Red Crucible 2 Weapon & Item Information

Although skills can definitely help you win more often and consistently in Red Crucible 2. Using the strong weapons (big guns) and items appropriate can bring your kill / death ratio to a whole new level. With so many weapons available for you to use in the game, it can sometimes be hard for you to compare the different guns and the use of different weapons and items in Red Crucible 2. In this guide, we have provided a simple comparison table to help you get started in the game.

If you are new to the game, you can also check out our Red Crucible Basic Control guide to help you break into this awesome game faster. Please share this guide with your friends and let us know if you have any questions and comments. We have more Red Crucible guides available too.

Please note that these weapon statistics are taken directly from the game. We do not offer any actual in game usage for these specific Red Crucible weapons. Feel free to leave any comments if you have any good experiences with these weapons and items.

Red Crucible Item List

Below is all the items that you can purchase and use:

Grenade: 2 Coin 5 Honor
Proximity Mines: 10 Coin 35 Honor – Explodes when enemy comes near
Medkit: 10 Coin 35 Honor – Heal up to 75% health points
Artillery Strike: 13 Coin 50 Honor – Call an artillery strike
Air Strike: 10 Coin 35 Honor – Call an Air Strike
Rocket Cam (24 Hr): 200 Coin 750 Honor – Camera for all rockets
Armor Boost (24 Hr): 200 Coin 750 Honor – Decrease damage by 50%
Weapon Boost (24 Hr): Increase Gun power by 30%

Red Crucible Weapons Overview

Below is a list of all the weapons in Red Crucible that you can purchase at the character screen. You can use the filter and sort function to determine the best weapon for your playing style. However, please note that these values are taken directly from the game, they do not reflect how well they may actually function.

Some of the weapons have the following class attributes associated with them:
Assault- A general type of weapons commonly used
Anti-Tank- Great at shooting down helicopters and other vehicles
Sniper- Ranged weapon class
Heavy- Power weapon class

MGL340 Coin4801016Primary
Minigun340 Coin19162575Primary
M14200 Coin8952.251020Primary
CGAT340 Coin881601Primary
Heavy Anti-Tank
RPG 7272 Coin
Rent 27 Coin 254 Honor
Heavy Anti-Tank
MP5140 Coin34N/A2.251032Secondary
L1A1 Sniper200 Coin109102.251032Primary
Heavy Assault Sniper Rifle
L1A1200 Coin8952.51020Primary
Heavy Semi Automatic Assault
FN FAL160 Coin
Rent: 16 Coin 150 Honor
Heavy Assault
OSV 96272 Coin
Rent: 27 Coin 254 Honor
SA 80200 Coin64102.251032Primary
G3 Sniper200 Coin10992.251020Primary
Heavy Assault Sniper
G3200 Coin8992.51020Primary
Heavy Assault
Famas140 Coin55102.251032Primary
Compact Assault
M21200 Coin89531020Primary
Assault Sniper
M4140 Coin35N/A2.251032Secondary
Submachine Gun
Stinger340 Coin91010601Primary
Helicopter killer
M60200 Coin892310100Primary
Tier 2 Submachine Gun
MG3200 Coin89231075Primary
Heavy Machine Gun
GPMG200 Coin892310100Primary
Heavy Machine Gun
UZI140 Coin35N/A31030Secondary
Machine Pistol
AKS-74U140 Coin35N/A2.251032Secondary
Submachine gun
M82340 Coin10952.2528Primary
Sniper Rifle
SA7340 Coin810106101Primary
Helicopter Killer
SVD200 Coin89631020Primary
Scorpion112 Coin
Rent: 11 Coin 105 Honor
Machine Pistol
Magnum140 Coin38N/A3108Secondary
Hand Canon
MAC-10140 Coin24N/A31020Secondary
Machine Pistol
Knife10 Coin 210 Honor39N/AN/AN/AN/ASecondary
Free Knife
Bayonet10 Coin 210 Honor39N/AN/AN/AN/ASecondary
Free Knife
Makarov10 Coin 210 Honor35N/A2.25N/A15Secondary
Free Weapon
M910 Coin 210 Honor35N/A2.25N/A15Secondary
Free Weapon
RPG-2210 Coin 210 Honor3516N/A1Primary
AT410 Coin 210 Honor3516N/A1Primary
AK Sniper10 Coin 210 Honor74102.25N/A32Primary
Tier 2
M16 Sniper10 Coin 210 Honor74103N/A20Primary
Sniper Rifle
RPK10 Coin 210 Honor569310100Primary
Free Weapon
SAW10 Coin 210 Honor568310100Primary
AK-7410 Coin 210 Honor55102.251032Primary
M1610 Coin 210 Honor55102.251032Primary
Shotgun140 Coin
Rent: 14 Coin 105 Honor
PKMG160 Coin
16 Coin 150 Honor