Marvel Avengers Alliance Class Strength and Weakness System

One of the unique system that Marvel Avengers Alliance offers is the class system. Depending on the class of the Heroes you use, you will need to strategically plan out the characters that you wish to use. Below is a complete guide to these classes and what they do when strength and weaknesses are pitted against each other. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other useful Marvel Avengers Alliance list of guides.

For a list of MAA Heroes and their classes, please check out the Marvel Avengers Hero List.

Generalist Class

Generalists receive no bonuses but also have no weaknesses to other classes. Your starting character the agent is a Generalist class.

Blasters Class

Blasters are guaranteed a critical strike against bruisers. Their attacks ignore bruiser defense and take reduced damage from Bruisers.

Bruisers Class

Bruisers gain Enrage Bonus when they attack or hit by a scrapper. With the enrage bonus, the bruiser class hero will be able to attack twice. In addition, this enrage stat bonus increase the damage and chance to hit. Lastly, it also reduce the damage taken by the Enraged hero.

Scrappers Class

Scrappers gain one additional follow up attack after attacking infiltrators. They gain a defense boost and take reduced damage from infiltrators.

Infiltrator Class

Infiltrators can counter attack when being attacked by tactician class. In addition, they gain the stat buff of combat reflex when they attack tacticians. This enables the infiltrator to counter all enemy attacks. The MAA infiltrator also deals increased accuracy attacks against tacticians.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactician Class

The tactician can gain a bonus turn after dealing damage and attacking blaster class. They also gain a defensive boost from blaster and able to take reduced damage.

MAA Strategy

When you pick which heroes to use in boss fights and pvp fights, always take note of the class differences between the different heroes. Always aim to use strategically beneficial classes against your enemies is key to win more battles and gain more rewards and points.

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