Marvel Future Fight Option Stats Reference

Optional Stats appear on gears every 3 enhancement or upgrade levels. These optional stats are semi random but however you can reset them with some amount of gold. Each of the gear slots have fixed pool of optional stats that you can pull from.

In this optional stats guide for the gears, we will list out these optional stats, what you can get per each of the gear slots, gear stages, and finally the maximum value that you can obtain from these optional stats. This can help you determine whether or not you have rolled a good stats value.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have actually rolled a value higher than our list! Or please feel free to fill in any blank spaces for the Marvel Future Fight option stats information that we do not yet offer.

For more information about the specific gear stats, please refer to our Gear Stats guide.

Optional Stats Reset Cost
Stats 1: 1k
Stats 2: 2k
Stats 3: 3k
Stats 4: 4k
Stats 5: 5k

Optional Stats Reference

Gear 1     
Physical Attack11-1325-2953-6080-91115-121
Energy Attack11-1325-2953-6080-91115-121
All Attack11-1325-2953-6080-91115-121
Attack By Level45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%
Gear 2
Physical Defense9-1018-2241-4667-7696-106
Energy Defense9-1018-2241-4667-7696-106
All Defense9-1018-2241-4667-7696-106
Defense By Level45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%45.2%-52.5%
Gear 3
Movement Speed7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
Recovery Rate7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
HP by Level167.3%-192.5%167.3%-192.5%167.3%-192.5%167.3%-192.5%167.3%-192.5%
Gear 4
Defense Penetration7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
Critical Rate7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
Critical Damage7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
Attack Speed7-831-3659-6989-103128-147
Skill Cooldown7-831-3659-6989-103128-147