Dragon City Tips and Guides

Dragon City is the latest Facebook game released by Social Point. Gamelytic will start covering game guides for the various aspect of the game Dragon City. If you have any additional information or thoughts, please feel free to share them. Lastly, please always link back to us when you share our guides with your Facebook or Online friends. Thank you! Your Links are our best support.

More useful game guides can be found under Publisher Games.

Dragon City Guides

Dragon City Basic Beginner Guide
Get More Gold and Level Up Faster in Dragon City
Dragon City Gem Guide
Dragon City Habitat Guide
Dragon City Complete Farm and Food Guide
Dragon City Combat World Tournament Guide

Dragon Breeding and Egg Hatching

Dragon City Complete Dragon Breeding Guide

Battle Related Guides

Dragon City Battle Guide – Weakness and Strength

Training and Leveling Related Guides

Dragon City Dragon Training Center Guide

Limited Dragon City Promotion Guides

Dragon City Complete Mini Game Information
Butterfly Dragon and Dragon Spell Guide for Dragon City
Dragon City Santa Dragon and the Christmas Tree 2012 Special

Other Dragon City Fan Pages / Community

This is a great Dragon City community that are run by other dedicated players. You should always be able to get your breaking news of Dragon City on there as well. Please check them out.
Dragon City Central


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