Wizard How to Play | Zenonia 5

Wizards in Zenonia 5 is a fun class to play. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about building your Wizards from stats to skills. Use this guide to help you learn about using and equipping your Zenonia 5 Wizard in the game.

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Wizard Character Stats

For your Zenonia 5 Wizards, the following stats can affect these battle stats by default:

DEF + 2

ATK + 1
Hit + 0.06
CRI + 0.34
Evade + 0.24

DEF + 2
HP + 22

ATK + 6
Hit + 0.14
Critical Damage + 0.18
SP + 20

Wizard Stats Build
Your wizard building is pretty straight forward in Zenonia 5. You can do either the following:

1. Full Int build for maximum damage.
2. 2 Int and 1 CON for additional HP to take more hits.
3. 1 Int and 2 CON for a wizard tank build.

We usually recommend full int for the maximum firepower that wizards are supposed to be in the game. With full int you will need to use some HP gears and title to compliment your HP count. Your goal is to get as much as ATT as possible to deal maximum damage. Your role in PvP with this build is to kill the enemies first before they take down your little HP.

However, you can still put in some CON to boost the HP to survive a couple more hits, but in general the CON does not help you much to survive more if you cannot kill your opponent fast enough in Zenonia PvP.

Wizard Skills Listing

Zenonia 5 Wizards offer many different skills. However, because your skills can be limited. It is important to choose a skill that is the best for your Zenonia 5 Wizard build. We will first list out all the skills and how they function in the game to help you decide the best skills to use. The skill’s first point is generally the most important, and after which the skills can improve a little with additional skill points added into the skill. With this in mind, we will list the first skill effect, and then the subsequent skill per level.

You can then use this list to calculate the Zenonia 5 Wizard skill effects based upon the level. We will then into detail about how they are used in Zenonia 5 Wizard combat.

Skill Point
Psychic BallActive1ATT: 150%
Immobile Rate: 30%
Duration 4 sec
ATT: 10%
Immobile Rate: +3%
TeleportActive1ATT: 200%
Constant DMG: 30%
Bleeding Rate: 30%
Duration 6 sec
ATT: +3%
Constant DMG: 2%
Bleeding Rate: 3%
TornadoActive5Psychic BallATT: 250%
Slow Rate: 25%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: 15%
Slow Rate: 2%
Force WallActive5ATT: 65%
Slow Rate: 10%
Duration: 3 sec
ATT: 3%
Blessing of WisdomActive5SP Absorb: +2%
Duration: 30 sec
SP Absorb: 1%
Duration: 1 sec
Magic ArrowActive15Normal Attack Increase: +20%
Duration: 30 sec
Normal Attack Increase: +3%
Duration: 1 sec
Chain LightningActive15ATT: 280%
Constant DMG: +20%
Shock Rate: 30%
Slow: -3
Duration 6 sec
ATT: 20%
Shock Rate: 3%
Mental BreakActive25ATT: 550%
Slow Rate: 50%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: 50%
Slow Rate: 3%
Mana DrainActive25ATT: 80%
Constant DMG: +30%
Shock Rate: 10%
Duration: 3 sec
ATT: 5%
Shock Rate: 3%
Psychic ShieldActive25Mana Protection: +40%
Duration: 20 sec
Duration: 1 sec
Psychic SpinActive35Mental BreakATT: +200%ATT: 12%
ConcentrateActive35SP Consumption: +1%
Normal Attack Increase: +80%
Duration: 20 sec
Duration: 2 sec
StarfallActive35Psychic ShieldATT: 120%
Slow Rate: 20%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: +10%
Slow Rate: 3%
Psychic StormActive45ConcentrateATT: 65%
Constant DMG: +40%
Shock Rate: 15%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: 4%
Potion Effect IncreasePassive1Potion Effect: +10%Potion Effect: 5%
Gold PlusPassive1Gold Acquired: +5%Gold Acquired: +5%
ATT IncreasePassive5ATT Increase: +4%ATT Increase: +2%
DEF IncreasePassive5DEF: +4%DEF: +2%
EVA IncreasePassive15EVA: +2.00EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate IncreasePassive15CRI Rate: 2.00CRI Rate: 2.00
CON IncreasePassive25CON: +3CON: +3
INT IncreasePassive25INT: +3INT: +3
Passive MasterPassive35Upgrade Passive: +3%Upgrade Passive: +3%
CRI per INTPassive35CRI per INT: +60%CRI per INT: +5 %
Devil's RecoveryPassive45SP Recovery during Hit Rate: 10%/ SP Recovery during Hit: +5%SP Recovery during Hit Rate: 1%
Area ZeroPassive45Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%


