How to Master Paladin | Zenonia 5

The Paladin class in Zenonia 5 is in our opinion the strongest class in almost all of the areas. It has the ability to both deal great damage while having many defensive abilities to keep the Paladin alive. In this guide, we will discuss some of the Zenonia 5 Paladin stats build that you may have as well as some of the good active skills to have. With this guide, you will be able to build and train the best Zenonia 5 paladin that suit your playing style.

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Zenonia 5 Paladin Stats

The Paladin’s stats can help you grow in the following battle stats in Zenonia 5. Each point in adding the stats will boost the listed stats. We will then discuss how and why you should go for certain stats builds.


0.08 HIT
0.26 EVA
0.36 CRI

0.18 HIT
0.14 CRIT
26 SP

26 HP

Zenonia 5 Paladin Stats Builds

Based these stats, we have prepared 3 kinds of recommended stats build for your Zenonia 5 Paladin.

Pure STR builds are for PvE purposes only. They make great PvE gear farming character for their high damage output against single enemy. They are especially powerful in End game Zenonia 5 Hell Mode.
Pure CON Paladin builds is the strongest PvP character in Zenonia 5.
Hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON is the easiest build to finish the game in normal mode.

Hybrid Build: 2 STR and 1 CON
This is a hybrid build that will be extremely easy for you to play through the game through normal mode. However, this build becomes a little bit weak at end game compared to either pure STR or pure CON. However, if your goal is simply to play through the game once, this is the easiest build. You will have decent attack while having OK defenses and HP to survive enemy attacks.

However, we do not recommend having 1 STR and 2 CON. The strength of your Zenonia 5 paladin comes from their ability to do quick damages with fast attack speed, and they have some of heavy hitter skills that can wipe out enemies fast. By having a hybrid that focuses more on CON, you give away too much of your attacking ability while not achieving the full benefit of pure CON.

Pure CON Tank Build
The Pure CON is the tank’s build, you will rarely die from enemy attacks as long as you have up to date gears with defensive skills and abilities. However, this is a turtle build where you will spend a long time trying to wear down the bosses. The beginning to mid game is hell for this build because some of the bosses will take forever to kill such as Haima. However, with pure Con build, you would be taking so little damage that you will save alot of gold over the course of your game play. At Zenonia 5 end game, pure CON builds along with HP reflect gears can be deadly. The Pure CON paladin build is essentially only geared toward PvP purpose. They are extremely bad for farming gears and leveling will be a bad grind.

It should be noted that if you are interested in pure CON build for PvP purpose. We recommend going pure CON Zenonia 5 berserker instead. The decoys abilities that are associated with berserker + HP reflect will prove to be alot more deadly than the pure CON paladin. However, if you have trouble farming the needed HP reflect gears, the reflect ability is also deadly against other high damage attacking classes.

Pure STR Power Build
The pure STR power build can make your Zenonia 5 Paladin into a mob farming machine. Some of Paladin’s best hitting skills can deal a ton of damage that wipe out enemies fast. At end game the Paladin will also have decent defenses and HP to survive hits better than mechanics and wizards. If you are going for max amount of damage in the game, the pure STR Paladin is the best for you. However, this build will play like a mage at times, you will run around to “mob” the monsters, and unleash skills to kill them fast. However, you can also be on the melee offensive if you can tank the mobs somewhat. We actually recommend this build because this one is great for abyss dungeon farming. However, the pure power build is extremely fragile for PvP purposes due to low amount of HP count.

About INT or DEX Hybrids
Other than our proposed paladin stats builds, you should avoid INT and DEX altogether. INT is useless in terms of giving you the extra SP, at end game with a simple SP absorb item you should almost never run out of SP. Although INT also provides some other stats, but going STR to boost ATT is still better. DEX is useless too, although DEX can improve your HIT rate, it is better to find a few +HIT upgrade stones if you start to miss to much with your skills. Based on the above points, avoid adding INT or DEX for your paladin at all.

Paladin Skill Listing

Below we have listed out all the skills that you can train for your Zenonia 5 paladin. We have listed the first point gain as well as the subsequent skill point growths. After this section we will discuss each of the active skill in detail so you will never waste your skill points on a skill that is weak or useless.

