How to Master Mechanic | Zenonia 5

Mechanic class is a ranged shooter in the game. You can think of this class as a ranged assassin, the class evades quite a bit and can deal heavy damage under a short period of time. In this Zenonia 5 Mechanic guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about building the best Mechanic in Zenonia 5. We will go over stats, skill builds, recommended equipment, and fairy setups.

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2.2 DEF

0.06 HIT
0.16 EVA
0.18 CRI
0.08 CRI.DMG

1.8 DEF
20 HP

28 SP
0.14 HIT
0.22 Cri.Dmg

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Stats Builds Discussion

Similar to how Zenonia 5 wizards are built, your gun shooting mechanic focuses on DEX. The best way to build your mechanic is to go full and pure DEX. The reason being full dex is by far the best build is that DEX is both your attack and defense, at higher levels you will count on your ability to dodge enemy attacks. Although your HP will be a little bit lower compared to those with CON stats, you can also supplement your HP count with gears and fairy skills.

We will discuss why the other stats are pretty useless. STR gives you some little amount of DEF, however with the DEF you still get one hit killed by some of the harder bosses. CON gives HP boost and less defense than STR, however the HP boost is not that all game breaking, you will still die pretty fast against other high ATT builds. Lastly, INT helps with the HIT and Cri.Dmg, but you are still better off to focus those stats on DEX instead.

Based on the above points, we highly recommend simply going full DEX on your Zenonia 5 mechanic stats build. If you really wish however, you can consider 2 DEX and 1 CON for a little more HP. Again, you will still find that you get one hit killed often by the various mobs especially in Hell Mode.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Skill Lists

We have listed out all the skills for your mechanics character. Please note that we have listed the first skill point spent as well as the skill boosts for every additional point inserted. This section will feature the raw stats as appeared in Zenonia 5. We will discuss these skills in detail in a later section. However, this is a good starting point for you to figure on the types of skills that you would want to build for.

Skill Point
Back StepActive1ATT: 100%
Slow Rate: 15%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: +6%
Slow Rate: +2%
Laser BeamActive1ATT: 100%
Constant DMG: +30%
Shock Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +4%
Shock Rate: +2%
Knockback ShotActive5Back StepATT: 250%ATT: +15%
FlashActive5Knockback ShotATT: 450%
Confusion Rate: 30%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: 480%
Confusion Rate: 32%
PrecisionActive5CRIT Rate Increase: +5%
Duration: 30 sec
CRI Rate Increase +2%
Maximum OutputActive15Range Increase: +20
Duration: 31 sec
Range: +6
Duration: +1 sec
Explosion ShotActive15ATT: 250%
Constant DMG: +20%
Bleeding Rate: 25%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Bleeding Rate: +2%
Seize ModeActive15ATT: 80%ATT: +5%
FlamethrowerActive25ATT: 150%
Constant DMG: +30%
Bleeding Rate: +10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +3%
ElecnareActive25ATT: 120%
Constant DMG: +30%
Shock Rate: 10%
Duration: 3 sec
ATT: +5%
Blize ModeActive25Seize ModeHide
ATT Increase: +50%
Duration: 3 sec
Energy BombActive35SP Consumption: +1%
Normal Attack Increase: +60%
Duration: 20 sec
Duration: +2 sec
Supporting ShotActive35ATT: 100%
Mechanical Turrate 1 x2
Duration: 12 sec
ATT: +5%
Duration: 1 sec
Satellite ShotActive45ATT: 150%
Constant DMG: +30%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +5%
Duration: +1 sec
Potion Effect IncreasePassive1Potion Effect: +10%Potion Effect: 5%
Gold PlusPassive1Gold Acquired: +5%Gold Acquired: +5%
Weapon SpecializedPassive5ATT Increase: +4%ATT Increase: +2%
DEF IncreasePassive5DEF: +4%DEF: +2%
EVA IncreasePassive15EVA: +2.00EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate IncreasePassive15CRI Rate: 2.00CRI Rate: 2.00
CON IncreasePassive25CON: +3CON: +3
DEX IncreasePassive25DEX: +3DEX: +3
Passive MasterPassive35Upgrade Passive: +3%Upgrade Passive: +3%
EVA per DEXPassive35EVA per DEX: +15%EVA per DEX: +5 %
Escape ExpertPassive45Speed during Hit Rate: 20%
Speed ruing hit: +5
Duration: 3 sec
Speed during Hit Rate: +3%
Area ZeroPassive45Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%


