Megapolis Social Facebook Production Building Analysis

The production buildings are Megapolis Facebook are the best ways for you to earn additional coins in the game. However, with so many Megapolis production buildings available in the game, we have created a table to help you determine the best contracts to take for you to make the most Megapolis coins.

We have put together a sortable and searchable table to help you analyze the best contracts from the Production buildings. However, before we start analyzing each of the Megapolis Facebook contracts for you, we will first go over some basics about the production buildings. Please check out the rest of our Megapolis Facebook Guides listed by Facebook Games. Please feel free to leave comments when you see our missing information to help out!

Megapolis Facebook Production Building Overview

When you increase your population in Megapolis, you are allowed to build additional production buildings. Depending on the different Megapolis production buildings, they have different contracts and coin earning potentials.

5 Production buildings: 5000 Population
6 Production buildings: 10000 Population
7 Production buildings: 15000 population
8 Production buildings: 45000 population

Production Building Cost and Level Requirement

In addition to the maximum numbers of Megapolis, your production buildings are unlocked based on your levels. The production buildings will also require different amount of resources in electricity and water. In most cases, you can buy the production buildings using either Megapolis cash or coins. Below is a list of these production building requirements and costs.

Household Goods Store1000010240
Household Goods Facility1500010245
Assembly Line20000311375
Experimental Greenhouse250003135110
Car Dealership50000
(Level 15)
(Level 23)
(Level 16)
Nuclear Research Center250000
(Level 32)


Megapolis Contracts Analysis

Depending on the production building in Megapolis that you have built, you will have different types of contracts available to you at various levels. It should be noted that not all the contracts are included here yet and some contract information is missing. We will be updating this guide as we move through the game or if additional content and information gets released. In general you can follow these guidelines:

Shorter Time Frame contracts typically offer better profit per hour, but it requires more “actual play time”.
Different contracts from different production buildings will offer significantly different.
You should pick out the best production building based on your playing style.

You can use the sort and filter list to figure out the best time line of different productions. For example, if you are hardcore player who wants to aim for maximum amount of profit. Low level production buildings will generate the maximum amount of profit. However, if you are more casual you should consider purchasing the advanced buildings and pick the longer time frame Megapolis contracts.

It should be noted that you can also use filter to separate the different buildings. We have intentionally left out the XP gain because we thought that the XP is less relevant when it comes to contracts. Coin and profits are your main focus for the Megapolis production buildings.

Megapolis Contract Expiration Time: Always make sure that you can collect the completed contract on time. They expire 1.5 times their completion duration. For example, a 5 minute contract will expire 7 minutes and a half after it has been completed. When the contracts expire, you will only get 50% of the “cost” of what you put inside.

Per Hour
Fresh VegetablesHousehold Goods Store153503355 Minutes4020
Coffee BeansHousehold Goods Store7507000625014 Hours446
PastryHousehold Goods Store10006600560010 Hours560
PopcornHousehold Goods Store30012509501 Hour950
Kitchen WareHousehold Goods Store425430038754 Hours969
Household DetergentsHousehold Goods Store60190018401 Hour1840
Garden FertilizersHousehold Goods Store12101024001390
ChipsHousehold Goods Store1418002750950
Venetian BlindsHousehold Goods Facility153002853 Minutes5700
Business SuitsHousehold Goods Facility450123078020 Minutes2340
DVD GamesHousehold Goods Facility12009900870024 Hours362.5
Electric KettlesHousehold Goods Facility900350026002 Hours
30 Minutes
Sporting GoodsHousehold Goods Facility500580053008 Hours662.5
TiresHousehold Goods Facility3200170001380048 Hours288
Bedroom FurnitureHousehold Goods Facility1600670051007 Hours729
MotorcyclesHousehold Goods Facility8750225001375036 Hours382
MedicationsAssembly Line25009200670012 Hours558
JewelryAssembly Line100010000900018 Hours500
Solar CellsAssembly Line1850710052506 Hours875
Plasma PanelsAssembly Line21009800770012 Hours642
LaptopsAssembly Line167501090010150
New Fertilizer TestingExperimental Greenhouse1800600032008 Hours400
Artificial Selection of Square WatermelonExperimental Greenhouse250011500900036 Hours250
Bacteria-based Soil Purification TechnologyExperimental Greenhouse800450037005 Hours740
Mist Irrigation SystemExperimental Greenhouse4500150001050020 Hours525
Red GarlandsChristmas Factory225340031756 Hours529
Green GarlandsChristmas Factory500580053008 Hours662.5
Blue GarlandsChristmas Factory9003500260010 Hours260
Purple GarlandsChristmas Factory4254300387515 Hours258
Orange GarlandsChristmas Factory7507000625020 Hours312


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