Complete Stronghold Kingdoms Rank and Honor Guide

In Stronghold Kingdoms, the majority part of the castle building is to increase your ranks through the earning of honor points. This guide will walk you through different parts of the game that relates to rank and honor. Use this Stronghold Kingdoms ranks and honor guide to help you plan out the path of advancement in game. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other useful Stronghold Kingdoms guides.

Importance of Stronghold Kingdom Ranks

Obtaining higher ranks in Stronghold Kingdoms is your priority in the game. Higher ranks can enable you to do more things in game and many of which makes you strong and more powerful in Stronghold kingdoms. Higher ranks allow you to have higher level subranks, additional Vassals to hold more Stronghold Kingdoms military troops, and occupy more Stronghold Kingdoms villages at the same time. Lastly, it also opens up more research opportunities for you to boost various items and categories. With all these benefits tied to having higher ranks in game, this makes your primary goal in game to raise up your ranks as fast as possible.

Table of Available Stronghold Kingdoms Honor Ranks

This is a table that contains all the ranks that you can obtain in the game. This rank chart also details out the different honor points required at various rank ups, as well as the research types that they unlock for your Stronghold Kingdom village. In addition, I have also included the inactivity time allowed for each of the Stronghold Kingdoms ranks. More information may be added here in the future to reflect the different benefits of higher level Stronghold Kingdoms rankings.

1Village Idiot10101Basic Research
1 Scout
Armed Peasants
2Bumpkin20101Dairy Farms8
2 Scouts
4Peasant150101Hunter's Huts10
6Villein500101Fletcher and Archer12
11Yeoman5000125Poleturner, Armourer and Pikemen17
12Alderman100002362 Village when
Leadership, and Captains
is researched
13Gentleman20000246Blacksmith and Swordsmen b19
14Page35000257Create or join a Faction
Access to Salt for Banquets
15Squire60000367Catapults and Siege Workshops
3 Village with Level 2 Leadership
16Knight or Dame1000003108Razing players' villages28
17Baron or Baroness20000041594 Villages with Level 3
18Viscount or Viscountess350000520105 Villages with Level 4
19Earl or Countess500000625116 Villages with Level 5
20Marquis or Margravine650000730127 Villages with Level 6
21Duke or Duchess800000835158 Villages with Level 7
22Prince or Princess100000015502515 Villages with Level 13


Ways to Obtaining Stronghold Kingdoms Honor Fast

There are multiple ways to obtain Stronghold Kingdoms honor in order to obtain the additional ranks. These methods include creating banquet buildings and holding banquets, building additional decoration buildings for passive honor gain daily with higher honor multiplier, and attack/destroying enemies camps, defending Stronghold Kingdom castles from attack, be the first to scout stashes, and lastly use strategy cards as honor multiplier to earn honor faster. Below I will go over each of these Stronghold Kingdoms honor gaining methods in detail.

Hosting Banquets

Banquets are effective methods to earn honor points when you have additional banquet resources. You will be able to use certain types of resources to start and hosting Stronghold Kingdoms banquets. You can start hosting your first banquet when you have reach rank 4 and have obtained Hunter’s Hut, this allows you to produce the resources needed to start your first banquet. More detailed Stronghold Banqueting guide will be written shortly.

Stronghold Kingdoms Popularity and Honor Multiplier

In Stronghold Kingdoms, you will gain a certain honor based on the popularity number of your village. Once you have had the initial popularity numbers, you will obtain a certain numbers of honor points on a daily basis. Therefore, you can increase your daily honor gain through the building of different decoration buildings. Below are the list of the obtainable Honor multipliers that you can use to boost the rate and speed at which honor points are earned:

Stronghold Kingdoms Decorations

You can place a number of decorative buildings once you have started decoration research. The decorations give you additional honor multipliers when they are placed closer to the hall. You can unlock additional decorations by completing the decoration research tree.

Stronghold Kingdoms Justice Buildings

You can place a number of Justice buildings once you have started Justice research. The decorations give you additional honor multipliers when they are placed closer to the hall. You can unlock additional decorations by completing the Justice research tree.

Stronghold Kingdoms Church Buildings

Once you have research the Church technology in Stronghold Kingdoms, you will be able to build and place various Church buildings for honor points.

Arts Research Honor Multiplier

When you have research higher level arts in Stronghold Kingdoms, you will automatically gain honor points multipliers based on the level of research.

Parish Honor Bonus

You can place different items such as statues and gardens inside the parish to earn passive honor points multiplier.

Honor Culture Cards Bonus

By putting the culture cards in play, you will also obtain honor points multiplier bonus.

Earning Honor Points Via Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Defense

When you successfully defend your castles from enemy AI attacks, you will earn certain amount of honor points. It should be noted that if you have stopped enemy AI attacks via the research of Diplomacy, you will still earn Stronghold Kingdoms honor points. The enemy seige camps may still attack players during the peace time.

Get More Honor by Defeating AI Camps

You can obtain more honors when you attack Stronghold Kingdom enemy AI camps.

Earning Stronghold Kingdoms by Discovering Resource Stash

Each parish has one or two resource stashes which appear in random spots within the parish. A new stash will not appear until the uncovered stashes in the parish have been fully plundered. Being the first to reveal stashes within your honour circle will get honour, based on the number of stashes previously found in the area.

(A) In order to scout a stash, on the world map, you must first click on the yellow shield above the village from which you wish to send the scouts, then click on the stash you wish to retrieve.
(B) You can also select the village to send scouts from via the top right-hand drop down menu.
(C) A small window will appear, allowing you choose the number of scouts to send, the time it will take them to get to the stash, and whether it will yield honour or not. If the stash has already been uncovered, a small icon will appear next to the go button, showing the contents of the stash.

Honor Cards Boost

Some Stronghold Kingdoms cards have the ability to reward you with additional honor points for completing certain actions. Utilize these special cards to get honor points faster in Stronghold Kingdoms.

Using Honor for Attacks

When you attack other real players in Stronghold Kingdoms, you will use some honor points. In addition, the more different in honor ranking, the more honor points will cost to attack other players.

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