Wartune Bounty Quest Guide

Bounty Quests are unlocked when you reach level 17. The Wartune bounty quests are one of the best way for you to earn experience points and level up in Wartune. In this guide, we will go over minor details about how Wartune bounty quests work in the game. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Wartune guides and share them with your online friends.

Wartune Bounty Quest Basics

Below are some of the basic Wartune Bounty quest information that are directly accessible in the game. The Wartune bounty quests are divided into different ranking of rewards. These are: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. You can only have 1 active bounty quests at a time and there are 20 quests that you can take in a day. Each bounty quest refresh takes 30 minutes and you have 2 free refresh per day. If you wish, you can also spend 10 Balens to refresh for more Bounty quests.

The rewards scale up to your level in Wartune, this makes Bounty quests one of the best ways to level up your character in the game. When you complete the bounty quests in Wartune, you will receive good amount of exp plus some minor amount of Wartune Gold.

Types of Bounty Quests

Below is a list of the different Wartune bounty quests that you will encounter.

Quarry Collection: Collect different materials such as copper, wood, and amethyst. Usually 10 materials for collection.
Capture Enemy: You will start a battle with an enemy, the enemy is usually weak for your level.
Gem Socket: You will have to socket a Wartune gem into your gear, to accomplish this easily, you can take Wartune gem out of your existing gear and put it back.
Energize Friend’s Tree of Ancient: You will have to energize friend’s Tree of Ancients in Wartune, usually it requires two.
Recruit Units: This is also a simple task that ask you to recruit certain numbers of Wartune troops.
Mini-Game: QTE practice, you will receive a string of arrow commands for input. Usually the orange ranked quests are harder and longer.
Mini-Game: Whack-a-Mouse, a simple mole hitting game like you have at the loading screen.

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