Dragon City Complete Mini Game Information

With so many Dragon City Mini Games currently available, we feel that it is important to create a summary page for all of these mini games as well as their estimated odds for you to obtain the rare prizes from these mini games. Please note because the game does get updated quite often with odds adjusted, our information here should only be used as some general guidelines.

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Currently All Available Dragon City Mini Games

Before we go into detail about all of these mini games currently available, we will list them out with a quick explanation on how they work. Then we will go into detail about these mini games to help you master your dragons in Dragon City. Many of the unique rare dragons cannot be obtained via Dragon City Breeding in the game.

Serious Notes Before Starting Any Mini Game
In general, mini games in Dragon City are gambles that will cause you to lose your precious gems over the long run. Sometimes it may be more worthwhile to wait for “promotional” sales that feature unique dragon sets. By purchasing the unique dragon sets, you will make the most bang out of your buck.

Winter Casino – Slot Machine game to collect items
Dragon City Black Market – Box Opening Game for Unique Dragons
Wheel of Fortune – Roulette Point Gathering Game
Dragon Potions – Random Box Open for Points
Dragon Carnival Game – Guess Dragon Shadow to Win Prize

Special Mini Games
Dragon City Santa Dragon & The Christmas Tree – 2012 Special

Dragon City Winter Casino

The winter casino is the latest slot machine mini game in Dragon City. There are 8 different items that you can achieve in the game. Each spin will net you three items. You can get 2 Free spins every 12 hours. This means that for 4 days, you can get a total of 4 spins per day – 8 spins over a span of 4 days for free. 8 spins times 3 items = 24 items. 24 divided by 8 different icons = 3.

We can just look at the unique dragon that is now being offered with the Winter Casino. 15 Blue eggs for a ninja dragon. After you have used the free spins you will still be down by roughly 12 eggs. By using the same logic that we did, you will need 32 additional “PAID” spin to have a really good odds at getting the ninja dragon. This is assuming that the slot machine game is rigged with its odds for the unique dragon items.

How to Beat Winter Casino
In short, you cannot beat the Winter Casino without putting in lots of Dragon City gems on your part. You will need to spend roughly 320 gems (32 spins*10 gems per spin to have a decent odd at getting the unique prizes. If you are luckier you may be able to do it -20% of our estimated amount, but that will still cost you roughly 250 gems for the dragon.

Our conclusion for this game is that you will be better off to purchase the Ninja Dragon when it goes on “sale” in special promotion packs at a later time.

Dragon City Black Market

The Blackmarket is a mini game that features a witch that sells you some unknown boxes that contain the dragons. You will have 6 dragons with a mystery box. Different box selections will cost you different amount of gems. This amount seems to change depending on the game itself. In addition, there is a set time frame at which the black market will expire – which means that the game ends.

Sometimes the box of dragons will contain a unique dragon that can only be obtained through the Black Market Dragon game.

How to Beat the Black Market
You should almost never spend your gem on “change list”. If you are really looking for a specific rare unique dragon, the chances are that you will only see that on the list after a couple of refreshes. Your best bet is to avoid using that option all altogether. Just play frequently enough to always get on top of the Black Market mini game.

Second, you should always have enough Gem reserve to be able to open all 6 boxes before event time ends. The Black Market Dragon City mini game is designed so that you only get the rare dragon at your 6th box. So if you do not have enough gems to do all 6 attempts, you simply throw your good gems after the common dragons. Again, the chances are that the unique dragon will probably be on sale at cheaper the cost than spending them with the Black Market.

Dragon City Wheel of Fortune

In Wheel of Fortune in Dragon City – You have two spin modes. Normal and Royal spins.
Normal Spin Contains: 1 Chip, 5 Chips, 10 Chips, 15 Chips, 20 Chips and one Bankrupt.
Royal Spin Contains: 2 Chips, 5 Chips,10 Chips,15 Chips, 20 Chips, and one Double.

Bankrupt will make you bankrupt and lose all the chips. Double will double your chips count.

Royal spin will cost 10 gems. In addition, you can only do 1 spin every 6 hours. Depending on the total chips that you obtain in the Wheel of Fortune, you can get different dragons based on the prize ladder. You can also choose the final prize that you would like.

How to Beat the Wheel of Fortune
The game is designed so that it will bankrupt you the majority of the time when you have a high number. This means that at the beginning of the spin, only use the normal spins. However, after you get pass 70 points, consider using gems on Royal Spins to avoid being bankrupt in the Dragon City Wheel of Fortune. If you are lucky enough, this game is pretty decent at getting you the rare unique dragons. However, just be careful not to start using gems for royal spins early in the game, and do not spend gems on waiting time speed up.

Dragon City Potion Spell Game

We have done a detailed write up on how the game works in our Dragon Spell Guide . You basically have to draw enough potion spells to obtain the dragons.

How to Beat the Dragon Spell Potion Game
In this game, timing is key, you want to be on stand by and draw the dragons as soon as cool down ends. By hitting all the draws with every cool down, you will greatly increase your chances at getting the dragons. In addition, always opt for the 50k gold medium draw. There’s no need to save your gold because you should have plenty when you become mid leveled in the game.

Dragon City Carnival Game

Compare to the other mini games, this one actually takes some skill and knowledge about the Dragons available in Dragon City. Depending on the shadow shown, you will have to type out the name. You should note about the following tips when attempting the Dragon City carnivals games.

1. During carnival, the game must run in browser mode, NOT fullscreen.
2. The dragon guesses are not case sensitive.
3. Only name is needed, you do not need to say Pure Earth Dragon – only pure earth will net you a win.

How to Beat the Dragon City Carnival Game
Like the other games, you want to make sure you start the guessing game every time your cooldown ends. After that, you should practice with some of the Dragon Carnival practice tools. By able to ace all of your Dragon City guesses, you are more likely to be able to win the grant prizes.

Update List
We will continue to upgrade this game when more Dragon City mini games are released. Please check back here often for our Dragon City pro mini game tips to help you become a dragon master. Hope you will be able to collect all the dragon city breeds successfully.

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