Scarlet Blade Basic Class Selection Guide

If you are stuck and don’t know the class that you want to make for your character in Scarlet Blade, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will go through the basics for each of the classes to help you decide the best class to use for your Scarlet Blade playing style.

You can jump to any of the class information by using these quick links. In addition, we are also working on detailed class build guides and will link to them shortly.

Scarlet Blade Class Summary Index

Defender – Tank
Shadow Walker
Medic – Healer

Quick Ranking of In-game
Now please note that this ranking is roughly based on the general game play, depending on your gears and playing style, the effectiveness of each class may be different.

Top DPS based on attacks (No CH-ATT):
1. Punisher
2. Shadow Walker
3. Whipper (crowd skills make up for weaker damage)
4. Defender
5. Sentinel (higher speed make up for relative weak damage)
6. Medic

PvP Play
1. Punisher
2. Defender (Party with Medic)
3. Medic (Healing Skills make them necessary in all PvP situations)
4. Whipper/Shadow Walker
5. Sentinel


Defender is a tanking class that can be godly in taking damage in mech form. However, must team up with medic to really shine in different situations.

Highest HP and defense.
Great end game PvP Class.
Has different HP and Defense buffs.
Ranged stun to immobilize enemies for gap closing and stun.
Debuffs include silence.

Without proper gears, defenders have average damage and will not be able to compete with DPS in terms of damage output.
Weak against ranged classes without medic.
Useless and weak at lower levels.
Can be killed easily without proper gears.

Good move speed, immobilized + stun


The Whipper is an AoE class that is great at crowd control.

Good HP, Defense, and Damage
Mid Ranged Melee class that can do ranged hooking and stun
Decent Debuff and defense buff
Fast grinder because of the AoE skills
Easy to use at earlier levels

Relative weaker in late game
Hard to tank without great gears
Very weak against other ranged classes

Good move speed, AoE immobilized and burning, move speed buff

Shadow Walker

An assassin type class that can sneak behind enemies, but is dead once stealth mode wears out.

High evasion and stealth capability.
Evasion, Accuracy, Crit, and Move speed buffs.
High attack and crit/crit attack (stealth)
AoE Silence and Stun

Lower HP and Defense resulting to fast death in PvP situations (especially in battle ground)
Stealth is useless against sentinels.

Fast move speed, has slow and can remove debuff in rare Mech.


Best damage dealer in late game. The best PvP class due to its high ranged damage output.

Highest damage possible.
Great late game PvP class.
Buff circles for Evasion, attack, and detection.
Awesome buff that boost attack, crit and crit attack (while immobilized)
Great AoE ranged attacking skills.
Close ranged stun skill.

Only good in late game
Long casting times and animation.
Slow movement speed.

Slow move speed, has melee stun and AoE melee burning, slow, and 2 ranged AoE skill


A ranged supporter whose role is really only support. It is neither good in DPS nor in standing out in its own.

Ranged attacker with ranged and melee stun
Highest move and attack speed
Passive stealth detection
Attack passives
Defense and Protection debuffs

Worst HP and defense. Meaning that you will die quite often in all situations.

Fast move speed, has slow, and AoE melee stun


Like many other MMO’s, the medic is the most sought after class in the game in all situations. However, because the heal is based on a % of target HP. So all the classes need to focus on boosting their own HP count. In addition, you can heal while on foot.

Ranged stun, AoE slow and ranged immobilize
Stealth detection
Health, Defense, Evasion single buff
Attack, Critical, Accuracy AoE buff
High sought after if focusing with buff and heal build

Mech form doesn’t have debuffs/disable
Lower damage than other class even with balanced build
Weak damage with healing/buff build
Runs out of SP quickly due to frequent skill use

Fast move speed, no disable, greatly increase attack+move speed(and AoE, in rare Mech)