Ultimate Marvel Future Fight Beginner’s Walkthrough Guide

Are you new to the fun action RPG Marvel Future Fight by NetMarble? Do you want to have a good start but want a good beginner’s guide to help you get started on the way? Look no further as this is the one and best beginner’s walkthrough to help you fully understand the basic of game mechanics, some best strategies, and ways to play the game.

Please note that this beginner’s guide has been written to help beginners to break into the game. Intermediate and advanced players will most likely find this guide less helpful.

With all of these beginner’s strategy and tips, you will be running an awesome Marvel Future Fight team in no time.

Playing Style and Dedication
First of all, we want to separate and note how the different playing styles can impact the game. If you plan to shell out your wallet and spend money, you will progress in Marvel Future Fight much faster than those free players. Below are some of the playing style of free vs paying. In a nutshell, paying players can progress much faster than a free player.

1. Free Player with Active Play
If you wish to play the game for free you can very well do so, you can collect most of the heroes naturally through time without spending money. However, you can potentially catch up to paying players who are not dedicated enough to use up all the daily energy and villain seige. You will attempt to level up all the heroes by fighting through the hardest levels manually in both story and elite quests.

2. Free Player without Active Play
For this playing style, you will “auto” fight through much of the stages. Grind the old stages for money and stronger gear and only attempt to push story line whenever possible. This style will take considerably much more time, but the process is much more enjoyable in my opinion. If your goal is to simply collect all the superheroes in the long run without burning out, it may be the way to go.

3. Paying Player
You will advance much faster than all of the free player base, because you can afford to purchase heroes directly through your wallet. So instead of having to wait and farm for 6 month straight for a 6 star hero team, you can get them pretty fast with a few money investments.

In addition, heavy paying players also get decent VIP bonuses that are simply game changers. By paying deeply into the game, you will more or less ensure you a top spot against the general free base for the game.

Best Places to Spend Your Crystals
Since you get crystals pretty early in the game, we will go through some good places to spend your Crystals.

1. Starter Hero Packs
If you are completely new to the game, sometimes the game offers “hero” packs that give you a package that is quite bit which contains multiples of heroes biometric. However, once you have established some decent hero roster, you should refrain from buying any heroes via spending crystals as a free player.

2. Uniform
Uniform is by far the best place to spend your Crystals, since it is the only way for you to get them. Uniforms usually offer special buffs and stats increased depending on the hero and uniform.

3. Energy
This option is only good when you have reached high Shield level in the game and you are a paying player. Having that extra energy can push you much faster and farther in the game.

You should generally never pay for continues and gold as they are a waste of crystals.

Starting Out in Marvel Future Fight
Now we will go into actual beginner’s game play tips to give you a good overview on how to advance.

Starting Strategy and Tips in Marvel Future Fight
1. Focus on a Main Team
First of all, you should focus on leveling and gearing up a “main” trio of heroes. Some really good starting choices include Captain America and War Machine. By focusing to level and upgrade your main team, you can tackle much harder quests and kill more villains in Villain Seige.

2. Consider Class Strength and Weakness
Heroes have classes and one is weak toward one another. Below is a quick overview of these class advantages and disadvantage:

Blaster > Combat > Speed > Blaster
Universal is not weak nor strong against any of the types.

You generally want to fight the bosses with the class that they are weak against.

3. Fight in Arena or Timeline Battle Often
Always make sure you fight your full attempts in the Arena. They offer some free and easy ways for you to earn crystals and hero biometrics. You do not even have to win, or you can simply pick up enemies that are much lower level than you for quick wins.

Places to Get More Superheroes in Marvel Future Fight
We will list out some basic information on where you can obtain the Hero Biometrics. The hero biometrics are used for you to get more heroes or ranking them up.

You can check the Marvel Future Fight Biometric farming guide for places in Rift, Elite Stages, Honor and Chaos Shop.

1. Daily Login and Other Rewards
You will receive rewards based on the number of days that you log into the game. The game also offers special weekly login rewards from time to time that offers superhero’s biometric.

2. Elite Stages
Elite Stages is one of the best place to get biometric. You have 3 attempts per day and they are unlocked once you finish their normal counter part. However, you will have to “unlock” them one by one starting from the first stage. You receive the biometric of the hero based on the boss that you fight within the level.

3. Honor Shop (Timeline Battle)
You earn honor tokens when you fight inside the timeline battle or Marvel Future Fight’s arena system. Honor tokens can be used to exchange for different superheroes. The hero “shopping” roster is rotated from time to time (every 3~6 month or so). So you should save your honor points if you are not happy with the current hero offered.

4. Chaos Token Shop (Villain Siege)
Like Honor Shop, Villain Siege is one play where you put your entire hero roster against bosses 1 by 1. You earn Chaos tokens after you kill the boss. These chaos tokens can be used to exchange for hero biometrics in Marvel Future Fight. The hero “shopping” roster is rotated from time to time (every 3~6 month or so). So you should save your honor points if you are not happy with the current hero offered.