Skill Point
Shield ChargeActive1ATT: 100%
Stun Rate: 10%
Duration: 2 sec
ATT: +6%
Stun Rate: +2%
Level 5 and 10 Hit and speed increase
Curing LightActive1HP Recovery: +20%HP Recovery: +2%
Crest of AuthorityActive5Max HP Increase: +20%
Duration: 30 sec
Max HP Increase: +3%
Duration: +1 sec
Holy CrossActive5ATT: 500%
Slow Rate: 30%
Duration: 9 sec
ATT: +30%
Slow Rate: +2%
Temple Knight's ScreemActive5Curing LightATT: 250%
Confusion Rate: 20%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Confusion Rate: +3%
Hammer of SilenceActive15ATT: 250%
Silence Rate: 30%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Silence Rate: +3%
Recharge ShotActive15ATT: 300%
HP Recovery: +5%
ATT: +20%
Armor of ProtectionActive15Allie DEF: +20%Allie DEF: +3%
Duration: +1 sec
Hammer of JusticeActive25Hammer of SilenceATT: 700%
Stun Rate: 50%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +35%
Stun Rate: +3%
Purifying FlameActive25Recharge ShotATT: 70%
Constant DMG: +35%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +2%
Bleeding Rate: 1%
Duration: +1 sec
Scale AuraActive25Reflect: +100%
Duration: 30 sec
Reflect: +10%
Duration: 1 sec
Absolute ShieldActive35Purifying FlameThorn Protect: +100%
DEF Increase: +80%
Duration: 6 sec
Duration: +1 sec
Holy LightActive35Holy Light x 1
Duration: 20 sec
Heal allie HP
Duration: +1 sec
Archangel's BlessingActive45Holy Guardian 1 x 1
Duration: +20 sec
Duration: +2 sec
Potion Effect IncreasePassive1Potion Effect: +10%Potion Effect: 5%
Gold PlusPassive1Gold Acquired: +5%Gold Acquired: +5%
ATT IncreasePassive5ATT Increase: +4%ATT Increase: +2%
DEF IncreasePassive5DEF: +4%DEF: +2%
EVA IncreasePassive15EVA: +2.00EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate IncreasePassive15CRI Rate: 2.00CRI Rate: 2.00
CON IncreasePassive25CON: +3CON: +3
STR IncreasePassive25STR: +3STR: +3
Passive MasterPassive35Upgrade Passive: +3%Upgrade Passive: +3%
DEF per STRPassive35DEF per STR: +15%DEF per STR: +5 %
Survival InstinctPassive45HP Recover during Hit Rate: 10%
HP Recovery during Hit: +5%
HP Recover during Hit Rate: +2%
Area ZeroPassive45Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%


Paladin Active Skill Discussions

We will discuss how each of these skills will play into the battle field for you in Zenonia 5:

Shield Charge
This skill can be useful at 1 point simply for you do deal some initial damage while getting out of corners. However, this beginner skill can also be awesome at level 10 for its ability to stun the enemy. At level 10 you will be able to do additional hits at higher stun rate. However, you should either put 1 or 10 points into this skill, never anything in between. In addition, this skill is useful because you are invincible while the skill is in use.

Curing Light
Curing Light is a great skill that instantly recover your HP count. With this skill plus the use of potions, you should always have more than half HP. The Paladin’s curing light skill is even more powerful when you are pure CON build with tons of HP. You can cast curing light right after Crest of Authority so that you get additional boosts from HP % recovered. This skill is extremely useful in PvP and abyss dungeons where you cannot use potions.

Crest of Authority
The only place where this skill may be useful is in certain boss situations and hell mode. You increase your HP count to avoid one hit kills and your ability to tank. You can also use it as a little boost to increase your HP healed from curing light. However, actually casting this skill in battle can be hard when you are always on the run. We do not recommend having this skill.

Holy Cross
Holy Cross is the most useful and effective skill for Zenonia 5 Paladin. You should max this skill as soon as you have enough skill points. This skill can do significant damage to a group of enemies in a pretty wide “net”. It also casts slow on the enemies so that you can make a getaway. The only down fall with this skill is that you can get damaged while casting.

Temple Knight’s Scream
The Temple Knight’s Scream is a weak skill that has low range. And you will also get hit while casting this skill. However, you can consider having just 1 point in the skill as a finisher. It does shoot out “invisible” projectiles at about 2~3 enemies.

Hammer of Silence
You will need to put 1 point in this skill to unlock Hammer of Justice. Becauseofits ability to multi hit, it can do quite a bit of damage at level 10 as well. The silence debuff does not really do much in the game against other players in PvP or PvE. The damage output from the skill is not that great. However, the only plus is that you are invincible while casting the skill.

Recharge Shot
At high level, recharge shot can be even more effective at recovering your HP than curing light. This is especially so if you are pure STR build. You should only put 1 point into this skill because Recharge’s damage potential is lacking and you do get hit while casting the skill.

Armor of Protection
The Armor of Protection has the ability to boost your DEF to be able to tank Hell Mode mobs. Even at level 1 it provides you a DEF increase of 20%. However, this skill may be less useful if you have pure STR builds. Nevertheless you should consider having the skill when you could more of less tank the mobs.

Hammer of Justice
The best skill to have as a paladin. This AoE skill deals mad damage while inflicting stun on the enemy. The AoE area is quite impressive too. You will need to max this skill as soon as possible.

Purifying Flame
You should only put 1 single point into this skill to unlock Absolute Shield. The purifying flame will be laid as a trap on the floor that deals very little damage to be worthwhile.

Scale Aura
Scale Aura grants you huge amount of damage Reflect boosts. This skill can be godly if you have a pure CON build in PvP. Most of your opponents may have lower HP than you are. If you get some additional HP reflect gears, you can typically effectively automatic counter your PvP opponents to death. However, this skill is less useful in PvE situations before mobs will still kill you before they kill themselves.