Zenonia 5 Wizard Skills Discussion in Combat

We will go over the various active skills so that you will not waste any wizard’s skill points.

Psychic Ball: This is a handy skill that shoots 3 energy balls toward enemy. If you are close to the guy, the balls can all hit the enemy at the same time. This is especially useful for boss situations. If your damage and crit rate is decent enough, the skill can push back the boss and deal even more damage. At high levels, this is a great skill for it’s high immobile rate too.

Teleport: You will dash forward in the game and damage the enemy near you. However, you will have to get pretty near the monster or enemy to deal damage. This makes this skill less attractive because you may still die when getting hit from landing. However, during normal monster play this is decent skill to get out of mobbed situations. Additional skill points in teleport does not do much other than damage.

Tornado: You shoot dual tornadoes against enemy. This have the potential to deal damage if somehow the enemy gets hit from the tornado a couple of times. However, it usually does not. This is a skill that you should never have. You can also get hit by enemies while casting which means you will typically die with Tornado.

Forcewall: Forcewall sets up a static blue fire pillar for some time. This skill can deal massive damage against ranged attackers if you are willing to take a hit. The blue fire pillar can continue to damage enemies that stand in the same spot. Other than that, this skill is pretty weak and do not put any additional skill points into it after the initial.

Blessing of Wisdom: This skill gives you SP absorb which can recover your own SP. However, this is a useless skill, at higher level it is much faster to simply use SP potions to almost fully recover your SP. Do not put any point into this skill for Zenonia 5 wizard build.

Magic Arrow: Magic arrow is useful in boosting your normal attack. Maxed magic arrow can be quite deadly when coupled with concentration because they do stack. However, the limited buff duration makes it less attractive.

Chain Lightning: Chain Lightning is an interesting skill that it pulls your enemies toward you to deal damage. The problem with it is that as a wizard, you actually want to keep a distance between you and mobs. This skill defeats the purpose. If you pull the enemy in without killing it or immobilizing it, you will more often take a hit. This is a bad skill. However, it can be useful for PvP situations where you want to get close to your enemy during the buff period.

Mental Break: This is a great skill that have awesome attack damage while slowing enemies down. You can blast them and run away easily if they are not killed. At higher levels with good damage, you can use it as a good finisher because this wizard skill has a wide range. Definitely get 1 or more skill points in this.

Mana Drain: At a glance mana drain is a bad skill. However this skill does decent damage to enemies from one side. Mana drain has decent skill cooldown and you should add one skill point to your arsenal. While casting you will not get damage by enemy.

Psychic Shield: This is a must have skill both for enemies and PvP situations. As a wizard with emphasis on INT, you will have plenty more SP than HP. This skillconvertsthat SP into your HP. With this skill you will become a decent tanker to avoid one hit kills. However it should be noted that you should still try to avoid attacks because fatal kills can drain your SP pool fast. However, you should always keep a few SP potions handy too.

Psychic Spin: This is a decent skill that you should invest 1 point into. This deals great damage to all the enemies around you. You typically will not receive any damage from enemies while using this skill.

Concentrate: Zenonia 5 Wizard’s concentrate is a deadly combo with Magic Arrow. Both of these stack and can make your normal attacks deal pretty insane damage. However, the SP consumption of 1% per use can become costly. In addition, during regular monster farming you may find it annoying having to buff all the time.