5. Purchase via Crystal
The shop section offers several ways for you to get heroes. The “flash” sale is usually a good option to get hero biometrics at a good discount if you have them. In generally you want to calculate better biometric count per crystal to make your decision. You will also have to consider how rare it is to get them.

6. “Special” Chapter
Marvel Future Fight offers you special chapter where you can fight to get “event” superheroes.

7. Dimensional Rift
When you complete Normal or Elite stages, you will encounter Dimensional Rift from time to time. You can also join your friend’s Dimensional Rift encounters. These stages allow you to get additional hero biometrics depending on the level. Higher levels offer better hero biometric drop rates.

8. Dimensional Chest or Shield Point Chest
Lastly, you earn 1 free dimensional chest draw per day. After which you will need to spend crystal to draw them. These random chests award you with hero biometrics and rarely a full hero if you do not have them yet.

9. Village Siege
Battle victories in Villain Siege gives you random chances at drawing hero biometric.

10. Dimension Shift
When you fight in Normal or elite stages, you can get random Dimension Shift heroes either as enemy or ally hero. If you beat and finish the stage, you will get their corresponding biometric at the end.

Ways to Make Your Marvel Future Fight Hero Stronger
Now we will go through every single methods to make your Marvel team combat ready. With all these areas of hero stats improvements, you can have an awesome team setup in no time.

1. Hero Star Rank
Marvel Future Fight heroes are ranked by their “Stars”. Having more stars adds to raw stats, unlock additional active and passive skills, and allows for higher mastery options for better leadership skill. You “rank” up heroes by collecting more specific hero’s biometric.

2. Hero Mastery
You can master heroes through “stones” that you obtain mainly through Elite and Bonus stages. The hero mastery makes the star rank into “red” stars. Mastery increases the hero’s raw stat while leveling up leadership skill. The mastery level is capped by your hero’s star rank.

3. Gear Upgrades
Make your Marvel Future Fight hero stronger by upgrading the gears. The gears require materials that you obtain through Normal stage drops, gold, and dimensional piece from Dimensional Rift.

Different heroes have different sets of gear stats that they upgrade through gears. Alternatively, you can change the gear options so that they suit your hero more.

4. Skill Upgrades
Skill upgrades make your superhero’s skill damage or buff much more effective. They require quite a bit of Gold to upgrade and are capped by your hero’s level. It costs roughly 1 million gold to bring a skill to the max from level 1.

5. Striker Synergy
Marvel Future Fight Strikers are “summons” that you active hero can do while in battles. Strikers are called either when you are attacked or getting attacked. Different hero have different striker combinations. The summoned striker hero will land and use 1 of the skill that they have available. They can add to your overall damage output and is very important for your mission game play.

6. Leadership Skill
Leadership skills are unlocked and upgraded through hero rank up and mastery. You will need to place that hero as the first on the time to make leadership into effect. The entire team of heroes benefit from the leadership skill of your leader.

7. Team Bonus
Team Bonus are special sets of heroes that boost your entire team’s stats. Note that the entire team gets boosted. For example, if you have a team bonus with just two hero, the third non-related hero will also get that team bonus stats boost. We have also prepared an overlapping or stackable team bonus reference.

8. ISO-8 Raw Stats
ISO-8’s are items that you can equip on to your heroes to boost their stats. ISO-8 is mainly earned through Daily quests or Dimensional chests.

You can improve the various ISO-8’s through enhance. You can check out our Marvel Future Fight ISO-8 guide for more details.

9. ISO-8 Bonus Stats
Different combination of ISO-8’s can form bonus combos that grant you additional stats and skill buffs. They are semi hard set where you have to reset the bonus to get the combo that you want. Check out Marvel Future Fight ISO-8 guide for more details.

10. Uniform
Uniform is the last piece that can make your superhero even more powerful. Different uniform offers special stats or skill effects to your hero. You will have to check the shop for the latest offering available for the game.

Other Things that a Beginner Should Know
Village Siege Tips:
Use 1 hero at a time to fight through the villains. You generally want to level up your team evenly to do better in Villain Siege. Some heroes also perform better, especially the ones that deal ranged damage that can hit and run. We will prepare some better and detailed Villain Siege strategy guide at a later time.

Clear Ticket Use:
Clear tickets are earned mainly through Dimension Rifts and Special Chapters. They allow you to instantly complete a stage, however, your heroes will not earn any EXP and you will not receive Shield EXP. They are best used for high level elite and normal missions when you are low on time.

Best Condition Effect:
Best Condition is offered when you let your hero “sit” between missions. Meaning not using them for a while. They are harder to pull off when you are first starting the game, you should not stress over it at the beginning of the game. However, as you get a complete roster of heroes, you will find that a few of your heroes always sit with Best Condition. Heroes gain additional EXP through missions and EXP chip when they have Best Condition tag, so pull them into your team to get them some nice leveling EXP boost.