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Noctia's RO2 Crafting Guide

Ragnarok Online 2:
Legend of the Second Crafting Guide

(With Maps!)


This guide is written by Jess Cowley for Gamelytic’s Spring 2013 Guide writing Contest.

NOTE: If you are just looking for farming maps, with locations of herbs/rocks/monsters to skin, please scroll down the Ingredient Locations section.

NOTE: This guide is written using the names from PlayPark’s SEA RO2 release – some names may be different in WarpPortal’s NA release, though it should be easy enough to figure out.

As you create your character, you have the option of four crafting professions.  You may learn one per character.



RO2 Crafting Professions


  • HP/SP potions
  • Buff potions – increase a stat (agi, int etc.) by a small amount for 30 minutes
  • Boost potions – increase a stat for a large amount for 30 seconds


  • Leather and cloth armor, for Magicians, Priests, Archers, Thieves and their subclasses
  • Runes, used to add additional stats to equipment


  • Weapons for all classes
  • Armor for Swordsmen and their subclasses


  • Foods which restore HP/SP out of battle
  • Buff foods which increase attributes (dodge, attack etc.) by small amounts for one hour

RO2 Crafting

·         Crafting hotkey is J

·         Crafting window shows a list of available recipes, clicking a recipe shows the ingredients required

RO2 Crafting Interface

·         Profession level increases by crafting items and gathering ingredients

·         You may learn new recipes as your profession level increases

·         Recipes are available from Profession Experts in towns (Alchemist Expert, Blacksmith Expert etc.) and as rare drops from monsters – Talk to an Expert, then choose Craft to see what recipes are available

·         To save money, buy only recipes you will use, as they can start to be quite costly

RO2 Crafting Gets Expensive


RO2 Obtain Ingredient


  • Artisans and Chefs gather ingredients by skinning killed monsters
  • Alchemists gather herbs in the field
  • Blacksmiths gather rocks in the field
  • When an object is gatherable, it will have shiny particles rising from it, and hovering over the object will change your cursor to a gathering icon

RO2 Gather Material Screen


The tier of ingredients necessary changes as you craft higher level items.  Higher tier ingredients are obtained from higher level maps & monsters.


  • Profession Experts sell ingredients needed to create most items (e.g. Potion Bottles for Alchemists, Sauces for Chefs, Anvils for Blacksmiths and Thread for Artisans).

Monster Drops

  • Other ingredients necessary for all crafting professions are obtained as random monster drops
  • Generally more difficult to find than profession-specific ingredients
  • Firmament Essence, Earthly Trace, Root of Life, Monster Fragment, and Spirit of Ruin

TIP: While all monsters drop these items, if you are running low and have the time to farm, you can farm very low-level monsters in the beginner zones for them.  The drop rate is no different between level 1 and level 50 monsters.

Rare Equipment Crafting

  • Along with standard ingredients, you will also need to obtain drops from dungeon bosses.  In recipes which use these rare materials, hovering over the material will tell you which boss drops them.


RO2 Ingredient Loations

RO2 Herbs Locations

Alchemists (Herbs)

I have marked on maps below the most convenient gathering locations.  Note that these are not the only places the herbs spawn, but they are the most easily accessible and in the areas with the lowest possible aggro, as being attacked (and forced into a battle state) forces you to stop gathering.

NOTE: There is no particularly great map to farm Yggdrasil, as it spawns more spread-out than the other herbs and the nodes are surrounded by more aggroable monsters.

Click any map or link for a larger image

Tier 1 – Ment Herbs – West Mt. Mjollnir (recommended) & East Mt. Mjollnir

RO2 Ment Herb LocationRO2 Ment Herb Location 2 East Mjollnir

Tier 2 – Aloe Herbs – South Plain

RO2 Aloe Herbs South Plain


Tier 3 – Hinalle Herbs – Izrud Hill & Payon Forest (recommended)

RO 2 Hinalle Herb Izrud HillRO 2 Hinalle Herb Payon Forest

Tier 4 – Mastela Herbs – Maple Forest & Divided Plain(recommended)

RO2 Mastela Herb Maple Forest
RO2 Mastela Herbs Divided Plain

Tier 5 – Yggdrasil Herbs –
Verta Delta, Sogratt Desert (recommended) & Road of Bless

RO2 Yggdrasil Herbs Verta DeltaRO2 Yggdrasil Herbs Sogratt DesertRO2 Yggdrasil Herbs Road of Bless


 RO 2 Crafting Rock Maps

Blacksmith (Rocks)

As with the herb-gathering maps, I have marked only the most easily accessible rocks, in areas with low or no aggro chance.

Click any map or link for a larger image

Tier 1 – Rock – West Mt. Mjollnir (recommended) & East Mt. Mjollnir

RO 2 Rock West Mt MjollnirRO 2 Rock East Mt Mjollnir

Tier 2 – Copper – South Plain

RO2 Copper South Plain


Tier 3 – Iron – Izrud Hill & Payon Forest (recommended)

RO2 Iron Izrud HillRO2 Iron Payon Forest

Tier 4 – Silver – Maple Forest & Divided Plain (recommended)

RO2 Silver Maple ForestRO2 Silver Divided Plain


Tier 5 – Gold – Verta Delta, Sogratt Desert(recommended) & Road of Bless

RO2 Gold Verta DeltaRO2 Gold Sogratt DesertRO2 Gold Road of Bless


RO 2 Crafting Skinning Maps


Artisan (Monster carcasses)

·         If you follow your chains of quests, skinning all possible monsters, you should have more than enough of any ingredient you need, however if you need to farm and don’t remember which monsters you need to skin, some good farming areas are noted below

·         Note that not all monsters can be skinned

·         Some monster types yield leather, some yield cloth and some yield both

I have marked on maps below some convenient monsters to farm Artisan materials from.  I have chosen to mark the lowest level monster I can find that yields each material.

Click any map or link for a larger image

 Tier 1 – Cotton & Fur Hide – West Mt. Mjollnir

(1) Poring & (3) Lunatic

RO2 Cotton and Fur Hide

Tier 2 – Surat & Rawhide – South Plain

(11) Poporing, (15) Afanc (all types, some aggro) & (16)
PecoPeco & PecoPeco Baby

RO2 Surat, Raw Hide

Tier 3 – Ramie & Glossy Hide – Izrud Hill

(20) Bumblebee (all types, some aggro) & (21) Wildrose
(all types, some aggro) & Stellaria

RO2 Ramie and Glossy Hide

Tier 4 – Silk & Patterned Hide – Payon Forest

(30) Miho Scout, Miho Guard & Miho Scattered Troops

RO2 Silk and Patterned Hide

Tier 5 – Wool & Whole Hide – Divided Plain

(41) Hellbug (all types), (40) Flowdeer (all types, some
aggro) & (40) Wilddeer (all types, some aggro)

RO2 Wool and Whole Hide


Chef (Monster carcasses)

·         As with Artisans, following your quest chains and skinning all monsters possible should yield more than enough ingredients

·         Every type of monster yields a different ingredient (variations of the same monster yield the same ingredient when skinned)

·         By looking at the ingredient you need, it’s usually easy to guess which monsters to skin for it,  e.g. Crab Pincers come from monsters that are crabs with pincers, called Coraltus

·         The monster yielding the ingredient will sometimes be mentioned by name e.g. Flip’s Stamen comes from Flips

RO 2 Crafting Guide Credit

Raw maps sourced with permission