Absolute Shield
The Thorn protect damage on this skill is relatively weak because it is a straight damage without any critical modifiers. However, the huge defense boost can help you through some hard stages of the game when you are almost dying. The huge downfall of this skill is the long cool time and low duration. We only recommend putting 1 skill point in the skill for the absolute times when you need it.

Holy Light
Holy Light is a great skill that heals your HP over time. You should put in one point in this skill to take advantage of it and unlock the archangel skill.

Archangel’s Blessing
The Archangel’s Blessing will summon an angel to fight along side you. Higher level increases the duration. And at level 5 and 10 the archangel’s power increases based on your character level. This is in general a good skill for you to have because the Archangel does deal good damage against enemies while absorbing some of the mob’s attention.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Skill Builds

Depending on the stats build that you are going with, you will need to go with different skill paths. However, if you plan on paying money to buy skill points, your goal is to master all of the recommended skills for both pure STR and pure CON Paladin stats build.

Please note that we have listed out the essential builds for the first 60~70 levels, and after which you can adjust the different skills based on your playing style. You can always make changes or alterations to our recommendations for your Paladin skill sets.

Pure STR Paladin Skills
1 Point in Curing Light
1 Point in Shield Charge
Max Holy Cross
1 Point in Hammer of Silence
Max Hammer of Justice
Max ATT Increase
1 Point in Holy Light
1 Point in Archangel’s Blessing
Max Crit Rate Increase
Max STR Increase

Pure CON Paladin Skills
1 Point in Curing Light
Max DEF Increase
Max STR Increase
Max Holy Cross
Max Curing Light
1 Point in Holy Light
Max CON Increase
Max Passive Master
Max Hammer of Justice
Max Scale Aura (Your strongest PvP Skill)

Hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON Build
Same as Pure STR Paladins.

Special Notes on Skills
After you have maxed the recommended skills, consider putting some skill point in Shield Charge for its ability to stun. 1 Point in Absolute shield may help you to survive dangerous situations too.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Equipment Notes

As a melee fighter, your goal is to be able to kill enemies without them killing you first. However, as a fast attacker, you have the edge to get in close, deal damage fast and get out fast. However, you will need the necessary equipment to be a more effective Paladin fighter.

For all the builds of Paladin, your primary focus is the ATT attributes. The ATT is even more important than all other stats such as STR or CON. This is only because the ATT value counts more when compared to the growth of all other stats. As a pure STR and Hybrid STR paladin, you need ATT to deal massive damage with your damage output skills. As a pure CON paladin, you will need ATT to deal consistent output to put a dent on the various bosses.

In general, your goal is to maximize your Zenonia 5 gears while equipping all of them with 3 upgrade stone slots. These gears have the potential to give you the strongest stats possible. The builds will take considerable time to farm, but the end result will be worth it.

After you have enough ATT slotted on your character’s gears. Your next step is to plug the weakness of your characters. You will need HP on your pure STR paladin to cover the lack of HP, you will need to have enough HP to avoid one hit kills. On the pure CON paladin, you will gather as many HP damage reflect gears. On a fully decked pure CON paladin along with the damage reflect skill, you will almost never lose against any PvP players in the game.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Titles

Depending on your stats build, you want to slot in Zenonia 5 Titles that match your character’s build strengths.

For pure STR paladin:
Mud Slayer: Attack +20%
Kill 100 Mud Titans

Kumtra Killer: Strength +20%
Kill 50 Kumtras

For pure CON Paladin:
Legendary Warrior: HP +20%
Achieve level 99

Super Miner: Constitution +15%
Mine 50 Orichalcon

Fairy Choices

The best choice for you is Holy Fairy Extreme Offense with 3 Skill Slots. The Holy ability is by far the best fairy effect in the game. Along with fast attacks, you are very like to inflict the stone effect on your enemies. For the fairy skills, you want STR and ATT if you are pure STR, and HP+ / Reflect if you are a pure CON PvP paladin build.

Boss and PvP Fighting Strategies

Boss Fighting
Depending on your build, you will have slightly different boss fighting strategies. In general, as a pure STR you will get killed pretty easily by the bosses, play your Paladin like a spell caster. Run around for cool down to end while casting the various damage skills such as Holy Cross.

For pure CON builds, you should almost always be able to tank the enemies pretty easily including the bosses. If you have trouble tanking them, consider grind for a couple more levels and boost your ATT. Bring plenty of HP percentage potions to help you tank.

Hybrid STR and CON build is the easiest build to play in boss fights, however your combat potential is limited in end game situations.

PvP Fighting
Pure STR builds play PvP the same way as the boss fights. However, due to the low amount of HP, they are usually easily killed against all other classes. Pure attack mechanics and wizards can wipe out the low paladin HP really fast. However, pure CON paladin along with HP reflect skills + gears is godly. With the plenty of HP healing skills to use, they can wear and counter every PvP opponent to death in almost every match. In short, the higher ATT your enemies have, the faster they kill themselves.