Red Crucible 2 Basic Controls Guide

Learning the controls perfectly in Red Crucible 2 is winning half of the battle. Below is a list of all the basic controls in Red Crucible on Facebook. Use these Red Crucible controls to help you win the different battles in the game.

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Movement Controls
Move – W, A, S, D
Look – Mouse/Trackpad
Crouch – C
Jump – Space
Sprint – Shift/Q
Walk – Shift

View Point Controls
Iron Sight/Zoom – F (or right-click for infantry)
Camera mode – V
Full Screen – F1

Weapon and Item Related Controls
Reload – R
Throw Grenades – G
Primary Weapon – 1
Secondary Weapon – 2
Knife – 3
Use Inventory items – Number keys 7,8,9,0

Operation Controls
Operate or Exit Vehicle – E

Character Red Crucible 2 Interface Controls
Menu – M
Inventory – I
Game Stats – Tab
Map – U
Zoom Map – +/-

Chatting Controls
Chat – Enter/Return
Team Chat – T
While in chat mode:
Up/Down Arrow – Scoll chat
Left/Right Arrow – Change chat mode (all, team, friends)


Red Crucible 2 Basic Controls Guide — 67 Comments

  1. Anson on said:

    How to stop the engine of the helicopter??

    • Elvensong on said:

      Default is the “c” or crouch key.

  2. Anonymous on said:


  3. Jaydude on said:

    How can you change keyboard controls.. or can you? I’m a lefty so it makes it hard to use unless I can change which keys do what..

  4. Anonymous on said:


  5. raghu on said:

    i want to know how to send friedn request in game players while playing

  6. imran hussain on said:

    joystick not suprot win7 keise use koru

  7. Ty Truong-Jones on said:

    How do I shoot when using a keyboard?

    • derpman on said:

      left click. DUH

  8. Kilo_Killer on said:

    I want to know how to sell weapons or if you can

    • Barry on said:

      at menu showing weapons, click and drag the weapon you wish to sell to the right off the game screen. You should see an option to sell.

    • Anonymous on said:

      you grab your gun and pt it on the blue edge of the screen and let go also got to you tube

    • derpman on said:

      sadly you can’t

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