Beginner’s Guide to Stronghold Kingdom Resources and Points

When you are first starting in the game of Stronghold Kingdoms, one of the first thing that you should do is to learn the various types of resources and currencies. Learning how every item, resources, and point connects to each other in game is key to advancing faster in the game. If you have any comments, please feel free to add them as comments at the bottom of the post. If this guide was helpful to you, please also check out our list of Stronghold Kingdoms guides.

Below are a listing for the different resources and points that you will encounter when you first start in the game. Use this guide as a summary guideline to help you understand the different aspect of the game.

Stronghold Kingdoms Honor Points

The honor points is essential to how fast you can build out your Stronghold Kingdom villages, as well as enabling you to unlock additional buildings and functions in game through research. You can earn honor through multiple methods in my Stronghold Kingdoms Rank and Honor Guide.

Stronghold Kingdoms Gold

You can obtain gold in Stronghold Kingdoms through taxing your village as well as trading from your village to the Parishes and capitals. It is important to have gold towards the end of the game because you will use gold towards many things such as higher level Stronghold Kingdom buildings and research. Check out my Stronghold Kingdom Gold Making Guide to learn better methods of making gold in game.

Stronghold Kingdoms Leaderboard Points

Another point in the game is calculated by the type of buildings that you have inside your village and castle. You are also awarded with Leaderboard points when you have achieved certain Stronghold Kingdoms honor ranks. Below is a break down of all the possible leaderboard points award that you can have:

and Church
Village Hall 1Fishing Jetty8Poleturners15
Hovel 4Inn 20Fletchers 15
Stockpile 1Tailor 25Blacksmiths 15
Granary 1Carpenters 15Armourers15
Woodcutter 3Hunters 10Siege Workshop30
Stone Quarry4Salt Flats 30Chapel50
Iron Mine 6Spice Docks30Church 100
Pitch Rig 4Silk Dock 30Cathedral 250
Brewery 6Metalware20Market 20
Apple Farm3Vineyard 30Formal Gardens40
Wheat Farm10Dairy Farm4Flower Beds10
Veg Farm 6Pig Farm6Gilded Statues50
Stone Statues 30
Castle PiecesLeaderboard
Small Shrine8
Bumpkin3Stone Tower 2×25Large Shrines 15
Yokel 8Stone Tower 3×3 12Stocks 20
Peasant 15Stone Tower 4×420Burning Posts30
Serf 30Stone Tower 5×532Gibbet 50
Villein50Wooden Tower2Rack 40
Bondsman 80Guard House12Dovecote 20
Freeman 120 (8 per sub-rank)Smelter50Maypole 60
Commoner150 (10 per sub-rank)Wooden Wall1/3Dancing Bear40
Thane200 (15 per sub-rank)Stone Wall1Theatre 20
Yeoman 400 (20 per sub-rank)Moat 1Jester Court30
Alderman 550 (20 per sub-rank)Killing Pit2Troubadour Arbor50
Gentleman 700 (20 per sub-rank)Stone Gatehouse15
Page 900 (20 per sub-rank)Wooden Gatehouse5
Squire 1100 (20 per sub-rank)Turret8
Knight/Dame1500 (30 per sub-rank)Ballista Tower 20
Baron/Baroness1800 (30 per sub-rank)
Viscount/Viscountess2100 (35 per sub-rank)
Earl/Countess 2500 (35 per sub-rank)
Marquis/Margravine3000 (40 per sub-rank)
Duke/Duchess 3600 (50 per sub-rank)
Prince/Princess4500 (100 per sub-rank)


Stronghold Kingdoms Faith Points

Faith points can be used by monks to carry out different Stronghold kingdoms, these tasks include changing votes, curing diseases, decreasing popularity, increase popularity, preventing attacks, and removing religious powers. The Stronghold Kingdoms Faith points can be gained from researching Theology as well as placing various religious buildings.

Stronghold Kingdoms Strategy Cards

The strategy cards can be considered one of the in game resources, when used correctly, they can give you great boosts to help you advance further. The Stronghold Kingdoms strategy cards can be divided into two main categories, timed duration cards and instant cards. The timed duration cards can boost production within a period of time on the card. The instant Stronghold Kingdoms strategy cards can instantly grant you the resources or building completions as stated on the card.

Building Materials in Stronghold Kingdoms

The main two building materials in game that you will immediately gain and use are wood and stone. These are the two main building materials that you will have to use to construct various buildings in the strategy game.

Complete List of Stronghold Kingdom Resources

Based on your Village type, your village may be able to create and produce different resources. Below is a complete list of all the resources that can be produced in your Stronghold Kingdom village.

ApplesFoodGranaryApple Orchard
CatapultWeaponryArmourySiege Workshop
CheeseFoodGranaryDairy Farm
ClothesTradeVillage HallTailor
FishFoodGranaryFishing Jetty
FurnitureTradeVillage HallCarpenter's Workshop
IronBuilding MaterialStockpileIron Mine
MeatFoodGranaryPig Farm
MetalwareTradeVillage HallMetalware Workshop
PitchTradeStockpilePitch Rig
SaltTradeVillage HallSalt Pan
SilkTradeVillage HallSilk Dock
SpiceTradeVillage HallSpice Dock
StoneBuilding MaterialStockpileStone Quarry
VegetablesFoodGranaryVegetable Farm
VenisonTradeVillage HallHunter's Hut
WineTradeVillage HallVineyard
WoodBuilding MaterialStockpileWoodcutter's Hut


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