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Building the residential buildings in Megapolis is the only way to boost and increase your population in the game. However, the game offers many different types of residential houses. It makes it hard for you to tell the best ones for you to use to boost your Megapolis population fast. This best residential building analysis will help you to determine the best one for you to build and use.

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Residential Buildings Basics

Your residential buildings in Megapolis will use the resources in electric and water. Different residential buildings have different construction times. They also have a collection time or “census” at which you can increase your population for a given amount.

Below is a list of all the residential buildings and houses available in Megapolis. Please note that the cost for the buildings are based on coins unless otherwise noted. Based on this list, you will figure out the best way to grow your population under the shortest amount of time is to build an army of Megapolis wooden houses.

per Hour
Wooden House20001 Minutes105 Minutes31120
Brick House50004 Minutes756 Hours3112.5
Albion Cottage1800021 Minute1202 Hours6260
A House with a swimming pool2000031 Minute1754 Hours9743.75
Small Japanese House50004 Minutes552 Hours4127.5
Business Class House100005 Minutes1256 Hours9320.83
Condominium8000021 Minute
(2 Hours)
50024 Hours14420.83
Bungalow30003 Minutes1515 Minutes3160
Hotel100002 Minutes751 Hour10575
Two-Story Hostel1581000110 Hours
1 Minute
50013 Hours151038.5
Large Japanese House51 Minute3004 Hours8175
Luxury Apartment Building1720000312 Hours
1 Minute
100024 Hours25641.7
Countryside Hotel75 Minutes805 Minutes53960
Siena Bungalow40004 Minutes2020 Minutes3160
Large Wooden House1600010 Minutes1001 Hour 30 Minutes6266.6
Baroque Villa2040000051 Hour
1 Minute
5503 Hours255183.3
Seventh Heaven Hotel25550000118 Hours
1 Minute
7005 Hours3525140
Bosphorus Cottage50003 Minutes3015 Minutes41120
Big Family House90004 Minutes4530 Minutes5390
Renaissance Hotel26580000412 Hours
1 Minute
140010 Hours2530140
Marienhof Cottage60003 Minutes3520 Minutes51105
Japanese House150008 Minutes1756 Hours6229.2
Atlas Cottage800010 Minutes857 Hours5212.1
Premium Apartment Building1930000058 Hours
1 Minute
4004 Hours1511100
Continental Hotel30600000126 Hours
1 Minute
9006 Hours3030150
Apartment Building4000020 Minutes3506 Hours20558.3
Two-Story Brick House2000010 Minutes802 Hours6340
Townhouse2710000035 Hours
1 Minute
30010 Hours12930
Acacia Compound35850000810 Hours
1 Minute
10005 Hours3525200
Babylon Compound3370000059 Hours
1 Minute
150012 Hours3025125


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