How do Leader Effects Works | Monster Warlord

Getting that super monster is always good in Monster Warlord. However, sometimes you simply want some quick note to see which leader effects suit your game play style. The monster leader boosts start at the S God rank of monsters.

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Based on the pattern below, different elemental monsters give different leader boosts.
Fire: Energy charging time decrease
Water: Stamina charging time decrease
Air: Monster in battle increase
Earth: Income per time increase
Dark: Attack Increase
Holy: Def Increase

S God

Fire: Hell Phoenix: Energy charging time decrease: 10 seconds
Water: Storm Road: Stamina charging time decrease: 5 seconds
Air: Dark Thunder: Monster in battle increase: 50.
Earth: Giant King Kong: Income per time increase: 5%
Dark: Mephisto: Attack Increase: 1%
Holy: Gabriel: DEF Increase: 1%

SS God

Fire: Novanus: Energy charging time decrease: 20 seconds
Water: Tethys: Stamina charging time decrease: 10 seconds
Air: Odin: Monster in battle increase: 100.
Earth: Loki: Income per time increase: 10%
Dark: Baal: Attack Increase: 2%
Holy: Holy Dragon: Def increase: 2%

Ultra God

Fire: Volcanus: Energy charging time decrease: 30 seconds
Water: S-Poseidon: Stamina charging time decrease: 15 seconds
Air: Aeolus: Monster in battle increase: 150
Earth: Income per time increase: 15%
Dark: S-Diablo: Attack Increase: 3%
Holy: Def Increase: 3%

Supreme Rank

Fire: Fobos: Energy charging time decrease 30 seconds
Water: Preseus: Stamina charging time decrease 20 seconds
Air: Fenrir: Monster in battle increase 200
Earth: Juggernaut: Income per time increase: 20%
Dark: Dullahan: Atk increase 4%
Holy: Helios: Def increase 4%

Elder Rank

Fire: Ares: Energy charging time decrease 40 seconds
Water: Polaris: Stamina charging time decrease 25 seconds
Air: Hermes: Monster in battle increase 250
Earth: Hercules: Income per time increase by 20%
Dark: Thanatos: Atk Increase 5%
Holy: Able: Def increase 5%