Marvel Avengers Alliance Remote Op Flight Deck List

This list contains the list for all the remote ops available for you in Marvevl Avengers Alliance, you can use this list to figure out which option is the best for you to conduct the remote missions.

There are two things that you should note while doing the Remote Op’s. First is that your agent does not gain XP for leveling up, and your Hero who was sent on the mission will be unable to be used in other missions. In addition, the XP and silver rewards are increased as you level up the airplane that is sent on the MAA remote OP.

Remote OpTimeRewardEXP
Newark, US3 Minute50 Silver
7 XP
Boston, US10 Minute130 Silver
11 XP
Toronto, Canada20 Minute250 Silver
16 XP
Los Angeles, US1 Hour350 Silver
19 XP
London, UK2 Hour500 Silver
22 XP
Istanbul, Turkey8 Hour900 Silver
30 XP
Singapore12 Hour1200 Silver
35 XP
New Delhi, India1 Day1800 Silver
42 XP


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