Wartune Guild Guide

Having a strong and focused guild is important in Wartune. Guilds have a few functions to make your heroes stronger. In this guide we will go over each of these guild functions and how you can benefit from joining a strong guild in Wartune. If you have found this guide useful to your Wartune adventure, please be sure to check out our other awesome Wartune guides and share them with your online and Wartune friends.

Joining Guild

To join a guild, you will have to first apply to the guilds and for guild master to approve you. To look out for a strong guild, your first impression will be its level and numbers of members. In most cases you will be able to find a strong and active guild this way. After joining the guild, you can check the Wartune guild events to see whether or not the Guild master is still active in the game.

Wartune Guild Contribution

To earn guild contribution points, you will have to donate either Wartune Gold or Balens. Every 1000 gold or 5 Balen is equal to 1 Guild Contribution + 1 Guild Wealth. It should be noted that the contribution point is tied to the guild, it means that if you leave the guild or get kicked out, you will lose those Wartune guild contribution points. Thus if you get into argument with guild officers, you should use up all of your contribution points and keep the number low to avoid losses.

Wartune Guild Position and Permission List

Below are from the lowest ranking to the higher ranking members of the Wartune guild. The higher ranking guild member has all of the lower ranked member permissions.

Member: Learn Skill
Guild Officer: Recruit Member, Kick Member
Asst. Guild Master: Change Announcement, Promote/Demote, Research Skill
Guild Master: Change Guild Name, Upgrade Guild, Modify Guild Intro, Begin Guild Battle

Wartune Guild Altar

With the Wartune Guild Altar, you can have 3x Level per roulette drawing per day. Each draw will costs you 20 contribution points. However, because the reward can be worthwhile gems, shop items, and other, it is to your best interest to do the Guild Blessing on a daily basis. The guild contribution investment is worth the gold spent. Below are the list of items that you can get from Wartune Guild Blessing:

Shop Item
Strength (Stamina for Solo Dungeon)
Booster Item
Token (Monster Cards)

Wartune Guild Skills

Guild skills are costly but they are extremely effective in making your Wartune hero stronger in the game. You can check how these Wartune stats affect your Wartune Combat abilities. The guild master will first have to building the skill tower and unlock the various skills. You will then be able to learn them. Below is a list of Wartune guild skills:

Power Boost: Each level increases Strength by 40.
Intellect Boost: Each level increases Intelligence by 40.
Gold Boost: Each level increases gold production by 1%.
Defense Boost: Each level increases Defense by 40.
Charisma Boost: Each level increases Charisma by 20.
Stamina Boost: Each level increases Endurance by 40.

Guild Purchase Cost:
All Skills Except Gold
Level 1: 200
Level 2: 500
Level 3: 1000
Level 4: 2000
Level 5: 3000

Gold Skill:
Level 1: 20
Level 2: 50
Level 3: 100
Level 4: 200
Level 5: 3000

Guild Unlock costs the same, you unlock the different skills based on the wealth needed for 1 single member to purchase it.

Once you have purchased a guild skill, it will be activated as long as you are in any guild. However, while you are guildless the Wartune guild skills will be deactivated.

Wartune Guild Fee

Your Wartune guild is required to pay a fee on a weekly basis. The higher your guild is, the more fee that you will have to pay. You are allowed to miss 1 time payment, but however with the second Wartune guild fee miss, your guild will be disbanded – So be careful to pay your guild fee on time.

Wartune Guild Leader Impeach and Re-Elect

This feature is made to ensure that guild leaders in Wartune stay active within the game. When the guild leader does not log in for 7 days, there will be a guild election between the guild to determine the next runner up. This is triggered automatically and a mail will be sent to all guild members. The guild members with at least 100 contribution will have voting rights. The new guild leader election process will take 3 days. However, if the guild leader comes online during the election, he will resume his rank as the Wartune guild leader.

Wartune Guild Shop and Item List

As you upgrade the Wartune guild shop, more items become available for you to purchase at the cost of Contribution points. Because luck stone is relatively cheaper when you buy them with Contribution points, you should do some basic calculation to see whether or not the lucky stone investment is worth the cost.

Power Potion
Intelligence Potion
HP Packs
Luck Stone

Notes on Inactive Guilds and Guild Quitting

When you leave guild (either voluntarily or being kicked), you will lose all the contributions associated with the guild. Thus, before you leave the guild, make sure that you spend all of your contributions. Also, try not to piss off the guild officers because they have the power to make you lose all of your hard earned gold through immature booting you from the guild.

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