Marvel Future Fight Basic Stats Guide

Are you new to the game of Marvel Future Fight and want to know about the different type of stats relevant to the game? In this basic beginner’s guide, we will go through what these stats are and how they can affect your game play.

Attack Stats
Physical Attack / Energy Attack / All Attack
The attacks in Marvel Future Fight are divided into two separate categories – Physical and Energy. Some heroes have their default attack categorized as either normal or energy. Most heroes have physical attack currently in the game but a few have default energy attack such as Iron Man.

You will need to add the stats relevant to their default or skill attack to be effective. For example, adding Energy Attack to Captain America is useless as all of Captain America’s skill or attacks are physical.

Attack Speed
The attack speed is a number that relates to the default attack speed of the superheroes. However, it should be noted that different heroes have different “starting” attack speed that they operate on. This means that certain heroes simply attack faster than the others, despite having 100% attack speed.

Critical Rate
The percentage of attacks that you do that will land as a critical attack.

Critical Damage
The amount of damage amplified when the critical attack has landed.

Defense Penetration
Defense penetration ignores the defense values of the enemies.

Defense Stats
Physical Defense / Energy Defense / All Defense
The defense value that counters physical attack.

The dodge rating is the percentage of attacks that your Superhero can dodge.

Certain types of skill attacks by the various enemies have “elemental” effects. These effects include fire, cold, lightning, poison, and mind. The resists and negative resists information indicates how your heroes react to certain skill elements.

HP Stats
The basic health point of your heroes.

Recovery Rate
The recovery rate of your heroes determines how much HP that your hero is healed when you receive any kind of heals. For example, you can currently receive blue healing orbs as you go through the missions, recovery rate improves the amount of HP that you heal.

Movement Speed
The movement speed determines how fast your heroes can move. Like Attack Speed, different heroes have their default moving speed, certain heroes by default move faster than others.

Other Stats
Crowd Control Time
Crowd Control Time is a state that boosts the amount of time by your “Crowd Control” Skills. For example, certain heroes have skills that stun enemies by a percentage, or Spider-Man’s Spider web skill.

Skill Cooldown
All hero skills have different skill cooldown timer, the skill cooldown stats improves the amount of time that your skills need to cooldown.

Additional Note
Stat By Level +X% is a gear stats option that you receive as optional stats on gears. These literally mean that you get that amount of stats multiply by your current character level.

However, since the game currently level caps your heroes, Stats by Level +x% is usually only good for the first or second options, depending on your hero level.