Popularity Guide in Stronghold Kingdoms

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Popularity is extremely important factor in your Stronghold Kingdom. it will affect how fast you will attract peasants to your Stronghold Kingdom village, as well as the amount of honor that you gain per day. Below is a complete guide on what and how you should do to obtain more popularity in game. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with your kingdom mates and houses, lastly also check out our list of Stronghold Kingdom guides.

Stronghold Kingdom Popularity Basic Factors

The basic factors in popularity involves the following: tax rate, food ration, ale ration, housing capacity, building modifiers, and lastly events. I will go through each of these Stronghold Kingdom factors for you to understand more about how they relate and affect your popularity ranking. Below are the tab that you can move under the Stronghold Village kingdom section under popularity.

When you have positive popularity, you will attract additional villagers over time, and when you have negative popularity, you will lose villagers over time. The more extreme in one popularity direction, the faster it is for villagers to arrive or leave.

Tax Rate

You can set the tax rate and even bride to entice new peasants to come into your village. The higher your tax rate, the less popular that your village will become. By setting up a bride for the villagers however, will increase your popularity greatly at the cost of gold. The tax rate have the following rankings and amount:

or Gain

Food Rations Adjustment

Depend on the types of food that you have and amount of food that you make available to your villagers, they will have varying degree of popularity level. The bottom line is that the more types of food that you offer to your Stronghold Kingdom peasants at higher ration rate, the happier that they will become. It should be noted that the food ration cost is scalable based on the numbers of villagers that you have, this means that the more Stronghold Kingdoms peasants that you have, the more food that they will consume when you have set the ration high.

of Food
1 Type5152540
2 Type11213146
3 Type17273752
4 Type25354560
5 Type35455570
6 Type45556580

Ale Ration

The Ale ration for your Stronghold Kingdom Popularity gain is similar to your food ration gain. You can determine how much ale to let your Stronghold Kingdom villagers consume per day. And based on the amount being consumed, you will earn popularity points.

Ale Ration x1 = 6
Ale Ration x2 = 12
Ale Ration x3 = 18
Ale Ration x4 = 24

Housing Capacity Percentage

This popularity value is based on how many villagers that you currently have in your Stronghold Village, as well as the percentage of housing still available for the new comers. By having high percentage of occupancy, your village may experience a negative popularity point. However, you can increase the housing capacity by building either more houses or upgrade the different housing types via Stronghold Kingdoms research.

Popularity Buildings

You can building various entertainment or justice buildings to increase the popularity of your village.

Special Events Bonus and Penalty

Enemy AI Penalty
Some enemy castles in your parish will lower the popularity points for all the villages that reside in the Stronghold Kingdom Parish. Below is a quick list of these popularity adjustments.
pig castle (-25)
bandits -5
wolfs -4

Weather Popularity
Storms -30
Heavy Rain -24
Rain -18
Showers -12
Drizzle -6
Overcast 0
Break in the Cloud +6
Sunny Spells +12
Fine Weather +18
Bright Sunshine +24
Heatwave +30

Actual Stronghold Kingdoms Popularity and Population Gain or Loss

0~10 points = approximately 12 hours per villager
10~20 points = 10 hours
20~30 points = 8 hours
30~40 points = 5 hours
50 points = 1 hour
60 points = 30 min
70 points = 20 min
80 points = 10 min
90 points = 10 min x 2 peasants
100 points = 10 min x 3 peasants
120 points = 10 min x 4 peasants
150 points = 10 min x 5 peasants.

Note on Honor Gain

Because honor and ranking is very important in Stronghold kingdoms, it is worth noting that popularity acts as a multiplier to the amount of honor earned per day, therefore it is in your best interest to keep a decent amount of popularity at all times to get more honor points.

Parish Popularity Guides

Your village’s popularity is also influenced by the Popularity that your Parish allows you to have as bonuses. More detailed information will be written for this aspect of the game.

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