Starfall: This is a decent skill however useless in PvP situations. The arrows that this skill shoots typically have low accuracy. You will find that only a few strikes will actually hit. However, this is a good skill against “bigger” bosses because they get more hits from being a bigger size.

Psychic Storm: This skill sets up lightning pillars that chase after enemy. However this skill is pretty slow and you will get hit while casting this skill. So your best bet is to keep a distance for casting it and wait for enemies to jump in the lightning storm.

Playing and Leveling Up Your Zenonia 5 Wizard

As a magic and ranged class, your wizard is pretty squishy in the game. However, in return of your massive damage ability, you are very squishy in taking any damage at all in the game. As a wizard, you will most likely die a bunch of times until you can kill your Zenonia 5 enemies fast.

In general, as a ranged magic class, you can up kill enemies higher than your level to earn some fast experience points. However, you will find yourself easily killed during boss fights. Any boss skills that touch you can pretty much kill you fast. As fast, you must have really good controls as a Zenonia 5 wizard. With that in mind, we will spec our wizard skills to focus on the damage. You can make judgement on the order of maxing these skills. But in general the passive skills are the most important for the wizard build.

Full Int Wizard Build
Your goal is to master most of the damage related skills.

Max ATT Increase
Max Crit Rate Increase
Max Passive Master
1 Point into Mental Break, Psychic Spin, Psychic Shield, and Starfall

After those points are used. You can now branch into either of the following routes for your Zenonia 5 wizard skill build:

Passive Route:
Continue building your passive skills to Max INT Increase and Crit per INT. Possibly EVA to avoid more incoming attacks.

Active Route:
Max Magic Arrow and Concentrate. However this route will require you to consistently casting more buffs before hunting enemies.

Mixed INT build skill builds
This type of build need to rely more on the skills and less normal attacks to deal damage. With less int, you will have less SP pool yet a little more HP to take hits. With this strategy, you will need to max out some of the skills to deal damage. However, even then you will still have hard time at bosses. You will have to make smart decision about when to put the points into the skills. Following is the Zenonia 5 mixed stats wizard builds.

Max ATT Increase
Max Crit Rate Increase
Max Passive Master
Max INT Increase
Max Mental Break, Psychic Spin, and possibly Psychic Shield.

You will need plenty of SP pots to keep yourself from draining from all the active skill uses. But you will need it to deal decent damage against enemies in the game.

Final Thoughts for Zenonia 5 Wizards
To make the best wizards, your best bet is to actually spend some money into skill points. Having additional skill points can definitely make a difference in your game play. Because your skill points are quite limited, you need to be very careful about the types of skill that you end up using. But spending money to purchase the skill points can help you.

Best Stats to Aim for in Gears

To learn more about the gears and fairy system, please check our Zenonia 5 Gear and Fairy Guide.

The stats that we like the most is Crit and Crit damage. Critical attacks effectively boost your damage almost two fold. It should be noted that DEX can affect your CRIT rate and INT itself affects your Crit damage. As you level up higher towards level 60 range, you should start focusing some points towards EVA. EVA can definitely save your butt at tough situations to avoiding some of the damages taken. Having higher EVA will make your Psychic shield’s job easier too and keep your SP pool alive.

The majority of your ATT will come from your INT count and gears. Play around with the ATT and Crit to see which stats yield better battling result for you.

Best Wizard Fairy and Title Choices

The best fairy title to obtain for your Zenonia 5 wizard is the
Fairy Mania: Intelligence +20%
Use 20 awakening stones or Extract skill stones (40 stone)

However it may take a while before you get that title, some other decent tiles for your wizard are HP increases so that you will be less likely to suffer one hit kills. After you have completed the normal game mode, go for the mud titans in the graveyard to obtain the
Mud Slayer: Attack +20%
Kill 100 Mud Titans

For the fairy setup of your wizard, we personally like Ice and Holy for their abilities to disable the enemies. The fire runes do not do enough damage to kill your enemies and confusion is less helpful.

For the upgrade stones concentrate to get 3 skill update stones that focus on INT, ATK, and lastly the critical rate if you want to aim for 100% critical ability.