Zenonia 5 Events – PvP, Abyss, and Raid Guide

In Zenonia 5, it is important for you to play in the special events such as PvP, Abyss, and Raid to earn higher ranked gears. Please note that this guide is basic and is written for the beginners. Please feel free to leave your comments too if you have some strategies and tips that you would like to share.

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Zenonia 5 PvP

PvP is a fun thing where you will be using your Zenonia 5 character hero to battle the build that other players have built. The PvP system currently have two main ways of battling: the Daily Event and the Quick Match battles. We will go over both of these PvP systems to help you understand how they work.

In PvP, you will not be able to access your gear screens. You also cannot use any sort of potions or buff items.

Daily Event
The Daily event draws a series of enemies related to their level and possibly their ranking record. You will have two series that you can battle through. Each serie will have 4 opponents that you will have to fight. However, the win or losses do not give you additional ranking points nor win/loss record. It should also note that you do not receive any rewards at the end of the Daily Event PvP battles.

You will however, receive a random treasure box once you complete the battle series. The random treasure box will grant you a random magic or higher gears adjusted for your level.

Quick Match: Points and Ranking System
The Zenonia 5 Quick Match is the most used PvP system. The system will match you up basically based on your level. We do not see there is any matching differences based on your ranking or winning records. You may be matched with any of the 4 Zenonia 5 classes for the PvP. You will earn some battle points when you win, and lose about half when you lose. However, the higher level you are, the most points that you can earn per battle.

Tips to Win at PvP
To win at PvP is really dependent on your class and your enemy class. Know the different skills that your enemies can use. Different skills have different patterns. You can also note their strengths from their ATT/DEF. Below are some of the PvP tactics that you can use.

1. Strategize and Use Enemy Cooldown Time.
Some of your skills have bonus affects such as bleeding or immobilized. Understand your skills and use them at the right time. Note the skills that your opponent has used in the course of the battle. As your level gets higher, the enemies can pull off big moves that have longer cooldown. This means that it is the right time to start charging and attacking.

2. Hit and Run
One great tactic is to use hit and run well. Your goal is to avoid taking in damage while killing the enemies in the game. By successfully hit and run, you can dealmoredamage without taking them yourself.

3. Skills to Counter Skills
Many of the skills that your character have give you temporary invincibility over the enemy. This means that as soon as you sense or guess that the PvP player is going to use strong skill, use your counter skill too. Your goal is to take in the least damage possible. In a way the PvP system in Zenonia 5 is like playing Chess.

4. Focus on PvP Skills
Your skill sets all have active skills that focus on immobilizing the enemies. Take advantage of those will boost your chances at winning in PvP fights. However, because of your limit on the skill points, consider spending some ZEN/money to boost up those skills to have easier time at winning PvP matches.

5. Be Aware of Heavy Damage Dealers
Some characters have really strong one shot damages that can really hurt. The pure int wizard is one of the class that you should be aware of. The heavy damage dealers’ attacks should be avoided at all costs.

6. Become Familiar of Other Classes
Fight often and frequently to know the skills of other classes. Know what those skills look like so that you can act appropriately. If you know some skills can slow you down and cause you bleeding, it may change the way on how you react after being hit. For example, if you get hit with slow and you know you can no longer run, you should simply stand your ground and fight it out.

7. Beef up Your Character
We are not going to say it less, but money does help in PvP. There are plenty of ways to use ZEN to buff up your characters. If you face a player that simply completely overpower you and kill you in one shot, there is not much you can do. Your only option is to beef up your character further and don’t give up!

Zenonia 5 Abyss

The Abyss is simply an endless dungeon / arena match that gives you hard enemies. Your goal is to battle through them and pick up the drops. You will have 1 free ticket to enter once per day, and after that you will have to pay ZEN for the additional entries. The abyss dungeon in Zenonia 5 is the only place where you can get legendary Zenonia 5 gears, so you should visit the dungeon on a daily basis!

1 Ticket = 25 ZEN
10 Ticket = 150 ZEN
50 Ticket = 500 ZEN

The only note that we are going to make is that you will not find the Abyss helpful until you reach at least level 50 or higher. In addition, because the Abyss is timed battles, if you character is a tank and does not deal good damage, you will probably lose the trials as well.

Lastly, the dropped loots disappear as soon as the new stage starts. This means that always pick up the loots as they drop!

Zenonia 5 Raid

The raid system for Zenonia 5 has just been released. Please check out our Zenonia 5 Raid Mode Guide for more information. In short, never spend your ZEN on the raid modes as they are absolutely worthless.

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