Wartune Basic Character Stats Guide

When you first start Wartune, you have all these different stats that you will have to look into. In this basic Wartune stats for beginner’s guide, we will go over each of these Wartune stats to help you break into the game. We will also provide some introductory insights on how to become a better player in the game. We will be working on an advanced guide to layout the paths to become the best player at a later time. For now if you like this basic guide for Wartune beginners, please check out the rest of our Wartune guides and share them with your online friends.

Wartune Stats Overview

In Wartune, there are two sets of stats. For naming’s sake, we will call them Base stats and Real Stats. The base stats on what you see on the right side of the character profile: Power, Intellect…It should be noted that leveling up your character will also improve your base Wartune stats.

The Base stats affect the real stats. The real stats are what is being used in battle. They are PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, CRIT, Block, and Troop Count. Most of your equipment and Wartune Gems deal with the real stats.

Base Wartune Stats
Power: +4 PATK and +1 PDEF for every point
Intellect: +4 MATK and +1 MDEF for every point
Charisma: Boost Troop count (which increase their HP)
Defense: +4 PDEF and +4 MDEF
Endurance: +20 Health Point per point

Wartune Battle Stats
The values here are pretty self explanatory. If you are a mage you want to boost your MATK, for Archer and Knight you want PATK. For the defense portion, you want to do the opposite because mages have naturally higher MDEF and knife has naturally higher PDEF.

PATK: Physical Attack
MATK: Magical Attack
PDEF: Physical DEF
MDEF: Magical DEF
HP: This is your total health point.
Block: Rate of Dodge
Critical: Affect the chance of critical attacks. Each Crit is roughly 0.025% to 0.05% of critical chance.
Troop Count: This value affects the HP count of your troops. However, because this multiplier is relatively small in terms of battle. Most of the players will opt for other stats instead of Charisma.


In general, because base stats give off more battle stats, you should usually go for the improvements that affect your base stats. When you have a choice, just do a calculation and see which of the stats boost will increase your overall damage output.

In most cases, you want to boost both Crit and ATK for your heroes to improve their combat ability. Consider boosting some block with the knight because they are the typical tanks in PvP situations. However during solo play you should consider mix up between the Damage and Defense aspect to pass the stages either safely or quickly.

Wartune Misnomers

Now throughout the game at this stage. There are couple of misnaming that may be confusing for you.

Stamina for Solo player mode refers to “activity” points and limit how many times you can run solo player campaign. It is also used as “strength” from time to time throughout the game.

However, in the guild skill “Stamina” refers to your endurance which improves your Health Point.

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