Wartune Mage Guide for Level 30-39

This game guide has been submitted by Md Muzamill Khann for 2013 Spring Game Guide Writing Contest.

Heya GamerZZzzz…^^
Gonna try pen down My Experience as a Mage since I started playing Wartune. Tell you Peepz about my good experiences and bad experiences, hope you learn something from it which may save you from a terrible mistake or give you an upper edge in your Character building.. ^^

I will try break down my Guide in level brackets so it’s easier for many to read through. Brackets will be ranging from level 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60-69,

as for now I will only release my guide based on level 30-39 mage.

Will also try cover each bracket keeping in mind both cashers and non casher. So no one feel left out : p

Note: – Cashers and Non Casher both are very essential part of game. So please try and don’t start any discussion over this topic it’s just never-ending melo drama… -.-

The reason I didn’t included level 1- 29 because game has its own guide and walkthrough so players will learn basic from their itself and most of you all know the basic anyhow…^^

Starting with level 30-39 mage, let’s see what are the few important stuffs we need to do in game on daily basis or plan for few stuff on daily basis in order to achieve them later..

1. Having VIP status in game.
– It’s really important for every player who is serious about build a strong toon.
As VIP will give you edge over other
(a)In term of more exp gain from mp’s (multi player dungeon),

(b) You will get 10 VIP token each day,

(c) Weekly Gift Pack Which contains stuff according to your VIP level.
Example of stuff you will get if you VIP level is 5 or 6

(d) Always save your VIP token and use them when you are in urgent need of gold, reason I suggest on saving them so that later when you get your 45 arena set you can use them then to enchant. Or similar purposes like spending Gold in astrals.

(e) VIP Token are useful to us only because we know we will get a fixed amount of gold which is 580k and 5 skeleton keys, rest reward are not really that interesting or useful.

(f) Always do a full spin for which you need 36 VIP tokens.
Example of VIP Spin, try get a similar frame which has all gold(20k, 60k,500k) and skeleton keys as then only we can get 580k gold and 5 keys out of it.

(g) But the most amazing feature of VIP is auto/free cool downs, we just never have to wait for cd to finish after we upgrade a building or a fight in arena.

2. Now Non Casher, How Can They Have VIP.
-We are lucky we have Aeria’s Free AP (Aeria Points) earning system.

(a) Try do offers, surveys or watch videos, many times it’s not much but trying to save small small AP can sometime get you enough to buy VIP status or other game items.

(b) Very important try get familiar with our forum, as many times GM’s make event which gives free Epin, for example GM’s weekly.

(c) Many times other forum events are conducted as well by GS’s.

(d) To earn AP in free ways you got to work it isn’t coming easy or just like that. So don’t be lazy :p

3. Making Friends, Group Or Team Call It As You Wish.
– It’s very essential for you to look for people in your level range at this stage of your level and befriend with ones with whom you find can be good friend + are strong + helpful + are serious enough to play longer as in active in playing, and then you try form a team with this 3-4 people. Reasons below:-

(a) So you don’t really have to go through the grind each day on finding people or asking your higher level guild mates to help you in completing your mp runs. which you end up most of the time not finding players that moment and have to wait too much for you guild mate as they need to finish their own runs before they can help you.

(b) Same with your Group Arena, if you have team which consists of player of your bracket its good you can do and matching system will as well give you opponents of same bracket to fight.

(c) When In a party while doing mp run you gain a buff depending on the level of your friendliness with other 3 players, you receive the highest level of friendliness buff depending upon with which player your friendliness is higher.
Below is image showing each level of friendliness and its respective buff given by particular level.

4. Blitzing Catacombs and Solo Dungeons
-For Cashers

(a) Always use Crypt Key, it will do wonders for you if you do, cause your gems and crypt token output is doubled with experience, hence you are going to be faster in leveling up, in converting your gems into higher ones and having crypt token to purchase level 45 trinkets and rings from crypt shop.

(b) It’s a good option to blitz in catacomb but still try calculating how far you can manually do it so than you save those small chumps of gold. Because at this stage of your game spending gold on blitzing isn’t a good idea. But if you are making gold enough and as your spender you doing gold alchemy then you can blitz catacomb ^^

(c) While doing solo dungeons make sure you “tick” the option which says “open silver chest” and next option for “opening mystery box” I leave it up to you to choose. but I would suggest keep it “untick” so you can save your skeleton keys from now on for your future legendary gear, will talk on this gear on later part.

(d)If you want to save gold in solo dungeon then you can manually run it. Like a said this stage of game you have to spend your gold wisely.

-For Non Cashers
(a) Same as above to some extend for you players, try save gold in blitzing by running them manually.

(b) If you don’t have crypt key, then do solo dungeon first as mystery chest their give “crypt key”. Once you obtain it do your catacomb and later don’t use skeleton key to open anymore mystery chest. Try save them as much you can while spending them wisely each on chest to obtain crypt key.

Note:- Not all solo dungeon maps have mystery box so first time while running find out which map has mystery box and next time when you have to hunt crypt key do that map in particular only.

5. Earning and Spending areas of Gold/Daru, Troops, World Boss and Skill Tree.
– Its very essential you earn as much you can and spend as much wisely possible.

