How to Play as a Beginner Strategy | Monster Warlord

If you are new to the game of Monster Warlord, then this is the guide for you to explain to you how to advance further in game and avoid costly mistakes. We will go through some of the most debateable topics such as Energy vs Stamina, Health, leveling walkthrough, and many other useful tips.

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Energy or Stamina Builds
Health Consideration
Other Useful Tips
Tips for Cash Players

Energy or Stamina is always a tough questions when it comes to player builds in Monster Warlord. In this guide we will go over some of the pros and cons when you decide to go one way or another.

Energy or Stamina

The first question that you will have to ask yourself is whether you want to go for Energy or Stamina. In general, when used correctly, stamina builds have the potential of generating more EXP and faster leveling up. However, Energy is used for easy gold gains along with farming important items especially during mid game.

In short:
1. Energy gives consistent EXP without worrying about winning or losing the battles. In addition, energy can unlock mastery items that make you more efficient in advancing.
2. Stamina will give you the majority of your money through boss battles, and PvP can be great too if you can find some good targets.
3. Heavy money spenders can benefit greatly through either Energy or Stamina, the sweet spot is instant level up with each level.
4. Hybrid builds take advantage of both energy or stamina, but not great at both. Only advantage is extend timer on both so your clock is always ticking.

Energy Heavy Build
By putting the majority of the points in energy, you will more or less get half EXP bar filled as soon as you level. However, a major problem with pure Energy build is that you will be very limited in terms of PvP and boss killing. Some of the best gold is earned through boss farming and energy builds can be hard to take advantage of. (Unless you play nonstop to use up your stamina every 5 minutes or so).

Stamina Heavy Build
This build can help you level up really fast early game and is powerful in end game against world boss battles. However, we view this build is weaker during midgame where you have to grind and farm the quests.

To level extremely fast with this build, again make sure that you always have full alliance with basic dark units. Your main method of leveling up is to attack other players continuously. A good strategy is to target the people on your alliance list with

Also figure out which players are getting inactive. You will be able to farm some easy gold and EXP that way.

Energy / Stamina Hybrid
One of the common hybrid builds lets you take advantage of both of the timers. The most common hybrid build is 2 Energy / 1 Stamina. This build is can be quite fast in leveling up as well. You can use the stamina to cover any missing EXP from your energy uses.

Health Consideration

Health is a double edged sword that can be worthwhile depending on your playing style. We will list out the pros and cons of having health with your playing strategy, you can decide whether or not to go for it. However, you should only consider adding health near end game, if you do wish to get into PvP more often.

Ability to hit PvP targets continuously after finding a “goldmine”.
Loss of “opportunity cost” in energy or stamina.
Stay on Bounty hit list for longer period of time.

Can get hit more often before “health” protection kicks in.

Fast Leveling Strategy with Skill Reset
Based on the pros and cons of our strategy, if you are willing to spend money into the game. This fast leveling technique may work for you.

Start the game with pure stamina build. Attack other players often and hard to boost your EXP. Target those players that you know that you can win, hit them multiple times. Continue to level by picking off the people on your alliance list.

After you have hit about level 120~150. Do a skill reset and use pure energy build. At this time, do all the quests and farm for the monsters if you think that you are weak.

After completing all the quests and gained their mastery items, do another skill reset into pure stamina to enter end game stage. However, please note that the timing may be different depending on how the rest of server is doing. You will have to make your judgement call.

Focus of Progression Strategy

Through all levels.
Having maxed alliance is key to progress in the game as fast as you can. Always get max amount of alliance whenever you level up. This way you can take full advantage of your levels and monsters that you bring to the battle field.

Monster Army Completeness
With your full army ready by having maxed out alliances limit, your next project is to actually fill them up. Never have an empty army if you can. Fill your Monster Warlord army with Eggmongs first if you are low on money, and gradually switch them to Ghost.

However, you should avoid tier 3+ mobs because they require upkeep. The theory is that the upkeep is only worthwhile if you fight enough to get your money’s worth. You can consider going tier 3 if you are stamina build and you can farm enough gold faster enough against other players. However, for energy build it is less recommended.

What will happen towards late game is that you will gradually shift your army into other rare monsters which have no upkeep costs.

As you fight the bosses and build up your gold pool, continue to filling them with units.

Other Useful Tips

Bounty List Surfing
Be sure to check out the bounty list once in a while. There are sometimes players posting really easy hit targets for their own PvP purposes. Hit those weak “punch bags” for a chance to win some nice gold gains while gaining EXP too.

Passive Buildings
Passive income buildings are useful during midgame till end game. At the beginning of the game, your gold is better spent to complete your army. If you fight often and continue to use up your stamina, the return of investment on Gold succeed the buildings. Do not spend money on buildings until you have maxed out your units queue with Ghosts.

Money Spender’s Strategy

Boost Your Stats with Skill Purchase
One of the best way to spend your money is to purchase skill points. By purchasing a good amount of points into Energy or Stamina, you can ensure a steady flow of leveling up due to the energy/stamina refill during level. By willing to invest some money into the game early, you can level up really fast.

Skill Reset during WB or boosting leveling
After investing a certain amount of money in the game to boost your stats. “Resetting” skill becomes a valid strategy because it more or less refills your energy. You get the free points as you tap the points back into your character.