Zenonia 5 Mechanic Active Skills Discussion

With so many Zenonia 5 mechanic skills that appear to useful, some of them are quite useless due to the low ATT growth rate or they are hard to use in combat. In this Zenonia 5 mechanic skill discussion, we will go over the various active skills to help you decide the best skills to get.

Back Step
This move and quickly move you back a step and shoot enemy. This skill is little useful in the beginning and become less useful as you unlock more skills. Skip this skill altogether.

Laser Beam
Laser beam is a great multihit skill that can take out enemies quite fast at the beginning and mid game. The laser beam is a straight laser that is pretty wide to damage multiple enemies. In general enemies that are hit and be stunned and stuck in range. However, you should be careful about using this skill against ranged attackers, because if the ranged attackers got in range they might still hit you. You should get 1 point in this skill early on and consider maxing it at a later time.

Knockback Shot
The damage output from mechanic’s knockback shot is pretty decent and is a good finisher. However, when you first start, there are some other good skills (Flash). So you should skip this skill altogether along with its prerequisite back step.

This is by far the best mechanic skill in the game. You can use it to kill multiple enemies on screen while it gives you invincibility while casting. You should max out this skill as soon as you can afford. The initial ATT damage is great at 450% and it has a cool per level growth of +30%.

As a mechanic whose focus is on the DEX stats, you will get plenty of CRIT RATE. Having an extra 5% will boost your crit rate even further. However, because your CRIT rate at higher level is already high, this renders the buff useless. Do not spend any point into the Precision mechanic buff.

Maximum Output
In the beginning to mid game this buff is useless as your damage active skills can take out enemies fast. However, the extra range can be helpful especially in Zenonia 5 hell mode games, where range is key to keep you alive. Thus, do not put your points until you have maxed out all the other needed skills.

Explosion Shot
Explosion shot shoots a projectile that either explode on contact or explode during mid range. However, you will have to make it land most of the time to avoid damage. If you let it miss, most of the time enemies will have enough chance to get to you and kill you. If you execute well this skill can be worthwhile that deals damage to groups of monsters.

Seize Mode
Seize Mode is a fun skill where you can “tap” enemies to damage them. But in reality this skill is quite useless, when you are in this mode you can attack anywhere on screen, at the cost of immobility. You cannot move at all while using this skill, and typically that means death in both PvE and PvP situations. The Seize Mode is an absolutely worthless skill at its current form and damage rate.

Flamethrower is a bad skill because it lowers your movement speed while casting. You will often be mobbed and killed with the flamethrower. In addition, if your flamethrower does not deal enough damage to kill the mob being targeted, you will get hit after your skill cast too. Avoid spendingpointwith this.

The Zenonia 5 elecsnare skill is also bad because it does not deal enough damage. You will often be hit and killed with this skill. Avoid this one too.

Blitz Mode
You should have 1 point in this kill. Hide can help you dodge enemies attack while waiting for your other active skills to cool down.

Energy Bomb
The Energy Bomb is a great skill to have that will seriously increase your firepower. This becomes more helpful at later levels and hell mode. With some SP absorb gears your SP usage can totally be covered. Get this skill maxed at late stage.

Supporting Shot
The Supporting Shot summons two turret that can draw some enemy fire. However their damage potential is otherwise limited. The summon turrets simply have too low of a hp to survive enemy attacks in PvE and any decent attackers in PvP. Only put one point into this skill to unlock Satellite shot.