(a) Mostly Everyone Earn Gold/Daru from “World Boss”.
Try unlock your double skill tree, so that you can have a specific tree for attacking spells which you will mostly use for world boss and GA (Group Arena) and another tree you make it heal specific usually for mp’s (Multi Player Dungeon) and catacomb.

(b) Try To master double hit in world boss, and have a good rotation of skills.

-How To Double Hit On World Boss?
Well from my personal experience i tell you what i usually do.

(i) When WB (World Boss) spawns I go click on it, a black screen appears – just then I cast lightning bolt skill, so that when screen appear my LB (Lighting Bolt) already activated and will hit WB before he hits me first.
(ii)After my LB hits WB, he will hit me back immediately, after he hits don’t cast any skill and just wait, here turn 1 ends.
(iii)And then when you see he is making a move to hit you again (usually before hitting you WB makes a obvious move for example blood fang eyes will sparkle before he hits you so you can remember it and know when is about to hit you) just then before he hits you use your skill, this will activate “double skill” aka a fireball (which is your default skill) will hit WB and followed by it your skill which u press will hit WB. Keep practicing it as it’s what you need most to make more gold and daru in world boss.

Note:- Double Hit is all about timing so practicing it mostly always is a better idea.
Example of my skill tree when I was level 30

(c) Above you see my skill tree its specific for attack and you can see I have made Thunderer lvl 2 and when in world boss we do double hit it makes our rage gain more so it gives opportunity to hit Thunderer 1 time each run hence it enhances our damage in return more gold and daru for us. Many other players are there who instead of using Thunderer use Meteoric destroyer. So you player can experiment which one suits you better and practice it to perfect it ^^

(d) Now as for troops players can do what I did, when I was at level 30, I used paladin’s and leveled them up to 25, later I reached level 35 quickly and replaced them with gryphon’s, as I had wisely saved my daru and didn’t spend them much on paladin I quickly was able to level up my gryphon to decent level and I stopped leveling them at 35 and started saving my daru again for knights which unlocks at 40.

(e)Its very important to have our troops at higher level so they are strong in arena, as every 3 days we receive rewards based on our ranking in Solo Arena which is as well one of our ways to earn more gold and daru.

(f)In your free time you should go in wild and hunt monsters as they give daru pearls which is an awesome way to pile up more daru…^^

6. Joining A Higher Level Guild, Daru Engraving, Guild Skills, Farm, Academy.

(a) Always try joining a higher level guild which is strong and helpful, as higher level guild will have their skill tower at higher level from where you can buy your guild skills.

(b)Below is image of guild skill tower, as a mage your priority should be to learn guild skill such as intelligence, defense and endurance on an equal basis one by one followed by charisma later on.

(c) Another advantage of being in higher and stronger guild is that you can participate in guild battle which rewards honor and insignia and you will be able to collect them faster which are essential for you to buy lvl 35 arena set and in future lvl 45 arena set.

(d) If your guild wins guild battle or is in some ranking then each week you receive a reward in mail which gives you soul crystal and mount training whips. At level 35 soul engraving system unlocks, you can level it up by using soul crystals. it’s a great way to boost the power of your socketed gems. Other than guild war mail reward you can also earn soul crystals in solo dungeons and mp’s.

(e)There is one more feature which helps you to boost your stats as well as your troop stats which are found in Academy .

(f) To do this research you need kraynite which you mostly can obtain from farming, plundering and sometime you also get them in solo dungeon but not that frequent. I suggest that you buy and plant 4hrs seed of goldx8 and 1x kraynite seed (as we can only plant 1 at one time) and do your 5 successful plunders each day.

7. Astrals

(a)Now Lastly I will focus on astral, again another very important part which helps you get stronger in game, for mages at this level bracket I would suggest try get blue or purple if you’re lucky enough get orange ones of
Magic attack aka enhanced mystically (blue astral) or
Refined mystically (purple) or
Pristine mystically (orange),
Personal defense aka enhanced fortitude (blue) or
Refined fortitude (purple) or
Pristine fortitude (orange)
And 3rd astral you can try keep Will Destroyer so your critical hit is disabled and your basic attack is boosted.

(b) Usually Orange Astrals are hard to obtain but I have usually tried and noticed one particular time frame is when I always get at least 1-3 orange astral. Can’t say it for if it works for everyone but it does for me. So I will explain it as well who know if anyone of you get lucky.

(c) Try use your saved VIP tokens here, or save gold form your world boss and farming, make sure when you decide to do it your under city protection so no one plunders and robs you.

(d) Try have around 500k gold to 1mil gold and then start buying astral, divide 24hrs into 3hrs each day, as you for first have to find out that timing which mostly gives you orange astrals. So experiment this every day specific 3hrs. I usually found this when I was 50+ so I used to always do it at 15:00 pm PDT server time and spend 1mil gold and get orange astral, likewise you can experiment with your time shifts. And make sure you spend more than 500k in one go.

(e) Also make sure you collect your astrals before closing the astral panel as after new patch it get collected automatically, and if your inner panel is full with astrals then you may lose this astral which were on your outer panel.

At last I think I have covered some important point while sharing my experience in this guide of level 30-39…
Hope Players Will Get Benefited From It….^^
Enjoy the Game…^^
Soon When I Get Time I Will Work And Complete The Next Guide On Level 40-49 Bracket Till Then Ciao…^^