Marvel Avengers Alliance Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Marvel Avengers is important for you to get more MAA hero skills. Below is a guide on how to level up efficiently and fast in the game of Marvel Avengers Alliance. If you have found this leveling guide useful, please share them with your friends and link back to us. Lastly, check out our other useful Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

To level fast in Marvel Avengers Alliance, you will need to utilize a variety of methods to obtain the most EXP at the shortest time possible.

You will need two factors to complete the level up in Marvel Avengers Alliance: EXP and Shield Points


MAA Agent Level

The only way to obtain Agent EXP is through quests and completing chapters/missions. Your best bet to obtain lots of EXP is to get as many friends as you can and obtain energy gifts. Visit them often for rewards.

Hero Leveling

To level up heroes, you can either send them out on remote missions on the flight deck or team up with them along on your missions. To get the most EXP for your heroes, you should aim for the shortest time frame of remote missions whenever you can play, and when you will be away from computer or game, set the longest time frame possible.

Whenever possible, you should level up all 5 classes of heroes to the same level so that you will be able to handle any kind of enemy make up.

In addition, depending on the level of heroes, varying amount of time and shield points is required for the heroes to complete the level up training process. Also, the Hero will no longer gain EXP when its level is at the max until it is trained to the next level.

Shield Points

The EXP is not enough to help your team of Heroes level up, you will also need to spend Shield points to help them train. You will need to get as many friends as possible who play Marvel Avengers Alliance to obtain the Shield points that you need to level up the heroes.

What you should do is always try to keep a healthy stash of Shield points available so that whenever your Marvel Heroes reach the EXP requirement for leveling up, you can level them up right away.

Hero Training Requirement Chart

Level	Silver	Shield Points	Time	XP to next level	Remote Ops Bonus
1	NA	NA	NA	250	5%
2	500	8	3min	438	10%
3	1000	9	15min	656	15%
4	2000	10	30min	902	20%
5	5000	12	1hr	1173	25%
6	8000	15	2hrs	1466	30%
7	15000	18	4hrs	1781	35%
8	30000	22	8hrs	2114	40%
9	50000	26	12hrs	2467	50%
10	100000	30	18hrs	2837	60%
11	200000	35	24hrs	3223	75%
12	300000	40	36hrs	NA	90%

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