Dragon Story Trading and Spell Crafting Guide

Dragon Story the dragon collection and breeding game just had the latest major update. In this guide, we will go over how this new Dragon Story content feature updates. If you have found this guide useful, please remember to share them with all of your Dragon Story friends! Please feel free to leave any comments about the new Dragon Story Trading and Spell crafting if we have missed any information. Please note that this guide will be updated with additional information as we learn more about the game.

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Dragon Story Trading Portal

The new Trading Portal works in such a way where you can “recycle” or trade away your unwanted dragons. Sometimes when you try to to do Dragon Story breeding a specific dragon, you will end up with a bunch of unwanted dragons. You will earn Rubies and Sapphires when you trade in the dragons.

Red dragon will trade for Rubies and Blue dragon will trade for Sapphires. A common Dragon Story dragon trade will give small rubies and sapphires. However, if you trade the rare or super rare dragons, you will be able to earn large ruby or large sapphire.

Other than the predetermined gemstones that you can get. You will also get other gems at random. The gems are also needed to craft some of the other dragons via the Spell crafting shop.

Note about Dragon Trading
Your dragons must be at level 4 to be traded via the trading portal. However, the reward is only based on the dragon and not its level. This means that you should only feed your dragon up to level 4 before trading it. And if you have a few higher level dragons, do not trade them because it will only waste your resources.

The dragon trading will take 6 hours, however you can speed up the trading time using gold.

Dragon Color and Dragon Hybrid Trading
When you trade the common dragon hybrids. The gem color that you will receive will be either one of the element colors associated with the hybrid.

Dragon Trading Farming
Now because you can get the random box, it may be helpful to farm the basic beginner dragons that have fast hatching time. This include the Fire and Forest dragons. Other than trading away your unwanted breed, you can hatch these beginner dragons to quickly stack up on your gemstones and other crafting materials.

How to Get Dragon Story Trading Portal
At the time of writing this guide, the trading portal is only available on iOs, thus you may not have the option of building the trading portal. What you will have to do is to wait for their official release to other platforms such as the Android.

Dragon Story Spell Crafting Shop

You can craft different items such as dragons and boosts via the Dragon Story spell crafting shop. Different recipe will require different ingredients. You can get some of the ingredients via the trading portal. However, in general the harder the recipe materials, the better the resulting crafted product. The most rare and powerful crafted Dragon Story dragon will require large gemstones. These special crafted dragons are not breedable and also cannot Dragon Story breed with another.

Requestable Materials Notes
It should be noted that some of the materials can be requested from your Dragon Story friends. However, a huge chunk of the materials such as gemstones can only be obtained from the dragon trading via the trading portal.

In addition, some of the item requests share the same item queue such as maps. You can receive up to 20 per day of maps and material items per day. This means that when you are trying to focus on one feature, you should avoid requesting the items that share the same gifting queue. One downfall is that you may not receive the lotus blossoms until the queue or clog has been cleared.

Special Unique Craftable Dragons
At the time of writing, there are two special craftable dragons available. Dragon Story Ruby and Emerald Dragons. These craftable dragons will take you some time to get. You will need the large gems stones as well as Spell scrolls which must be purchased with gold.

How to Get the Spell Crafting Shop
This feature is not yet released to the android users yet. Only iOs users can build the spell crafting building. However the developers are working hard to release the feature.

Update History

As the game is being updated and changed, we will keep a log on our guide as well. Please feel free to leave comments if this guide is no longer true and we will try out best to come back to this. For now good luck to everyone trying to get these ultra rate crafting dragons via the Dragon Story trading portal and spell shop.