeed in combining, you will get a new monster based on the combine chart.
When you fail in combining, you will get a random
Different elemental monsters will have difference in Attack based on the Notes: Base Elemental Table.

This means that if you are using gems to achieve better combine chance, you should always use the best single combine recommendation to boost your attack.

How this Analysis is Calculated

All calculation is based on the following examples:
Overall Monster Warlord Combination Chart

Example 1:
Fire has 16 base attack
Fire = Fire + Fire => Higher tier Fire has a attack of 16*3 = 48. The two lower ranked fire has a attack of 32.
48 divided by 32 = 150% = 50% additional attack after successful combining.

Example 2:
Dark = Fire + Water
Successful Dark has 66 Attack. The water and fire is 16+11 attack for a total of 27.
66 divided by 27 = 144% additional attack after successful combining.

Failure Consideration
To calculate the numbers correctly, we have to take failure into consideration too. When you fail at a combine, you will receive a random element monster of the same rank. This means that you may lose attack the majority of the time. We will provide an recommendation on how to make the most out of your failures.

The average of all the stats is 14.33. We will use this as a base for failures.

For example, when Fire + Fire fails. We will jump from 16+16= 32 to 14.33 which is only 44% of original attack.

Best Summary of Different Combinations

Based on the chart in later section, you will find that the best single combination is as followed. If you are thinking about using gem to combine them.

Fire = Fire + Earth
Water = Water + Earth
Air = Water + Holy
Earth = Earth + Earth
Dark = Fire + Water
Holy = Holy + Holy

Best Method to Obtain Dark Monsters
Because of the fact that Dark monsters are you ultimate goal in the game. You should never use your dark monsters to combine with any other monsters. When you take out the weaker combos, you will be left with the following combinations. You should never use any other combinations than the ones below.

The difference is that you do not put your stronger elements at risk. The following guidelines are derived from the combos.

1. Fire and Water should always be used for a chance for Dark Monster.
2. Never use Fire and Water in any other potential combines.
3. Use Air with Holy often to create Fire as much as you can.
4. Holy + Holy is a good combo given it’s a almost no loss situation. You will most likely gain attack for fail. The only time that you’ll get loss is if you get failed earth.

Optimize Combine Cheat sheet
Dark = Fire + Water
Fire = Air + Holy
Water = Water + Earth (Not Recommended)
Earth = Earth + Earth
Holy = Holy + Holy
Air = Air + Earth

Overall Monster Warlord Combination Chart

The success and failure power different is noted here. For example: 150%-44% is success and power difference. The failure is based on the average of all possible stats is 14.33.

Please note that the chart on this table is based upon that next rank is typically about 3 times stronger. Depending on the rank, the analysis percentage may be off.

The way to read this power calculation is that higher number = good. Lower number = bad.

Fire = Fire + Fire: 150%-44%
Fire = Fire + Earth: 185%-55%
Fire = Air + Holy: 178%-53%
Fire = Dark + Water: 145%-43%

Water = Water + Water: 150%-65%
Water = Water + Earth: 157%-68%
Water = Fire + Air: 94%-41%
Water = Dark + Holy: 110%-48%

Air = Air + Air: 150%-37%
Air = Air + Earth: 197%-49%
Air = Water + Holy: 300%-75%

Earth = Earth + Earth: 150%-72%
Earth = Fire + Holy: 125%-60%
Earth = Air + Dark: 73%-35%

Dark = Dark + Dark: 150%-32%
Dark = Dark + Earth: 206%-45%
Dark = Fire + Water: 244%-53%

Holy = Holy + Holy: 150%-90%
Holy = Holy + Earth: 133%-80%
Holy = Fire + Dark: 63%-38%
Holy = Water + Air: 80%-48%

Base Elemental Stats

Fire: 16 Attack, 12 Defense, 28 Total
Water 11 Attack, 18 Defense, 29 Total
Air 19 Attack, 10 Defense, 29 Total
Earth 10 Attack, 21 Defense, 31 Total
Dark 22 Attack, 9 Defense, 31 Total
Holy 8 Attack, 24 Defense, 32 Total