Satellite Shot
The Satellite Shot summons huge beam of light from the sky onto the floor. This skill can deal quite a bit of damage if you can keep the enemies within its radius. However, you may still get hit while casting and while this skill is in effect. Remember to pull your range before unleashing the Satellite Shot and lure enemies in.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Skill Builds

Based on our recommendations in the various active skills, we have come up with the following skill builds for your mechanic. Please note that if you may have extra skill points before the skills get unlocked. The earlier mentioned skills are more important to max, however you have room to plan out your active skill point uses.

1 point in Laser Beam
1 point in Flash
Max Weapon Specialized
1 point in Explosion Shot
Max Dex Increase
1 point in Seize Mode and 1 point in Blitz Mode
1 point in support shot
Max Passive Master
1 point in Satellite Shot
1 point in Escape Expert
(Possibly 1 point in Backstep and 1 Knockback shot if you want more useable skills, however you do get hit from casting these skills. Only spend these skill points as a mean to increase your damage output).

After those essential skills, your skill build can now deviate from one another. You can either go the active route or the pass route, although at higher level your goal is to max both of these active and passive skills. We have listed them in the order of importance so you can always decide to mix and match these skills to suite your game play. We think that this is more helpful than simply giving you a level by level. Your skills and level of play may affect the types of skills that you like.

You will note that it may be impossible for you to max all of these skills based on your skill points. Thus you will often have to give or take one of few active or passive mechanic skills unless you want to pay ZEN.

Again we want to stress that you only start the skill customization once you have fully built out the essential skills.

Active Skill Route
Max Flash
Max Energy Bomb
Max Satellite Shot
Explosion Shot
Laser Beam

Passive Skill Route
Max Passive Master
Max EVA per DEX
Max CRI Rate Increase
Max CON Increase

Mechanic Equipment Notes

As a mechanic, your focus for the mechanic gear is on 3 of the major stats. ATT, EVA, and your HP. In general you want to get the gears that have great +DEX stats because DEX can boost both your ATT and EVA. After which you should focus on the ATT stats. At highest levels, your best defense is to have an insane amount of EVA to grind the enemies easily. The least of your focus is on your HP count, you should aim to have enough HP to survive at least 1 hit from enemies.

Some of the other great stats to have on your gear include HP absorb. You should have a small amount of SP absorb on one of your gear to ensure your ability to continuously casting the skills.

Fairy Abilities

The best fairy ability for your Mechanic to have is the Holy rune. You want holy rune to stun and stone your enemies while you dish out further damages. The rest of the skills are less helpful.

For the ability stones, you want 3 slots on your gear that contain +DEX, +EVA, HP Absorb to boost both your damage output and the ability to survive.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Title Selection

One of the best Zenonia 5 title for mechanic to get and use is the
Pro Smuggler: Dexterity +15%
Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 30 times

You can get this title fairly early on in the game. This title gives you increasingly more boost as you advance further into the game.

Boss and PvP Fighting Techniques

For the boss fights, you will rely on your skills and damage output to quickly wear down the boss. Your safe skills that can avoid the boss attacks are Blitz mode for hiding and Flash for skill countering. Note the boss attack patterns and always use these skills in time when you know you will get hit.

The PvP Fighting is pretty straight forward. It really all depends on your gears as a mechanic to have a winning chance at beating the various Zenonia 5 character classes. In general you will need plenty of HP absorb to counter enemy’s HP reflect. You will usually have trouble fighting pure CON berserker and paladins. The fight against other mechanic is a race to see who deal the more damage first, it’s a competition between your HIT and EVA ability. Lastly the Zenonia 5 wizards are typically easier kills if their spells do not critical and kill you first.

In short, we personally think that mechanic is the weakest class in terms of Zenonia 5 PvP due to their lack of powerful invincible active skills. However, their PvP capability can be somewhat fixed by adding a ton of EVA to avoid enemy attacks in full. A full decked EVA mechanic can be a force to be reckoned with.

A full EVA mechanic can do well against any non HP-reflect enemies.
Yet if you do go HP absorb route instead of EVA, you can often be one shot by other Mechanic or Wizard’s critical attacks.